Dancing with George Soros

Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter, along with her dancing partner Mark Ballas received numerous death threats before their final-night November 23 performance on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).


The pair then came in 3rd in the season finale of the competition which pairs an amateur dancer (Palin) with a professional.


These threats were only the latest assault on Bristol Palin’s character and security, and are part of the endless attacks on her mother including the arson at her Alaska church in December 2008 which has never been solved but which is believed almost certainly to have been politically motivated.


One Wisconsin man was so unhinged at Bristol’s success on DWTS that he shot his television with a gun. In another incident an envelope full of white powder addressed to Bristol was found on the DWTS set.


Before the finale, when asked about her feelings about her experience, Bristol said that winning the competition would be “like giving a big middle finger to the people who hate my Mom, and who hate me.”


Wooooaaah! Imagine that. Have you ever heard such a thing on an entertainment show before?! Not that Bristol made such a provocative statement, but that she felt that way in the first place, that there indeed is so much pathological rage aimed at her and her mother and her whole family.


This is a true American travesty. But then again, this America today – angry, hateful and vengeful – all coming from the anti-conservative left, that is, every single day. Meanwhile these Ancient Media have been looking intently for 20 months for one single example of Tea Party violence and threats, and have come up empty-handed.


Bristol Palin is a beautiful, shy, humble young woman who is said to have driven her pickup truck 5 days from Alaska to Los Angeles to appear on the show. She danced very well for someone who has never been involved in show business before. (Both of her finale opponents came out of show business careers.) She came in third after 10 weeks of competition and out of a dozen couples.


So why would Bristol feel the need to make such a statement about people “who hate my Mom, and who hate me”?


Because the vicious American media and the American left, aided by George Soros &  Co., have been advocating a brutal hatred of the Palins since Sarah Palin first appeared on the public stage in August 2008. Because Sarah Palin is a conservative.


Yet we have been told for decades by the Ancient Media that liberals are “pacifist” and “tolerant” and “peaceful” and that we conservatives are the violent gun-toting extremists who do not abide our adversaries.


Apparently the media have it backwards. Again.


There has never been anything like Palin Derangement Syndrome, the unmitigated hatred of Sarah Palin and her family which now has filtered down to her daughter appearing on an entertainment show.


And the people responsible for this sickness are the “peaceful” reporters and commentators in the Ancient Media who despise Palin, along with radicals on the internet who are hatemongers of the first degree. Because progressive socialism – or whatever you want to call it – is based in anger, self-hatred, hatred, racism and violence.


“No, no,” liberals love to say, “liberals are generous, caring people who want to help the world to be a better place!”


Nothing could be further from the truth. And this is simple observation of the liberal agenda showing that socialism is a culture of violence and anger in every way, shape and form. Consider the following:


Liberal Democrats are the party of abortion at any point in the pregnancy including the point of birth, with zero mercy, love or tolerance shown to unborn fetuses; Hollywood films and TV, controlled overwhelmingly by the left, are ubiquitous in their violence; sexual violence, largely a result of rampant promiscuity promoted by the left since the 1960s, is everywhere; inner-city violence is rampant, in black neighborhoods controlled by the Democrat party; euthanasia and assisted suicide are part of the leftist agenda; illegal immigrant violence is covered up by the media and downplayed by progressives at every turn.


Liberals persistently defend criminals and terrorists; liberals persistently oppose the death penalty for even the most evil people; drug violence is everywhere, with drug use an integral part of the left’s Anything Goes culture; the worlds of rock music and rap music, the bailiwick of the left, are steeped in violence, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, suicide and murder; organized crime which works hand in hand with labor unions and the Democrat party, has used violence to attain their goals for centuries; American labor unions have used violence for 100 years to get what they want; left-wing college mobs have physically assaulted conservative speakers; violent environmentalists have burned car dealerships and housing subdivisions.


Look at the years of malicious attacks on George W. Bush or on Carrie Prejean, the Miss USA contestant who said she supported traditional marriage.


And that damned Bristol Palin… she apparently deserves to be killed by these very same “peaceful” people who promote this leftist agenda. After all, she is a white conservative.


All over a simple dancing show on television…


Of course, the rage went through the roof when Bristol knocked off a fellow competitor on the previous week’s show who is… black.


Yes, she knocked off the over-over-overexposed black performer Brandy, who has been around for years and years in thousands of appearances in every possible medium from television, to magazines, to records, to film, to commercials, to the internet, and who is a member in good standing in the over-over-exposed Follywood Celebrity Culture.


So this obviously drove the left insane. After all, poor Brandy comes from a line of slaves…


Don’t despair, however. In a show of politically-correct racial retribution, the show’s producers managed to have Brandy back on finale night for an encore performance even after she had lost. Because after all, you cannot today in America have a black supplanted in any way by a white, particularly a caucasian like Bristol Palin.


No, in America today caucasian firefighters like those in Connecticut who studied hard and passed promotion tests are literally denied those promotions simply because no blacks had passed the test. And four Supreme Court justices agree that that is acceptable and legal.


Justices on the Democrat left, that is. You know, ‘peaceful’ Democrats. Who send death threats to an innocent girl on a dancing show.


Bristol, however, was not the evil menace that some of her detractors portrayed her as. The other side of the story is that millions loved her and voted for her repeatedly by telephone to keep her on the show. In fact Sarah Palin supporters did organize campaigns to keep Bristol on DWTS like radio host Tammy Bruce’s ‘Operation Bristol’, while conservative blogger Kevin DuJan’s website also led a phone-in-the-vote effort.


And Bristol’s competitors both were professionals. So everything evens out, does it not?


Bristol‘s appearance gave some sizzle to the DWTS ratings. Reported deadline.com, ‘The final Nielsen ratings for last night are in, and the Bristol Palin-fueled Dancing with the Stars (23.7 million, 4.9/13 in adults 18-49) posted the strongest results for a Dancing performance finale in six seasons…’


But don’t allow that good news to interfere with the yahoo.com summary of the show which suggested that Bristol‘s appearance could be “a shadow political campaign” for her mother.


Yeah, right… Can these people ever stand down on their attacks? Just for five minutes?


No, the media always have to inject that nasty angle to ruin the fun.  When a conservative is involved, that is. If this were some Kennedy kid, things would have been quite different on DWTS.


Bristol‘s appearance on DWTS surely spiced up the show. And even though she did not win, she certainly was successful at “giving a big middle finger to the people who hate my Mom, and who hate me.”


Good for her. She too now is a member in good standing of our conservative movement.


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