2010 Person of the Year

 In the first annual Person of the Year Award, the editors, writers and office staff at Nikitas3.com (myself, myself and myself) have chosen the 2010 recipient based on several key criteria – the recipient’s impact on the nation’s current discourse; the impact of the recipient on the future of the country; and the overall notoriety of the recipient.


The three finalists for 2010 include:


*Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi who rammed through a health-care bill that a large majority of Americans didn’t want, then uttered  one of the most bone-headed quotes in all of American politics, that “we’ll find out what’s in (the health-care bill) after we pass it”.


This quote alone makes Pelosi Person of the Century in a league of kooks like Karl Marx for the most blatant betrayal of trust and truth of the last 10 years and easily for the next 90. There can be no competition. Nobody could make up a quote like that no matter how late they stayed up. Because this is literally how a demented person like Pelosi thinks.


*President Hussein Barack Obama, for the most breathtaking tumble ever in public approval in modern American history. Nobody has even come close to Obama’s drop except for Jimmy Carter, the man that president Hussein is going to replace after 2012 in retirement as America’s Most Incompetent President Ever. In fact he already has.


*But the clear winner of the 2010 Person of the Year award from the distinguished three-judge Nikitas3.com finalist panel (myself, myself and myself) to be awarded the Golden Sneaker award for going The Last Mile in the Last Year for their beliefs is not a single person but rather the Tea Party patriots who swung this year’s mid-term election like no other election has been swung since the nation’s founding.


In a movement whose first “organizational meeting” was nothing more and nothing less than uncoordinated public protest rallies in town squares across the nation on Tax Day (April 15) of 2009, whose funding from billionaires like George Soros has been zero, and whose very premise was dismissed, marginalized and disdained by the Ancient Media, the Tea Party movement indeed is the most significant single political phenomenon of the last year, and perhaps in the last 50 years.


And for those who think – or hope or pray – that the Tea Party phenomenon is going to fade away, think again. It is a newly awakened movement of people who never were politically active before and who never, ever are going to let America fall again into the abyss that Obama has taken us into over the last two years.


Headed up precisely by Nobody in a true display of grass-roots power, the Tea Party movement indeed is what the Founding Fathers imagined for our American Constitutional republic. In forging a nation that never has allowed itself to be consumed by leftist bluster, outright lies and unfettered socialist nonsense (“we’ll find out what’s in the bill after we pass it”), millions of Tea Party activists and affiliated voters have proven once again that America indeed is largely a center-right nation of rational, level-headed folks.


And these activists have proven that the election of Obama and his Democrat cronies in 2008 indeed was a fluke built on decades of cumulative character assassination of conservatives and Republicans by the Ancient Media, the leftist intelligentsia, activist blacks, gays and marxists in New York and  Follywood, the university elite and all the internet nuts and haters.


The rise of the Tea Parties came out of nowhere and that is its beauty. Within three months of Obama’s inauguration – remember the swearing-in that was done over just to make it official after Obama bungled the original – there was deep concern about the direction he would take the nation. Even in liberal places like Massachusetts, activists decided to organize and fight back against the entropy of Obama-style socialism.


Within a year of the first Tea Party protest, by April 15, 2010, the movement had grown, acquired a name and had attracted the anger of those on the left who apparently have an axe to grind with the folks who pay all the bills in America.


The Tea Parties have been called racist, homophobic, greedy, stupid and every other name in the book. But like good conservatives, these names never affected us and our activism forged forth to re-shape the political landscape in 2010.


Now 2012 will be the next target. With 63 conservative/Republican federal congresspeople taking seats from Democrats in the November 2 election; 680 conservative/Republican legislators taking seats from Democrats in state legislatures across the nation; and Republican governors taking key states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from Democrats, it appears that the Tea Party movement is just getting revved up and the outlook for a Republican presidential victory in 2012 is much more certain.


And of course what would the Tea Parties be without their unofficial leaders like Dick Armey or Sarah Palin, who are always Person of the Year to conservatives. Palin truly is the most extraordinary figure in American politics today, a hybrid former-officeholder/theorist/organizer/cheerleader who has an unlimited future ahead.


Working together with millions of Tea Party patriots, Palin and other presidential-like figures such as John Thune, Mitch Daniels, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence and all the rest, we conservatives will restore America to the nation that our Founders desired – a nation built on Constitutional principles, freedom of expression and religion, and the right to keep the fruits of our labors. And that is all that we need to know about our Person of the Year.


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