Gay/Military Vote is Unsound

If you think that the Senate vote to allow openly-gay troops to serve in the US military is about homosexual rights, come to Massachusetts.


The Senate has voted 65-31 to allow changes in the law that for the first time ever would allow homosexual and lesbian soldiers to serve without  hiding their sexual orientation. President Obama will sign the law and military leaders will consider its impact before allowing it to go into effect, although that seems mostly assured.


This is going to have long-term negative repercussions for our nation and our military. Just come to Massachusetts if you would like to find out the reason.


Why Massachusetts?


Because it is a left-leaning state that has been in the forefront of gay rights. And at the same time that this very liberal social agenda has been gaining steam, the overall outlook for the overwhelming majority of people in Massachusetts has been declining. And the two are inextricably linked.


Because the same people who are pushing gay rights are pushing the agenda that is leading to irreparable harm to the state’s economy. Due to leftist influence, businesses are fleeing taxes and regulation, environmentalism is pushing energy costs through the roof, poverty is spreading, and educated and skilled people are leaving in droves because the Democrat party is ruining the state.


But gays can get married. Yippeeee…


Ditto California, whose debt crisis is destroying a once-great state. Because the left in California is pushing homosexuality and other social agenda items like sanctuary for illegals as it tears down the framework for economic growth and opportunity in the Golden State. And now that it appears that homosexuals will be allowed to serve openly in the military, our armed forces are going to come under the same duress as the people of Massachusetts and California.


Incrementally activist homosexuals will push hard on their agenda within the military, bringing lawsuits, agitating more and more for special privileges and promotions, filing endless complaints of discrimination, and having those opposed to their agenda dismissed from the armed forces. More than 20% of active military personnel even have said that they may leave if homosexuals are allowed to serve openly. And don’t think these patriots won’t be happily escorted to the door by hardball gay advocacy groups.


Democrat US senator John Kerry of Massachusetts called the US military “the great equalizer” on this issue.


Yeah, right… This is the same military that Kerry lied about and savaged in his 1971 testimony before the US Senate.


Meanwhile liberals say that this new law will be the same as the integration of blacks into the military. But it is not. Your skin color identifies you from a block away but your sexual preferences do not. So if gays really wanted to “serve their country” and not their own agenda, then they would serve quietly like all other soldiers do. But liberals never do that. Liberals are self-centered people who need to constantly be broadcasting themselves and their interests.


Yet if gay soldiers now can bring their personal agenda to the military, why can’t others do the same? Why can’t a proud Son of the South now bring his Confederate history into barracks?


Answer:  Because gays have now acquired a special privilege that no other solider has.


Of course Democrats tell us about how many nations now allow openly-gay members to serve. They never tell you the other side of the story, however, that these militaries in places like Canada have largely dissolved into something akin to a beach patrol with little funding or discipline, no teeth, few weapons and what would prove to be an inability to defend their nations in times of crisis.


Ultimately this law about gays is not about homosexuality but about our military coming under increasing influence from the left like so many of our other institutions – the media, the courts, the universities, the arts, the entertainment industry etc.


Once upon a time our military would go overseas and kill our enemies. Today in Afghanistan for instance, policies under people like liberal general Stanley McChrystal have instituted a ‘soft’ agenda where some terrorists are actually “caught and released” like harmless fish. Then you wonder why terrorists remain optimistic. And the reason is clear: They know that time is on their side. And rest assured they have no gay terrorists. They are at serious, unrelenting war while our side debates social policy.


This Senate vote marks the beginning of a diminishment of our military readiness and capabilities. No, it will not happen overnight. After all who in World War II would have thought that someday the American soldier in Afghanistan would be capturing evil people and treating them like jay-walkers.


Thirty-one US senators had the courage to oppose this bill. The ones who promoted it are the same people who have given us a strangling health-care bill, ever-increasing taxes and debt, a tyrannical Internal Revenue Service and shrinking personal freedoms just as the people of Massachusetts have less and less freedom and wealth as gay power and wealth increase.


And just think… this vote came just a few short months after one of the most notorious traitors in modern history, homosexual Army private first class Bradley Manning, stole and dumped onto the internet through WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of classified war documents.


If homosexuals really have wanted to serve their country, they have been free to do so quietly and obediently since 1775 when we first commenced our war of liberation. And some surely have and we honor their service. Good for them. Unfortunately today gays do not wish to serve their country; they want their country to serve their personal interests and agenda. And that is why this Senate vote is a bad one. The American military historically has been the single place in which one was unequivocally supposed to put the nation first. But no longer.


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