Republicans and Gays

An election-day exit poll from CNN showed said that 31% of homosexual and lesbian voters had selected Republicans in this year’s election, compared to 27% for McCain in 2008. The media are agog about the figures.


It’s an interesting figure, but it is just one snapshot of one point in time. It is hard to say if this is a real figure or even whether it is accurate over the long run.


And so what. If gays see the wisdom in our conservative way of thinking, good for them. More should. Because we conservatives have the answers.


Many of us conservatives have believed offhandedly that our percentage among gays was relatively smaller. Actually we had hardly ever thought about it. So this 31% figure is an interesting surprise.


Of course the actual numbers are relatively small because gays are said to be only about 2% of the population. But nonetheless it is noteworthy and they are real votes. And it is going to take little time for some moderate Establishment Republican like Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to look at that 31% figure and start suggesting that we “open up” the Republican party and the conservative movement to gays; that we “accept” the gay lifestyle; that we “understand” how homosexuality is part of human nature; that we begin to support ideas like homosexual marriage and gays openly serving in the military.


Nonsense. Because conservatives don’t play Identity Politics where we expect a specific group of people to vote for us in exchange for our political understanding and blessings and favors. No, that is the tactic of the Democrats, who are our opposites.


Just think – most conservatives and Republicans have opposed the homosexual lifestyle and gays serving openly in the military, while supporting traditional marriage. Yet the GOP still got 31% of the gay vote, according to the poll.


What does this say?


It says that we conservatives should stick to our principles and never pander. Because we know that we have the best ideas. And if homosexuals and lesbians recognize our point of view, then that is a good thing for all of us because it means a stronger nation. Our  message to all those seeing our wisdom is – Welcome to the club, a club that is growing every day all around the world. Even in Europe.


The last thing conservatives should do is make some big outreach to gays. We must not make any deals or endorsements. Because we already are offering the most important thing – basic common-sense principles that give a chance for liberty and the right to pursue happiness without the heavy hand of government on our shoulders. If gays accept it, good. If they don’t, so be it. It is their choice and their future. Even many gays now understand the disastrous results of Obama policies.


Just consider what is happening in black America. In cities, blacks are more and more angry with the destructive public education system which is controlled by the Democrat party and the teacher unions. Then when they actually read about our conservative ideas for reform, vouchers, charter schools and private and religious schools, they are enthusiastic. Then when they actually try these ideas, they are thrilled with the positive result.


Yet conservatives do not go to black Americans with an agreement that we will advocate these educational principles in exchange for their vote. We simply think rationally, do what is right, offer our wisdom, work against the tide and hope for all people to appreciate what we are saying.


This is how conservatives always operate. We are generous, thoughtful, hard-working people at heart. But the problem is in reaching certain populations with our ideas. In black inner-city America there is so much peer pressure against our ideas that they usually cannot permeate. Imagine putting up a Bush campaign sign in Detroit. It would be gone within an hour.


Homosexuals and lesbians, on the other hand, are much more widely integrated and are much more exposed to our agenda with less overt peer pressure against it. They often are well educated and have good incomes, and often live in neighborhoods and suburbs and towns that vote Republican, or they work in places where conservative ideas can be discussed without threat or rejection or intimidation.


Some gays own businesses and so understand the significance of free-market principles. Or they want to shelter the fruits of their labors from the intrusive government.


They have come to understand that while we conservatives do not accept their lifestyle, that we embrace something infinitely more important – the concept of individual freedom that ultimately is what all productive people really desire.


So how should the Republican party or the conservative movement treat homosexuals and lesbians?


We should welcome them. But we should make clear ahead of time that we are not going to receive them as Gay Republicans or Gay Conservatives, but as Republicans and conservatives. Period. And if they get into the GOP and start agitating for their agenda – which some certainly will as a standard political tactic – we should Just Say No.


And regarding gays in the military, we conservatives continue to say:  Please serve your country proudly and quietly. Do not push your lifestyle or agenda in our face or in our military’s face. Because we have no qualm with homosexuals and lesbians serving our nation. But we do object to your wanting to promote your agenda when other service members are not allowed to. Personal agendas are not allowed in the military.


And we conservatives continue to support traditional marriage. Period. End of story. And if homosexuals and lesbians are going to say they are Republicans but then are going to hector us for our beliefs like they character-assassinated Miss California Carrie Prejean, then they are not welcome in our ranks. The Democrats have a place for you. Go to them.


Our conservative message to gays is this: Embrace our ideas because they are the only way for you to genuinely have freedom, prosperity and happiness in your lives. Read Milton Friedman and John Locke and the Founding Fathers. You will find timeless and transcendent wisdom. But don’t expect us to pander to you. It is not in our genes. We will not go to Gay Pride parades or gay weddings or endorse a lifestyle we do not agree with. And eventually you will come to understand that in the long run and the big picture that conservatives are the most tolerant, giving and accepting people of all.  


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