The Agend for 2011

2011 is here, and we conservatives need to rev up.


This will be a good year. States across the nation have a much increased Republican/conservative presence in their legislatures, and our congressional majority in the House of Representatives in Washington will stop much of the Obama agenda. And by the end of the year, guess what is coming?


The Iowa Caucuses. Yes, before we know it, we will be into the presidential campaign of 2012. How time flies.


The new House needs to show conservative determination and conviction with votes that will be mostly symbolic since the Senate will stop them or Obama will veto them.


However, the House needs to act and to start out with two important votes: To repeal ObamaCare and to reinstate the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy whose repeal allows homosexuals to openly serve in the military.


ObamaCare is ruining our health-care system, and gays can serve in the military under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by keeping their sexual orientation to themselves and serving America quietly and obediently like every other service member does.


So as the old saying goes, “Shut up and serve your country!”


The House should then pass a budget that immediately cuts all federal spending 10% across the board, no exceptions so that nobody can complain. Meanwhile the military should be reviewed issue by issue by a special panel, and also should face significant cuts. Our troops should be withdrawn immediately from Afghanistan and cut significantly from Europe and Japan. We can no longer afford to defend nations that will not defend themselves.


The House then should pass legislation to reform two key programs by moving toward privatization – Social Security and Medicare. These “monsters” are nothing but economic black holes that are eating our economy alive.


Liberals, of course, have said for years that SS and Medicare are the “third rail of American politics”, that we cannot touch them, that they have “helped” millions of people.


Yeah, right… If you actually study them, you realize that they are both just like a see-saw that has totally tipped. When they were started they were small programs that seemed to have a positive impact. But they have grown like the blob. Small taxes have “tipped” to the other extreme of big taxes while at the same time big payouts have “tipped” to the other extreme of small payouts. They are completely unsustainable.


And Medicaid is simply a zombie that is consuming taxpayers across the nation and giving free health care to millions of people who never ever pay for anything anymore.  


What other legislation can our new activist House pass?


Answer: Anything that makes sense. Because the Democrats in America wish to control our economy so that everybody becomes equally poor. Because that is where the Obama agenda is taking us – making the middle class poor.


The House should pass symbolic legislation to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and with it all the tax forms and anxiety associated with April 15. This whole labyrinthine mess could easily be replaced with a National Sales Tax on every item we buy, like a state sales tax. That way your taxes would be paid automatically when you buy things. And this would save us almost $300 billion in annual time expended and costs for lawyers, accountants, H&R Block etc., according to the Tax Foundation.


In 2011, we should look forward to the economy rebounding somewhat because there still are vestiges of capitalism that have not been erased like they have in Europe. We are continuing to keep tax levels at the Bush-era rates for two years. But that will not save us in the long run. The House should pass legislation to make those rates permanent.


Our new House also needs to pass legislation to immediately de-fund left-wing “public” media outlets like National Public Radio which is nothing but a taxpayer-funded mouthpiece for the White House and the Democrats in Congress. Meanwhile Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are self-supporting financially through advertising, yet they come under relentless attacks from the same people who worship National Welfare Radio.


The new House should also pass legislation to repeal most of the obstructionist enviro laws passed in the last 10 years, laws that have not improved the air or water but have put major restrictions on economic activity and have blocked efficient energy sources like nuclear power.


The House also should pass legislation to cut America’s United Nations funding by 50%.


There are many, many other things for the Congress to do to put the nation back on track. These suggestions are a good start. Obama will veto them, or course. Then in 2012 we can continue the dialogue about where our nation is going. And conservatives will continue the historic gains started in 2010 by showing courage and conviction and a determination to indeed take the nation in the “new direction” that it desperately needs.


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