What Did Dupnik Know and When Did He Know It?

There was a famous question asked over and over during the Watergate investigation that wondered about Richard Nixon: “What did the president know and when did he know it?”


And that is a very good question to ask the Pima County (Ariz.) sheriff Clarence Dupnik about killer Jared Lee Loughner who was known to police for several years: “What did Dupnik know about Loughner, when did he know it, and why did Dupnik and others in the sheriff’s office and in the community allow Loughner to walk freely among the people when Loughner was known for being a crackpot? Why was Loughner not at least questioned or even detained, investigated, tracked electronically, forced into treatment, prosecuted, held in a mental hospital or incarcerated in a jail?” Isn’t that what law enforcement officials are supposed to do – protect the public from bad people, including crazy people?


Answer: Not any more. To the modern-day left and people like Dupnik any ranting kook or illegal alien is to be protected scrupulously while Republican congressmen who read the US Constitution on the House floor are considered dangerous.


Here are two excerpts from foxnews.com about Loughner with my comment after each:


Fox reports: ‘If the gunman in Saturday’s mass shooting had sought mental health treatment years ago, doctors could have been able to work out his problems before he allegedly unleashed terror on the crowd outside a Safeway in southern Arizona.’ Comment: The media are so politically-correct that they cannot even say that Loughner ‘unleashed terror’ like many people witnessed directly, but that he “allegedly” unleashed terror. This is precisely the reason we have so much crime in America today. We can’t even say what we see before our eyes without fear of retribution from ACLU and the Democrat left.


Fox reports: ‘But that early intervention likely never happened. Though colleagues and acquaintances expressed concern, particularly over the past year, about Jared Lee Loughner’s mental state, no evidence has yet emerged showing he sought treatment.’ Comment: With a person like Loughner you force him to get treatment and watch him carefully. Unless you are a liberal.


By the way who are Loughner’s parents? His mother has been called a “nature lover”. Isn’t radical environmentalism a movement fed by hatred of people and their activities? Could this have been part of Loughner’s makeup?


And how about his school administrators, who certainly are largely good Democrats in ultra-liberal Tucson, which is called “the Berkeley of Arizona”? How about other people who knew Loughner personally?


In the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in 1999, the perpetrators were well-known to police. But many police departments today in politically-correct places like Colorado and the Pima County sheriff’s office are more interested in shielding illegal aliens from deportation than in keeping citizens safe from home-grown maniacs like Loughner.


And rather than stop patently bad people while you can, the left always tries to give them cover like when politically-correct Army officials failed to act against extremist Islamic Major Nidal Malik Hassan simply because he was a Muslim. This allowed Hassan to kill 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in November 2009. And who could forget Obama after Fort Hood taking more than two minutes in a press conference to talk about Indian tribal business before even addressing the tragedy.


At Virginia Tech, the faculty there knew that 2007 mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui was insane. Any rational person would have had Hui surveilled, detained or locked up. But according to modern-day thinking on the academic left, you can’t ask a person too many questions without it being an abridgement of his ‘rights’. That is why Hui was able to buy a gun. Because a judge scrubbed his record.


Dupnik certainly is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame, but he had better watch himself. Because eventually he well may be disgraced like another out-of-control law enforcement figure MikeNifong, the district attorney in the Duke lacrosse rape case. And if you remember the Duke case, it was the same media/academia template as for Loughner: Blame a bunch of white guys for a crime because they are portrayed as caucasian conservatives. In that case, the black accuser was a liar and the lacrosse players were cleared.


Here is what Dupnik may well face, from an article from nbcsports.com about Nifong on June 15, 2007:


RALEIGH, N.C. – Breaking down in tears at his ethics trial, Mike Nifong abruptly quit as district attorney Friday after admitting he got “carried away” with statements during his discredited rape prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players.

Catching even his attorneys by surprise, Nifong said he would resign and regretted making improper statements about the players.


“My community has suffered enough,” Nifong said at his trial on allegations that he violated rules of professional conduct.


State prosecutors who took over the case have declared the players innocent.


The North Carolina State Bar alleges Nifong withheld DNA test results from the players’ defense attorneys, lied to the court and bar investigators and made misleading and inflammatory comments about the three athletes who’d been charged with raping a stripper at a team party in March 2006.


Now lefties are even covering up for Loughner’s reading of the Communist Manifesto just like they excused the Unabomber’s close reading of former vice president Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance. But if Loughner said he enjoyed a book by former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, that would be the media’s smoking gun.


Here are three e-mails about Loughner printed on the Washingtonpost.com called ‘Jared Loughner’s behavior recorded by college classmate in e-mails’:


‘From June 1, the first day of class: “One day down and nineteen to go. We do have one student in the class who was disruptive today, I’m not certain yet if he was on drugs (as one person surmised) or disturbed. He scares me a bit. The teacher tried to throw him out and he refused to go, so I talked to the teacher afterward. Hopefully he will be out of class very soon, and not come back with an automatic weapon.”


From June 10: “As for me, Thursday means the end to week two of algebra class. It seems to be going by quickly, but then I do have three weeks to go so we’ll see how I feel by then. Class isn’t dull as we have a seriously disturbed student in the class, and they are trying to figure out how to get rid of him before he does something bad, but on the other hand, until he does something bad, you can’t do anything about him. Needless to say, I sit by
the door.”


From June 14: “We have a mentally unstable person in the class that scares the living crap out of me. He is one of those whose picture you see on the news, after he has come into class with an automatic weapon. Everyone interviewed would say, Yeah, he was in my math class and he was really weird. I sit by the door with my purse handy. If you see it on the news one night, know that I got out fast…”


The class’s instructor, Ben McGahee, said in an interview Sunday that Loughner had been removed from class in its third or fourth week, because of repeated disruptions. (end of excerpt)


But Dupnik has not  singled out for blame any professors or other faculty with direct contact with Loughner who all certainly will get off blame-free like the Virginia Tech faculty did. But he blames Rush Limbaugh who is 3,000 miles away.


Now there are calls being made by Democrats to tone down the “incendiary language” which is nothing more than a bogus attempt to intimidate conservatives. Yet here is an excerpt from a letter entitled ‘GOP Is Enemy of the American People’ from Sy Levy of Egremont, Massachusetts as published in The Berkshire Eagle two days after the Tucson killings: ‘It’s incredible that so many Americans can’t understand that Republicans in Congress are their enemies who are perfectly willing to put aside any form of decency or fiscal restraint when money for the rich is involved!’


Clearly Levy is a crackpot who should be investigated by the FBI. This is inciteful language.


Ex-Pennsylvania Democrat congressman Paul Kanjorski also now is warning against incendiary language. But here is what Kanjorski said – before he was defeated in the November 2010 election – about Florida gubernatorial candidate (now governor) Republican Rick Scott:


“That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida. Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him. He stole billions of dollars from the United States government and he’s running for governor of Florida. He’s a millionaire and a billionaire. He’s no hero. He’s a damn crook. It’s just we don’t prosecute big crooks.”


So here is the question again: “What did Dupnik know about Loughner, when did he know it, and why did Dupnik and others in the community allow Loughner to walk freely among the people when Loughner was known for being a crackpot? Why was Loughner not at least questioned or even detained, investigated, tracked electronically, forced into treatment, prosecuted, held in a mental hospital or incarcerated in a jail?”


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