Bad Start in New York State

Have you ever heard the old phrase “You only get one chance to make a good first impression” or that “first impressions last the longest”.


The new Democrat governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo in his first days in office has begun confronting the state’s $9 billion budget deficit by cutting his own pay by $8,900 per year; by firing 900 state workers ordered under the previous administration; and by freezing the salaries of the other 200,000 state workers for one year. He’s even talking seriously about tax restraint and questioning the pay raises for some state trooper officials.


”Oh wonderful!” we are all supposed to say. “Finally someone is working to address the state’s fiscal crisis! And a good Democrat to boot!”


What nonsense… This is Cuomo coming out of the gate to “make a good first impression” with voters. That is before he goes back to work like a good Democrat robbing the state blind for the next four or eight years by giving away the store to the public-employee unions, the entitled poor and their legions of enablers, and the Democrat patronage and cronyism machine.


If Cuomo were serious about addressing the systemic fiscal crisis in New York, he would forget about his potemkin personal pay cut and would permanently fire 20,000 state workers either outright or through attrition, and cut the pay, benefits and pensions of the other 180,000 workers by 20%.


Because these state workers are part of a bloated, overstaffed, tenured bureaucracy that makes huge salary, benefit and pension packages that have been increasing way beyond the rate of inflation over the last 25 years, giving them a large advantage over the private-sector workers who are paying the freight.


And rest assured that under the system today, anything Cuomo “freezes” for state workers (wow, for a whole year…) will be made up doubly in two or three years. Because these public unions are famous for getting back pay and retroactive pay raises. Cuomo will slip them in as soon as possible.


And if Cuomo were serious, he would cut the state’s handout culture by 20%. Many of these so-called ‘poor people’ are living like kings. They are serial dependents who need to be kicked off the dole.


Then Cuomo’s girlfriend, the Food Network blonde bombshell Sandra Lee was visiting a food bank near the state capital of Albany and caterwauling about all the poor and hungry people in America. She did mention that the number of “hungry” children had increased in the last few years from 12 million to 17 million but just plum forgot to mention the political affiliation of the president who has presided over this disaster, or that of the majority in Congress (hint: It starts with a D).


Or that states like New York have increasing rates of poverty, capital flight and dim prospects for the future because people like her boyfriend governor are part of the Democrat kleptocracy that is making New York state unable to provide new jobs and new wealth for its own people. Meanwhile low-tax states like Florida are picking up much of the jobs and wealth that are fleeing high-tax New York which has the highest income taxes in the nation on wealthy individuals, along with a statewide 8.25% sales tax.


Gee, doesn’t that sales tax hurt the regular folks? Is not that income tax rate driving away rich citizens and their personal wealth?


Of course. The state is becoming poorer and poorer so that the Democrats can feed their public-employee union cronies and welfare freeloaders at the expense of everyone else.


When wealthy Florida resident Rush Limbaugh announced that he had sold his New York City apartment because the taxes were too high there for it to be worth keeping, the Democrat New York governor David Paterson publicly bid conservative Limbaugh good riddance. Of course Paterson might have looked at the Limbaugh departure as part of a very troubling trend for New York state. But no, he had to play politics and take a cheap shot… Typical. These people cannot stop themselves.


Cuomo’s big First Impression came just one week after another big player in New York politics, the public-employee unions in New York City intentionally sandbagged their snow-plowing job after a giant storm to protest budget cuts, leaving whole sections of the city stranded for days. A few guilty snowplow drivers rang the bell on that one.


This is what we are talking about when we consider the Democrat party and its public-employee union friends – pure greed and selfishness. Because selfish people collect on the political left and set up camp there. Permanently. And Andrew Cuomo’s miniscule austerity ploy is never going to change anything about these people or about the state’s precarious fiscal situation.


Meanwhile the new Democrat governor Jerry Brown in California, despite his apocalyptic warnings about a tough future for his state, never is going to make the kinds of reforms that that state needs. That will require a certified conservative reformer like Ronald Reagan was. Or like Republican governor Chris Christiein New Jersey today, someone willing to take on face-to-face the public employee unions, the welfare state and the Democrat establishment and their addiction to more and more taxes and spending.


Consider Cuomo’s former role as the New York state attorney general. He went on a virtual jihad against the business community in the state, hauling Wall Street figures and bankers and insurance company executives before his kangaroo court to prosecute them over every perceived wrong. This atmosphere of hostility drives business away.


One of his recent Democrat attorney general/governor predecessors Eliot Spitzer did the same thing. Spitzer was notorious for bringing bogus charges against Wall Street figures repeatedly. And if you wonder why the insurance giant AIG went bankrupt, thank Spitzer. He filed a bunch of baseless legal charges against AIG founder Maurice Greenberg, forced Greenberg out of his post, and the company then was run into the ground by people who did not know how to run it. If you ever have seen Greenberg interviewed since then, he sounds like a really smart, competent, measured guy who methodically details the Spitzer pogrom against him.


At the same time you would never see Cuomo or Spitzer going after the corrupt private-sector or public-sector labor unions, or chasing down massive, unyielding fraud in the New York welfare state. No, they only go after the people who “create” the state’s wealth in the first place, whom they are ideologically opposed to. Because these socialists are wealth “appropriators” not wealth “creators”.


In Europe the lefties have gone nuts over budget cuts. Yet the money is simply not there to sustain these big governments and their programs. The same in New York state. But these Democrats and eurosocialists don’t care about the people of the state of New York or any other state or nation. They’ll just tax the state into oblivion and the people will increasingly become “the remaining rich and the poor”. The middle class will flee or disappear. This always happens under socialism.


These Democrats care only about their political cronies and about getting and keeping political power. That is why Democrat-dominated states are sinking economically. It is all about the dollars and cents, and the common sense that is lacking about how to create wealth… and maintain it.


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