Little RFK Trashes Fox News

Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently blamed the collapse of ‘climate legislation’ on “narcissistic hacks” in Congress and particularly on Republicans and… drum roll, please… Fox News.


Roger Ailes, the founder of Fox, must be simply ecstatic over the hugely exaggerated power that his network is alleged to have over America according to the Democrat left.


Fox, Fox, Fox… every day, Fox, Fox, Fox. Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Barack Obama, Harry Reid. Fox, Fox, Fox.


This obsession with Fox comes despite the fact that the Democrat left strongly influences virtually all of the major newspapers in every city in America; much of the cable TV industry including news channels like CNN and MSNBC; the three TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) and their news outlets; most universities; most of the entertainment industry; most of the arts; along with large parts of American commerce including the tech sector and the computer sector, as in Google.


But that pesky Fox with its few million viewers certainly seems to be controlling America through some sort of microwave action.


Little RFK then praised as an environmental “hero” US Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts.  This is the John Kerry who owns five homes, many cars and SUVs, a $7 million yacht and a gas-guzzling high-powered speedboat.


Yet still Kerry seems like the most unhappy man in America, along with sad-sack multimillionaire RFK Jr. who is on a perpetual tirade against people who disagree with him. No wonder they are Democrats. As columnist Mary McGrory once said of Little RFK’s father, US senator Robert F. Kennedy, “all the unhappy people in the world, those were his constituents.”


Little RFK is continuing in his father demagogic footsteps. He is preaching unhappiness on a global scale – enviro catastrophe – while living a gluttonous lifestyle himself, living in New York City and taking his family every Christmas to Sun Valley, Idaho rather than to nearby Connecticut or Vermont for an energy-saving, planet-saving holiday.


This is the same Little RFK who called us ‘global warming’ deniers “traitors” as if there might be some new legal system in which people in America are persecuted for their thoughts.


Oh, wait. We already have that. It is called political correctness.


But notice that Mini RFK and his super-rich friend Al Gore are not even calling it ‘global warming’ any more because it has been proven that for every disappearing glacier in Montana that there is one glacier or two glaciers growing even bigger elsewhere.


In other words, if you apply simple logic – never mind doing a little fact-finding – you might find some really big holes in the call by Small RFK and his cronies for earthshaking legislation to stop everyone from doing everything.


Except themselves, of course.


The fact is that ‘global warming’ is just more enviro faddishness. Remember “the hole in the ozone layer” that was supposed to swallow the world? Whatever happened to that? How about the multiple armgaeddons of acid rain, radon in every basement, dioxin, nuclear power, PCBs or the cancer-causing menace of electrical power lines All intended to instill terror in the people and… raise money for the Sierra Club. Which is what all this nonsense is really about: Getting more money and power for Mini RFK, Al Gore and their eco-cronies.


Little Bobby, however, sees things differently. After all, Captain Planet takes no prisoners in his incendiary crusade against us little folks. No, in order to save us he is going to destroy us. And when Fox News obstructs his windmills and solar panels, RFK Jr. gets mad and starts to lash out.


Fortunately the American public has become hip to these tantrums. Because the planet killer this time is something completely natural that has existed in the atmosphere forever – carbon dioxide – which you once learned in high school was what “people breathe out and plants breathe in.”


Except that today the public schools teach that CO2 is “what power plants, BP and Fox News put into the atmosphere in order to destroy mankind.”


So Little Bobby & Co. have felt the need to control every last company and every gallon of oil in order to have a utopian world. That is what the failed cap and trade ‘climate legislation’ was about – controlling every industry by controlling every industry’s energy use. This would have required a government monitor for every company in America, a massive new layer of intrusion into commerce.


And for those who thought that ‘climate legislation’ was for power plants and oil companies, think again. Because every cost incurred by every company to comply with Little Bobby’s utopia would be passed on to consumers, costing us all hundreds of billions of dollars very year. In other words, a big, new tax.


Meanwhile RFK Jr. was planning to make a fortune by investing in the Chicago market to trade these companies’ ‘climate legislation’ carbon emissions allocations, a market that was to be established and run by all his rich friends in order to get much, much richer. Because every capitalist dollar produced in America would be taxed again by the cap and traders and passed through that market.


In other words, Little Bobby was planning to get even richer off the ‘little people’ in America just like his grandfather Joseph P. Kennedy swindled thousands of small investors in his stock market fraud of the 1920s, building the Kennedy fortune on their lost dreams.


Unfortunately Fox News and us evil conservatives upset Little Bobby’s plans. And that is ultimately why he is mad.


So let’s be thankful that RFK Jr. is the one who is angry. Let him be mad at Fox News and us ‘global warming’ deniers. It only will make Fox bigger and better to the benefit of all rational Americans. And make us little folks feel good about our ability to stand up to lies and intimidation from the enviro left, and from bullies like members of the Kennedy family.


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