Let's Make Toys for Christmas

What is the solution for America’s economic crisis?


How about toys. For Christmas. Or for anytime. Because by manufacturing more toys here, it will boost our economy and create jobs.


This, of course, is a metaphor for a bigger concept, that we can begin again to competitively “make things”  in America – even simple things like toys – in order to compete in world markets and improve our economy.


And for those who say that the US cannot compete in the global economy because there is too much cheap labor in the world, consider that today we make thousands of products that sell in the global market. And there is no reason we cannot make thousands more not only for the world market but for our own.


But there are roadblocks in the way. They are called Democrats.


Think about American history. In the 1950s and 1960s, repeated strikes against the steel industry by left-wing labor union agitators eventually drove the industry out of business and overseas.  Without those unions, the steel industry would have remained healthy.


Ditto railroads. Strikes, strikes and more strikes along with ridiculous work rules and pay scales, did huge harm to the freight railroads at the very time that the interstate highway system was challenging railroad dominance. Many railroads went out of business or had to merge. Today, with many fewer workers, modern technology and less strident unions, freight railroads are prospering again.


Think about energy. We are burning 1.2 billion tons of coal every year in electricity-generating power plants. This is a complete waste. Those plants should be nuclear, which is literally millions of times more efficient than coal power, truly a ‘miracle’ power source. But environmentalists allied with the Democrat party are blocking nuclear at every step.


How about timber. In the 1990s, a phony enviro controversy about the spotted owl led to the loss of 30,000 logging jobs in Oregon. Those jobs went right to Canada.


So we easily can maintain and grow our economy by eliminating all these Democrat obstructions to prosperity and bringing back basic manufacturing, even for everyday items like toys or textiles or furniture.


The popular template is that American students all must learn math and science for the future, and that we must build computers and other high-tech items if we are going to prosper in the global economy.


This is nonsense. How about if we make toys here instead of allowing China to make so many of them. We can easily make toys here, which requires lower skills and education than making computers. This will give jobs to people on the lower-skilled end of the economic scale.


Would manufacturing toys be the be-all and end-all of job creation, with sky-high wages?


No, but it sure is better than being unemployed with no wages at all. And when toys are manufactured overseas, the jobs do not exist here and there are no wages.


How about plastics? We can easily compete with low Chinese wages by offering lower tax rates and less regulation for all manufacturing companies including plastics. After all, we still sell lots of products into the world market even though our wages and taxes and lawsuits and punitive enviro regulations are much higher than China’s. If we lowered them, it would create and maintain more jobs.


How about all those call centers that have moved to India for the times when you have to call an 800 number to fix your clock radio. Those are low-tech jobs that less skilled Americans can easily do. We can reclaim them by making the business climate in America more hospitable.


So if we lowered the man-made roadblocks – taxes and regulations and lawsuits and enviro regs and union agitation – the market can flourish and we will have all the jobs we want, from high tech to toys.


If only the Democrats will allow it.


Imagine, however, that today you are going to open a call center in Iowa. The first thing you are going to face is the government telling  you what kind of chairs to buy, how long the operators can work without a break, what kind of health insurance to offer, how much family leave time to offer, what groups of people to hire etc. etc.


And after the first few visits from these “caring” government officials, it might just seem easier to move to India. That  is how American business sees it.


Go into rural America and environmentalists are shutting down logging projects and mines and power plants, real things that Americans need in their lives like wood and energy. Meanwhile we can download a computer program that shows you the backside of the moon.


What we are seeing is the transformation of the American economy into what has been called “post-industrialism”. Today people get wealthy opening a string of hair salons. Celebrities introduce perfume lines. Fashion designers get more and more money for each piece of clothing. Computer nerds create a way to locate your great grandfather’s grave in Uzbekhistan.


Yet millions of us common folk have no real jobs because we can no longer cut down trees or make steel or open call centers or manufacture toys or make space heaters. Because of the Democrats’ war on prosperity through invasive government action. 


This leads to a more and more frivolous economy which concentrates steadily decreasing amounts of wealth further and further up the economic chain among the urban elites and the info/media intellectuals on the political left.


Whatever happened to hard work?


Apparently it is becoming a thing of the past. Because, for instance, the hard work of ranching or farming is threatened by endless eco-regulations imposed by wealthy urban environmentalists at the Sierra Club who hold elite dinner parties to raise money while regular folks are thrown out of work by their policies.


Back in the Good Old Days, capitalists had lush dinner parties while their factories provided millions of jobs for the people. And they were trashed for it and called ‘robber barons’. Yet those ‘robber barons’ were the people who built America. But today America is being milked by Follywood stars and urban recording artists who are making millions and millions.


Meanwhile George Soros makes billions sitting behind a computer screen guessing at currency exchanges, employing few and then giving his money to… environmental groups who put regular people out of work. Is this a vicious cycle.


Indeed. And it is time to re-orient America to toward growth and prosperity. We can even make toys and myriad other items. Don’t ever let anyone tell you we can’t. It is all absolutely possible and much simpler than you think. 


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