2010 in Review

Well, it was quite a year. On January 19, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won ‘Ted Kennedy’s seat’ in the US Senate; massive winter storms repeatedly pounded the Mid-Atlantic states and Washington, DC; the health-care bill passed in a climate of divisiveness; House speaker Nancy Pelosi made history for monumental political stupidity when she said that “we will find out what is in (the health-care bill) after we pass it”; the oil spill darkened the Gulf of Mexico; brutally hot and dry weather hit the Northeast all summer long; and one of the most momentous elections in American history took place on November 2.


Of course the two big stories were cause and effect: The passage of the health-care bill in March riled up Tea Party conservatives even more than they already were riled up, and this led to the massive GOP November 2 gains in Congress, in state legislatures and in governorships that truly mark a periodic ‘realignment’.


And that election truly was the big American story of the year.


But the background noise before the election was also significant. The nation continues to polarize with Obama in the White House, and that deepened in 2010. Liberals insisted, however, that the Tea Parties are a temporary, strident phenomenon and that their rhetoric will die down after people become tired of it.


Fat chance.


Who could forget the Democrats walking “the gauntlet” of Tea Party protesters last March to enter the Capitol to vote for health care, with representative Emmanuel Cleaver claiming he was spit on and called “a nigger”.


It never was proven. They need to lie about conservatives. They will continue to do so.


How about the attempt by the state of Arizona to control illegal immigration? The courts struck it down, as usual because many courts in America want the chaos of illegal immigration in order to make the nation chaotic and to allow the left to rule.


Who passed away in 2010? How about retired Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska in a plane crash, or sitting Democrat Robert Byrd of West Virginia, of old age.


Or Follywood actors Tony Curtis, and Dennis Hopper of Easy Rider fame. Pernell Roberts, who played Adam on Bonanza, who was well-known to us old fossils who were alive in the 1960s. Peter Graves, Mr. Mission Impossible. Did he self-destruct in a puff of somke, like the MI tape recording?


Barbara Billingsley died! Oh no! Not the Beaver’s mom! She will always be the ageless Mrs. Cleaver. John Forsythe of Bachelor Father, which thousands of readers of this column know nothing about, another B&W 1960s classic. And finally Leslie Nielsen who was beloved by every movie fan in need of a sure laugh from Nielsen’s timeless deadpan comic roles in Airplane and the Naked Gun series. (“and don’t call me Shirley…”)


Musicians Jimmy Dean of sausage fame, and Eddie Fisher of Debbie Reynolds fame also passed from this earth.


How about the reclusive JD Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye, which for some odd reason is an enduring book. Or Dick Francis, whose commercial novels about horse racing captured Americans for years. 


George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees is gone. Which is a good thing for some people. In Boston certainly.


What were the big tech crazes of 2010? The IPad probably was the single big one, although the number of tech gadgets seem to multiply with every passing day. Hey, there’s a new one now!


Culturally, the rise of Lady Gaga in 2010 certainly marks the decline and death of popular culture. But then again, that is what every 57-year-old says about the newest pop culture sensation. Like they said about The Beatles.


President Obama? He had a horrible year in 2010. His polls just would not stop falling no matter how much money he handed out to his cronies. And to boot, all of his top economic advisers abandoned ship so as not to get all wet as the nation sinks. Until we get sensible leadership.


America had a bad year in 2010, remaining on edge. The stock market did well, but the housing market remains comatose. The economy is not improving, now apparently going into a double-dip recession, just like us right-wingers said it would. And now Obama is finally implementing tax restraint. Maybe he’s finally getting it.


Doubt it…


In New Jersey, a little-known Republican governor named Chris Christie turned that state around economically in 2010 with strong conservative principles. Christie is all the buzz in Republican circles. He says he will not run for president in 2012, and he won’t. But look down the road and you will see him making a White House bid.


In another significant political story, RINO Republican Florida governor Charlie Crist was the Big Loser of The Year in running for the US Senate. When he lost his primary to Marco Rubio, he ran as an independent and still lost. Rubio was elected and is another rising star who emerged in 2010, a hispanic conservative.


In sports, the underdogs of underdogs New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, giving the devastated city a huge lift. In auto racing, Jimmie Johnson won his fifth NASCAR title in a row. (Can somebody else have a chance now?)


In America, 29 miners lost their lived in a West Virginia tragedy. In Chile, 33 trapped miners suffered months underground and finally were rescued, becoming national heroes.


Toyota had a bad Spring with its so-called acceleration problems which were in the headlines for weeks. But they never were proven to be the systemic, conspiratorial catastrophe that its critics said they were.


Weather? In Pakistan, floods devastated tens of millions of people. Just a few years ago, it was an earthquake. Poor Pakistan. And of course, ‘global warming’ was continually debunked by record cold around the globe in 2010 in too many places to count. Like snow in Houston.


In Iraq, our last combat troops pulled out to close another chapter in a sad, long war. But one we apparently have won.


In California, the most expensive political race in history cost eBay billionaire Meg Whitman $175 million of her own money in a contest to win the governor’s mansion. And she still lost.


In TV, Conan O’Brien got kicked off the Tonight Show after Jay Leno returned to his post after failing in prime time.


Who could forget the Winter Olympics in which the remarkable skier Lindsey Vonn won the first American women’s gold medal ever in the most awesome sporting event in the world, the downhill, where racers top 70 MPH. Go Lindsey!


And finally, let’s remember how the Democrat party has undermined our military with one of the most objectionable votes of the last 20 years, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That repeal will allow gays to serve openly in the military and gay activists will use the opportunity to undermine the armed services at every turn.


And finally, let’s never forget the Euro-brats and their temper tantrums, rioting in the streets because they no longer can retire at 60 in France and at 53 in Greece. Poor babies. Now we understand better how those ‘pacifist’ Europeans descend so quickly into continent-wide war. We should make a point to be less like them next year. And every year thereafter.


 Happy 2011 Everybody!


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