Jane Goodall's Monkey Love

There were two C-Span shows running on the same day recently, one about the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps and the other featuring the ‘chimpanzee lady’ Jane Goodall, the Briton who spent decades living alone among monkeys in Africa, studying them.


Both of these shows were striking in the irrelevance of their subjects. The Peace Corps was established by the Kennedy administration ostensibly to “help the world”. But Peace Corps really has done little except boost the egos of a few thousand Americans who have gone overseas and acted like gods among the ‘lesser people’ in whose villages they served. If you’ve ever known one of these Peace Corps people, you know they love to talk about… themselves.


Yes, certainly some little villages here and there benefited from Americans bearing gifts like a water pump. But in the big picture, Peace Corps was counterproductive because it is a socialist organization run, populated and advocated by the left. And in the long run, socialism ruins the lives of billions of world citizens, while capitalism and capitalist-inspired ingenuity – primarily from America and Europe – would allow them to help themselves and would eliminate the need for organizations like… the Peace Corps.


That is the real issue here, that the Peace Corps in fact is part of a worldwide system under which “certain people” run things and “certain people” from America go overseas and put their imprint on the natives.


Now think about Jane Goodall, who simply is a British kook who must have been so lost in life that she decided to sit alone in the jungle observing monkeys for decades and became famous for doing so. The sycophancy for her work among certain classes worldwide, including the environmentalist media and the wilderness conservation crowd, shows that there are tens of millions of people with equally empty lives as Goodall must have had, and frankly still has in the view of this rational observer.


Honestly, what kind of female can sit for years on end watching a group of monkeys? Really… What the heck is there to study? Any rational person would go mad after a few days. So, OK, this monkey does this and this monkey does that. So what? Who cares? This monkey is the mother and that is the offspring. Big deal. They’re just wild animals. What does Goodall’s “research” mean?


Nothing at all. It is pointless. But then again, this is the pointlessness that the modern intellectual/enviro left considers to be significant. Do something… anything!… get money to do it (preferably from the taxpayers) and then build up a mythology about yourself. Because these people are all on the political left. They do not “create” wealth through hard work. They “get” wealth and then go do what they please like study monkeys (or ants, one of the subjects of study for Obama’s stimulus money).


In other words, if an artist moves to New York City, drops a bowling ball off the Empire State Building and calls it ‘art’, then somebody could be led to believe that it is ‘art’ too and will attract money and media attention for that ‘artist’. Or that ‘artist’ might just get some of your tax dollars.


If you remember the performer David Blaine who would do things like stand on a platform on top of a pole a hundred feet off the ground, motionless for days on end. People crowded by the thousands to watch Blaine do… nothing.  It was an empty exercise, an example of mass inconsequence in a world where billions of people today are struggling for their own relevance. In fact Blaine was a mirror on much of society today.


Where does people’s sense of smallness come from?


It certainly has always existed, to be sure. But today it is magnified by a world media – controlled mostly by the left – that shoves celebrity down our throats, as if we do not matter. And that celebrity actually can be attained by people with less relevance than the average man in the street, people like Jane Goodall.  Which further diminishes us because we actually look up to irrelevant people.


Which would you prefer to do – live on a quiet street, have a few kids, enjoy life and your grandchildren, go to the ocean in the summer – or sit in a jungle for decades watching monkeys?


Of course we conservatives laugh at all this because our lives have meaning – we are rational, we have our families, our businesses, we study history, we understand the essential nature of freedom and appreciate the brilliance of our Constitution.


But we should not laugh. Because we are paying for irrelevance. Our tax dollars are diverted to the Peace Corps and other such organizations like Obama’s domestic AmeriCorps. Our arts are degraded into non-art and crazy people are made into millionaires. And our world attention is drawn away to the pointless lives of people like Jane Goodall while our liberty is usurped one issue at a time with extremist environmentalism advocated by people like… Jane Goodall.


One web picture shows Goodall kissing a monkey. A picture is worth a thousand words, is it not?


We rational Americans should do everything we can to fight this movement by the left to undermine us. Because that is what the elevation of people like Jane Goodall really does… it degrades the rest of us.


And our terrible public education system contributes every day by shoving people like Goodall and Al Gore in our kids’ faces. Because these are celebrities who have their own problems with relevance and truth. While our schools increasingly marginalize our Constitution, our good taxpaying citizens and our Christian founding. After all, if you are worshipping monkeys or ‘global warming’, you are lost. Forever. And nobody should follow you into that darkness.


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