Soccer Snub is Obama's 2nd Loss

President Obama said that the FIFA international soccer body made the “wrong decision” when it granted the 2022 World Cup soccer tournament to the tiny, oil-rich Middle Eastern nation of Qatar instead of to the United States.


Qatar (pronounced ‘cutter’) has 106 degree daytime temperatures in the summer when many of the matches will be held and so will have to… get this… air condition the soccer stadiums that it must build for the tournament. Yet FIFA is just another internationalist body like the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that is all agog about ‘global warming’ but then grants the World Cup to a nation that not only will have to expend huge amounts of energy to build new stadiums, but then to air-condition them.




This is not Obama’s first sports snub. We were embarrassed in the Fall of 2009 when IOC knocked Chicago – Obama’s hometown! – out of consideration for the 2016 Summer Olympics in the very first round. Obama personally went to Copenhagen and lobbied for those games along with his wife and Oprah Winfrey. But when IOC considered the conditions in Chicago they decided to play it safe and give the Summer games to… Brazil.


In other words, Brazil, which still is a relatively poor nation that has an astronomical crime rate, is seen as a safer bet than Obama Country. Which it well may be in the big picture. Because you can rest assured that the massive corruption in Democrat-run Chicago would have taken a huge financial toll on the Olympics.


Yet the American media did little to criticize Obama over that egg-on-the-face  failure just as Bill Clinton, Eric Holder and black actor Morgan Freeman failed when they personally lobbied for the FIFA 2022 event.


Gee, perhaps Obama could have send that Smart White Guy Mitt Romney who “saved” the 2002 Winter Olympics from financial collapse. That might have reassured the FIFA soccer sultans.


Said a very disappointed US Soccer Federation president Sunil Gulati about the FIFA decision, “It’s politics. It’s friendships and relationships. It’s tactics. There are far too many permutations. I’m not smart enough to figure out how all those things played out. I don’t know the rationale of all the voters.”


Yes, indeed. Whenever you are involved in these international decision-making bodies it becomes political because they all are controlled by the left.


Now the soccer fanatics in America have long faces because they have been claiming for decades that soccer is going to ‘break out’ and become a big sport here, and they were hoping that the World Cup would cement that. They even imported British soccer star David Beckham a few years back to play in LA to boost the sport. But that has done precisely nothing; soccer simply hasn’t caught on.


Because America already is over-sported with baseball, basketball, football, auto racing, golf, hockey etc. There simply is not enough room for soccer. It would be like trying to convince Europe to embrace a whole new sport like baseball. It ain’t gonna happen. Our nations are like grumpy old men with their habits fixed.


So good for Qatar. It will put that nation on the map. It is an example of the ‘little guy’ being favored over the big guys. And then again, what would we Americans be missing by not having the World Cup here?


Maybe nothing at all. For one thing we would not have tens of thousands of left-wing internationalista soccer fans and their socialist world media friends coming here and probably using the opportunity to malign us like asking Where are America‘s high-speed trains like China has? And why are so many people lacking health insurance? etc., etc. (Answers: We use cars. And Obama ruined the health-insurance system.)


Of course the same internationalistas and media loved the World Cup in South Africa last summer and said less than zero about the rapid deterioration of that nation under its leftist black government since the fall of the apartheid regime in the 1980s. That apartheid government was part of a white/Euro colonial power structure that hundreds of millions of Africans now wish was still in place because it gave the continent stability, economic growth, trade and jobs.


Even under apartheid millions of blacks migrated into South Africa for the jobs there. But don’t expect the world media to talk about anything like that, or about the huge economic decline of Africa under black rule. No, everything is just peachy.


Even the Olympics have been racially politicized. Here is black TV commentator Bryant Gumbel in 2006 on an HBO program called Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, about the Winter Olympics: “Count me among those who don’t care about them and won’t watch them…  So try not to laugh when someone says these are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the winter games look like a GOP convention.”


This is pure racism. Gumbel was not fired. Of course. He is black.


It is a known fact that blacks publicly and openly shun the Winter Olympics as “too white”. Imagine if white people said they don’t watch basketball or the Summer Olympics because they are “too black”. The media would go insane. But racism is always allowed for blacks.


So now we even judge sports on the basis of affirmative action. In other words, you just can’t escape the left. So perhaps that is a good thing that the World Cup soccer tournament will be held in Qatar. They can have it.


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