"We don't have the money"...

Now that the Republicans have taken over from Democrats many governorships, 19 state legislative bodies and the House of Representatives in Washington, the media are piling on without a moment of respite:


What programs are you going to cut? the elites are breathlessly demanding.


And with the so-called Debt Commission preparing to release its findings, deficits and debt are going to be all the buzz in Washington.


Yet these media never asked Obama how he was going to pay for all his debt spending. After all debt will simply appear on future tax bills. There is no need to ask about it since it will be too late to ask after the money is spent.


In New Jersey, reform-minded governor Chris Christie won election in November 2009. Today New Jersey is on a sound fiscal footing because Christie did things that the Democrats never would – he took on the overpaid, featherbedding public-employee unions (i.e., public debt), has fired 1,200 state workers, and even canceled a major commuter tunnel project between New Jersey and New York City.


No Democrat ever would have canceled that tunnel because it was said to be “for the commuters”, to speed their trip to work. Democrats would have put the project on future tax bills. Which is why Americans are so highly taxed today – because Democrats have been putting it all on the credit card for decades.


Never mind that the tunnel was too expensive. And Christie was right. He said in essence, “We don’t have the money.”


To Democrats, however, no government expenditure is too outlandish except for our military. And once they create government dependency though decades of handouts, welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, job cronyism, giveaway grants etc., they say “Now how are you going to cut this spending? These people depend on the government!”


To which conservatives must respond: “You Democrats created the dependency in the first place. You take the blame for any hurt that cuts cause.”


These Democrats are literally addicted to spending. That is why they cannot stop. And once they make people dependent on their addiction, those people too are addicted and the Democrats cannot explain how to break either addiction.


Thus it is time for the Republicans to propose a 10% cut for the federal budget instead of the usual annual increase, and 10% more of a cut the following year and 10% more the next year until the budget comes into balance.


This includes a freeze on military spending which is the one basic responsibility of the government and should  be dealt with by a separate panel. And cuts should be made. No more foreign wars. And bring many of our troops home from Germany and Japan. Those nations need to defend themselves.


Because of five simple words, we must freeze and cut: ”We don’t have the money.”


And after a balanced budget is attained, we will have rapid and sustainable economic growth and jobs for all.


So in order to have a better future down the road, we must have a period of restraint and retrenchment. In short, no pain, no gain. Otherwise our economy never will recover and we face decades of unemployment and malaise like we have today.


Under this 10% Plan, thousands of unnecessary programs and budget items like the National Endowment for the Arts first should be eliminated. NEA is just a handout program for artists and art organizations that easily can come from the private sector.


Then everything gets cut equally 10% so nobody can complain – Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Wasteful programs like the handouts in Obama’s stimulus should be done away with like ‘global warming’ grants and money to study ants. No more earmarks for Bridges to Nowhere. Housing subsidies, 10%. NASA, 10%. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 10%. Internal Revenue Service, 10%. Environmental Protection Agency, 10%.


And then there must be major cuts in pay, benefits and pensions for all federal government employees instead of their usual big increases. These employees are making too much money today, twice as much as the average private-sector employee with astronomical growth rates in salaries in the last 10 years at up to four times the rate in the private sector. They now can give that all back over the next 10 years to even things out.


Because the money to fund this growing government has been decades of ‘pay cuts’ for the taxpayers in the form of tax increases. Now it is time for the people on the receiving end to see ‘pay cuts’.


Then we must raise the Social Security retirement age to 69. The age of 65 was chosen in 1937 when the average person only lived to be 60. Americans will complain about raising the retirement age, to which we must reply, “We don’t have the money” to keep it at 65. Period. End of story. People are living much longer today. And if people want to retire early at 65, then they take a reduced payout. Simple. If they wish to retire at 62, a lower payout.


Then we need to reform Social Security to allow private accounts. Period.


Then the Republican president and Congress after 2012 need to abolish the current tax collection system and move to a national sales tax or a flat tax, to eliminate the IRS and all the tax forms every year. And the $11 billion funding for the IRS. Nations that have moved to alternate collection systems always have experienced good growth as citizens are freed from the heavy hand of the labyrynthine government system.


There is so much fraud and waste in the government that 10% is easy. Except that the Democrats always play the Washington Monument Ploy that works like this: If the city of Washington, DC has a budget problem, the first thing they do is close the Washington Monument, which is highly visible and whose closing causes an outcry.


They don’t throw all the loafers off of welfare, cut bloated city salaries or clean out the deadwood in the bureaucracy. They do something visible like closing the Washington Monument so that the taxpayers panic and cough up more money.


This is a standard tactic, just as Obama always said that his stimulus spending would save schoolteachers, cops and firefighters. No mention was made about saving those jobs out of the massive waste and fraud in every government budget.


So seniors will complain that Social Security is their only income. Yet who created this massive Madoff scheme of SS in the first place?


The Democrats, that’s who. And that is why SS is out of control and going broke. Because it was just another government program that incrementally gutted the taxpayer who now pays 6.2 times as much of his income into SS as he did at the beginning of the system in 1937. That would be like gasoline costing $20 a gallon today. And Democrats literally want to double those SS taxes rather than restrain the system until the average taxpayer is handing over 25% of his check to SS in personal and employer taxes.


In Massachusetts, a November 2 ballot initiative to cut the sale tax rate to 3% was defeated after a fear campaign. The rate was raised in 2009 from 5% to 6.25%. This is typical of how taxes are raised and raised all the time but then it seems almost impossible to cut taxes or spending because the shift of wealth away from the taxpayer is the natural course of things for the left.


But never is the public allowed to consider, for instance, that toll takers on the Massachusetts Turnpike earn $75,000 a year and get early retirement and every possible benefit for what should be a $25,000 a year job. Or that every construction job on a public road in Massachusetts requires not a civilian flagman at $10 an hour, but a unionized police officer at $40 an hour. This is all paid for by the taxpayer or the consumer in the case of private projects like power line maintenance or tree removal. Or that tens of thousands of state jobs are patronage employment, many of them no-show jobs at exorbitant salaries.


So now that an effective governor like New Jersey‘s Christie has shown the way with many more like him coming into office and preparing to cut after the November 2 election, there is a template for spending restraint. And this will spread as others leaders see its effectiveness. Even Europe is doing it. Because Europe doesn’t have the money and neither do we.


Debt is one of the most destructive forces in human history. It kills families, businesses, cities and nations. And the Democrats have specialized in adding debt to our economy at an alarming rate through increasing outlays for everything from bogus home-loan guarantees to exorbitant handouts to massive fraud in government programs.


And who pays? The taxpayer, of course. That is why the Tea Parties have become so powerful so quickly and why new US senators like Rand Paul are going to obstruct new spending in any way he can.


Because “we don’t have the money. ” It is as simple as that.


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