Left is Profiling Innocent Travelers... Intentionally

Full-body scanners have been installed for security purposes at most major commercial airport in the US. Increasing numbers of Americans oppose the scanners as an affront to their dignity and because of concerns over radiation. Already the Transportation Security Administration was accused last Spring of having stored tens of thousands of body images from a Florida courthouse scanner rather than deleting them immediately, bringing up personal privacy issues as well as civil liberties concerns.


But those who object to the airport scanners now are getting new and unwanted attention from TSA officers by being patted down in intimate ways that more and more flyers are protesting about.


And this is just another dose of liberal hypocrisy and disregard for our freedoms by the left.


First, consider the radiation emanating from the scanners. If a utility seeks to construct a nuclear power plant in America with endless safeguards built in, environmentalists will shout it down. But if you want to expose law-abiding Americans to a direct shot of radiation in these airport scanners, lefties are silent.


Why is there no alarm by ACLU and others on the left about three separate and major issues with the body scanners or now the pat-downs – radiation; personal privacy and civil liberties; and personal dignity?


Answer: Because use of the scanners and other invasive security measures is being advocated ostensibly in order to protect the civil liberties of a tiny minority of Islamists at the expense of the overwhelming majority of law-abiding Americans. Because otherwise those Islamists might actually be scrutinized at airports. Instead, caucasian American old ladies are being subjected to the exact same inspection as Arabic-speaking males in their 20s with Pakistani passports. At times, much more scrutiny.


This is a direct slap at Americans by equating them with those most likely to be seeking to bring down passenger aircraft with bombs. It is another form of moral equivalence emanating from the university and media elite, i.e., everyone is potentially equally guilty of having a bomb. So everyone must be checked out equally. And caucasian Americans now are being checked even more carefully just to harass them. Because that is what this all amounts to – government harassment.


Imagine if the cops were looking for a black male criminal, yet they were questioning white males. That is the same degree of moral equivalence – and moral malice – as treating everyone the same at airports.


Imagine if scanners were placed on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona and every citizen were forced to pass through them because of all the crime in Phoenix by illegal aliens? Just so that the police could check out every person for guns, weapons or drugs? And that the police then stored all the scans?


The left would go nuts. You can’t scan people, they’d say. That might reveal something that shows that somebody is illegal… That would be an affront to their dignity and their humanity… No, forget it, the civil libertarians would holler. And the radiation is dangerous, the enviros would scream.


Of course. Because only when essentially all of the subjects of full-body scanning and intimate pat-downs are law-abiding Americans – and the security is essentially harassment – will the left agree to let it be used in airports without legal challenge.


Imagine scanning or patting down only feminists, or Harvard graduates, or college professors, or homosexuals, or Muslims. Liberals would never allow it because it would select out specific groups. Yet essentially all air travelers in America today are law-abiding people, largely caucasians, who in fact are being subjected to harsh security tactics completely unnecessarily.


In order to secure the airlines, we should do the easiest thing first which is to start visual and behavioral profiling of likely troublemakers by scrutinizing, say, young Arabic-speaking males with Middle Eastern passports, observing their disposition and travel arrangements and, if anything seems out of the ordinary, taking them aside for further questioning and an invasive pat down. This is done in Israel.


That is exactly what did not happen with the Christmas Day bomber Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who waltzed onto a Detroit-bound plane in Amsterdam with a bomb in his underwear on a one-way ticket after coming from Africa. Or Faisal Shazad, who tried unsuccessfully to blow up Times Square with a car bomb then successfully boarded a flight to the Middle East after buying a one-way ticket at the last minute with cash.


Gee, no problem there. To the left, these people are not suspicious. Heck, they’re just young men in a hurry. You know those young guys, full of energy. And sometimes they put things off to the last minute…


But hey you, the old white lady with the cane and the round-trip ticket paid for by credit card. Take off your damned shoes. And make it snappy! Or better yet, step into this room for a pat down. And don’t complain if we touch your breasts.


Because that is precisely what the government today is doing – not profiling, or standing down on profiling Muslim males but harassing and profiling innocent white businessmen and caucasian grandmothers from Kansas.


Oh, no, never, the liberals will proclaim.


Wanna bet? Have you been to an airport recently and seen elderly white people carefully wanded down? Or caucasian college girls searched closely?


This is the government ostensibly proving that it is being even-handed and not singling out Middle Eastern males in their 20s buying one-way tickets with cash, but scrutinizing everyone the same.


Yet what is really happening is the most vicious form of profiling, with white people like old men in wheelchairs being specifically targeted in order to show how “fair” the system is. Or rather being specifically profiled and harassed opportunistically by the political left.


These are the same lefties who want to see a mosque built near Ground Zero in New York City; the same liberals who for decades have fought against the slightest hint of profiling for any Race Except White for any reason; the same ‘progressives’ who want to avoid any scrutiny of illegal immigrants.


Yet the same people now are actively engaged in profiling and harassing white people at airports as equally suspicious as everyone else, even moreso.


Never be fooled when the left wants to use government power to ‘protect’ you. They usually are seeking to undermine security and target innocent people while protecting truly suspicious ones. This airport outrage is just the latest example.


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