Holder, Napolitano Must Go

When George W. Bush in 2001 nominated John Ashcroft for US attorney general, there was a tirade from  media/Democrats such that you would have thought that Bush had chosen Heinrich Himmler.  Yet Ashcroft was a perfectly decent, law-abiding, conservative US senator from Missouri


Oh, there you go. He was a conservative. That explains the media meltdown. They probably had evidence that Ashcroft had repeatedly read the Bible, sung Christian hymns or admired George Washington.


Remember when Reagan attorney general Ed Meese was grilled for months over a $15,000 loan?


Yet that kind of cash is chump change to super-wealthy Democrats like Nancy Pelosi or John Kerry. And the media know it. The attack on Meese was simply harassment of an honorable public servant.


Now our current US attorney general Eric Holder has on his staff seven attorneys who have represented Guantanamo terror detainees in the past; has advocated to put alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other 9/11 figures on trial in civilian court in New York City; while his department presided over the recent acquittal of US embassies bomber Ahmed Ghailani on all counts except one, also in a civilian trial in New York.


This is the same Eric Holder who, just months into his tenure, said that Americans were “cowards” on the issue of race. And the same Eric Holder whose Justice Department refused to prosecute blatant, videotaped voter intimidation by a member of the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia on election day 2008. Because the perpetrator was black, not white.


You know, Eric Holder, the assistant attorney general under Clinton who facilitated the pardons of Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists…


Imagine if Ed Meese or John Ashcroft had anywhere near such a record.  They would have been run out of town on a proverbial rail by the same type of media conflagration that surrounded Alberto Gonzales, another good Bush AG who was forced out.


Yet Holder sits there in his high office without a hint of concern. Because the Ancient Media are not concerned and have not fabricated a firestorm of outrage.


Remember that Janet Reno served two full terms as Bill Clinton’s only attorney general after she took full blame for the April 1993 Waco killing of 76 innocent Christians by federal agents.


No, there did not seem to be any problem there. The media ultimately downplayed Reno‘s role for two reasons: Because the victims were caucasian Christians; and because Reno took the heat off of her young,  liberal 1960s-era boss who had only been in office three months when the attack took place.


Imagine if Ashcroft had taken the blame for a similar attack  on praying Muslims…


Now we have another Obama official who is not only incompetent and frankly stupid but also dangerously negligent – our department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano whose most recent directive is amounting in many cases to virtual sexual assault in these intimate pat-downs of many passengers who deign to fly on an airline in the US.


If Ashcroft had ordered such, he would have been gone in days and the feminist left would be crying “Airport rape!”


Napolitano then had the arrogance to challenge those who don’t like the invasive security to find other ways to travel while she is seeming hesitant to include Muslim women in the intimate security checks.


Gee, Muslims… Aren’t they the reason we have airport security in the first place?


This alone is enough that she should be fired. America cannot tolerate condescension on top of inanity.


This is the same Napolitano who has refused to even treat our porous southern border as a source of national security concern. The same Napolitano who said that “the system worked” when only pure luck stopped the Nigerian Christmas Day bomber from bringing down a Detroit-bound airliner.


System? What system?


Yet this is the same Napolitano who rushed to the Gulf of Mexico over the oil spill – which was an industrial accident – and scurried to Nashville over the  floods there – which were a natural disaster.


Do you ever get the impression that the Obama administration is sticking it to America point blank? That this is not incompetence, but pure leftist conceit? That they are shoving these pat-downs in our face as if to say, “There, take that!” That Napolitano’s casual approach to her job on serious issues is an intentional standing down on homeland security, just as Obama is standing down on border enforcement while taking Arizona to court over its immigration law? That Holder is essentially saying, “If you don’t like my tenure, too damned bad”?


Because that is precisely what they are saying. This is the arrogance of the left. Think about what Pelosi said about the health-care bill, that we would find out what is in it after we pass it, as if us right-wing hayseeds out in the hinterlands do not even know what is good for us like those fancy folk in Washington do.


Obama is going to be gone after the 2012 election, and hardly on the terms he had imagined for himself. But good enough terms, after he has pushed our economy and our national security to the brink through hard-left policies. After all even Obama knows that there is only so much ‘fundamental transformation’ that the nation can tolerate. And we have reached our breaking point as indicated in the November 2 mid-term elections.


Meanwhile Holder and Napolitano must go… now, in 2010. The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the Republicans in the US Senate should sign letters to the president asking that both be dismissed on the grounds of incompetence and dereliction. The conservative talk-radio media should start a major campaign against these two negligents, just as the liberal media conducted scorched-earth campaigns against perfectly honest and dedicated people like Ashcroft, Gonzales and Meese.


There is a reason that 9/11 happened. After the first truck-bomb attack on the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993, Bill Clinton over the next eight years virtually ignored terrorism as a national security issue as Napolitano is doing today. Clinton AG Reno did just what Holder has been seeking to do – she chose to prosecute the 1993 bombers as criminals in civilian court in New York City. This downgrade of a terrorist act to a criminal violation was the first step toward 9/11 because evil people took the signal that the US was not serious about terrorism.


After eight years of weakness under Clinton, the terrorist struck on September 11, 2001, truly a day that will live in infamy because that attack was laughable in its crudity. It never should have happened. It easily could have been stopped.


But when George Bush took office in January 2001, he was handed an empty briefing book on terrorism. And 9/11 happened because there had clearly not been years of tracking of these Islamo-terrorists, which is what you need to break up such plots – hard-nosed, long-term surveillance.


Holder now is taking us in the same direction, soft-soaping terrorism while lecturing America about blackness. And if you think that Napolitano’s pat-downs are a necessary block to another airliner attack, they are not. They are the opposite. They are harassment of the flying public while ignoring really critical tools like racial profiling, surveillance, eavesdropping, wiretapping and other wartime measures. Because we are at war.


Holder and Napolitano must go, along with all of Obama’s political correctness. We are standing down on national security at a time when we should be standing taller than ever.


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