C-Span Subterfuge

C-Span is a great noncommercial cable TV channel (actually three channels now) that shows programs and events that would never be covered on traditional for-profit stations. For instance, it recently hosted a two-part panel discussion about the history and then the future of the conservative movement.


C-Span often shows live proceedings in the House and the Senate, or carries long in-depth discussions with authors of all political stripes. It also showed lengthy excerpts from both August 28 rallies in Washington, DC – the Glenn Beck Restoring America rally at the Lincoln Memorial, and the smaller and very angry Al Sharpton rally across town.


C-Span has a policy during guest appearances of taking phone calls from Democrats, Independents and Republicans, each calling on different lines and identified as such. And one thing you will notice is that leftists use their standard disinformation tactics when calling in to C-Span.


It works like this: William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, was a guest on C-Span recently and there was a caller on the ‘independent’ line. This caller immediately went into a rant about how conservatives and Republicans are just shills for the corporations, and that the GOP wants to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid etc. And on and on.


What is wrong with this call?


It is the self-identification of the caller. This was no ‘independent’ calling (although she actually could have been registered as such; you can never tell.) But from the nature and angry tone of the call, you could tell that this caller probably was part of a hard-left activist network, the kind of people who surely monitor C-Span and call in routinely. They often pose as ‘Republicans’ or ‘independents’ to cover their real identity when they attack the GOP or conservatives. Because if they said they were Democrats or leftists, the attacks would have much less impact.


See for yourself. If you see a guest on C-Span and there are callers, watch for a while and you may see the tactic because it is quite common. Indeed you may hear a caller say on the ‘Republican’ line that “I’m a Republican but, gee, I don’t know about these Republicans. I used to always vote Republican, but I don’t know anymore…” and then they will give ten reasons why they disagree with Republicans and conservatives. Now, again, they could be Republicans and sometimes they are. But often they are just deceivers on the left.


This deception is just another standard disinformation tactic of the left that they use every single day. They used to try to do it when they called Rush Limbaugh’s program too, although the Limbaugh show screens callers much more closely since his program is clearly biased to the right. Meanwhile on the air, Limbaugh can smell a rat right away and sometimes calls people out. He used to refer to them as ‘seminar callers’ because they had attended seminars on how to get onto a show like Limbaugh’s and pull off the subterfuge. And they still do get on C-Span and many other media.


On October 30, two C-Span callers in a row described themselves as either “an angry Republican who is voting Democrat” or “a former Republican who is voting Democrat this year.” Being just three days before the election, this sure sounds suspicious.


C-Span is not nearly so skeptical of callers’ stated affiliations as Limbaugh is. It has no reason to be. It is a nonpartisan show that accepts people at their word, which makes it fertile ground for deceivers.


The casual observer may contend that these calls are nothing really, just political hijinks. But in fact this is part of a much bigger national web of incrementalism that keeps leftists in power by building on baby steps toward their agenda using every deceptive tool in the book.


This isn’t to say that all Republican callers are fake. Not by any means. But then again, you may hear a “Republican” caller saying that “Jews run all the banks” etc., etc. like one recent caller, which usually gets cut off. This, of course, could be an angry Republican but also could very well be a shill on the left seeking to smear conservatives with angry rhetoric.


This phone-call deception is one of an array of  leftist tactics to win political power at any cost including;


*misrepresenting yourself. These C-Span callers are a perfect example.


*intentionally lying in public statements but acting as if you just misspoke. For instance, you might hear a leftist hypothetically say, “I just read that Republicans want to cut $80 million from this program” when the real published number was $8 million;


*misrepresenting your political positions intentionally. This is like Obama saying you can keep your health insurance when he knows that the Democrat plan is to make private insurance unaffordable, which it already is becoming for millions. 


*covering for your past actions or statements or having the media cover them up. Just look at how they have covered for Barney Frank’s defense of Fannie Mae over many years; or


*stealing elections outright. There are too many examples to count, the most recent being the US Senate election in Minnesota. Isn’t it amazing how most really close elections always seem to go to the Democrats?


This is because in some districts where the election is likely to be close, one Democrat who is willing to go to jail if necessary has a trunkful of ballots in his car made out 87% for Democrats just to make it look like it wasn’t a complete put-up job. That happened in November 2008 when several hundred pro-Al Franken ballots suddenly appeared in Minnesota in a pro-Franken area after the US Senate race involving Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken seemed very close.


And don’t talk about Bush v. Gore. Those ballots were counted over and over by many people in public forums.


Watch the Democrats’ subterfuge. It is an ongoing plan to use any tactic to increase their power. Obama has used it masterfully. And unless we call it out every time, they will continue usurping our freedom.


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