Morning in America

There was an encouraging economic report for October with 155,000 jobs created. After the last few dismal years, this is a positive sign.


This reporting period also just happened to have coincided with virtually all credible polls predicting that Republicans were going to make huge gains in the national elections.


So could voters and business owners have begun to feel the darkness of the last two years lifting, and light at the end of the political and economic tunnel?




In the 1984 campaign for re-election, Ronald Reagan’s supporters ran an ad about the resurgent American economy and spirit which declared that it was “Morning in America”. The ad, shot in warm, soft hues, showed the sun rising, the American flag fluttering in the breeze, people going to work in a small town etc. A calm voice explained that it was “morning in America.” It was highly effective and very positive. It made people feel good. After the recession of the early 1980s, it exuded optimism and reinforced in the electorate the idea that we were on the way to something better. Reagan won in a landslide.


That recession was nothing compared to our current one. But today we can start to see a few positive signs and blue skies after a major economic storm. It is Morning in America.


And it is Morning in America because the November 2 election assured us that we no longer need to be terrified about massive tax increases, punitive cap-and-trade energy legislation, amnesty for illegal aliens, radical White House operatives pulling the strings, the Fairness Doctrine, net neutrality and all the rest of the leftist extremism that we had feared under Obama and his Democrat majorities. Because we now have many more rational people in the United States Congress and in more and more state legislatures and governorships.


In a similar vein, five key election-day agenda items supported by radical leftist billionaire George Soros failed including marijuana legalization in California, showing that our nation indeed is on the road to recovery from the influence of socialist extremism.


We are not out of the woods yet by any means. Far from it. We still have Obama to deal with. And we now have Democrats Jerry Brown as governor of California and Andrew Cuomo in New York. Like classic Democrats, they will refuse to make financial reforms in their bankrupt states that would rein in their public-employee unions and their welfare mobs.


They will expect Obama to bail them out with federal dollars and Obama probably will. This is dangerous because this type of bailout is the easy substitute for the genuine reform needed and being implemented by bold leaders like Republican governor Christie in New Jersey


It is Morning in America because Obama himself finally is talking more like a pro-business president and about tax relief. More and more Democrats are signing on to the idea of maintaining the Bush-era tax rates. They are wisely citing the disastrous policy of raising business taxes steeply in 1930 that was one of the key causes of the great depression.


It is Morning in America because we now have in hand a certain electoral check on Obama which is not going to go away anytime soon. It is called a big Republican majority in the House of Representatives.


But the GOP must be faithful to the voters. If it is, Republicans will remain in power for many years to come and the Democrat dominance of 2008 to 2010 will be a footnote in history. With the Tea Parties breathing down their necks, Republicans are not going to go back to taxing and spending as they did between 1994 and 2006. Or they will be exposed and quickly dispatched.


Meanwhile the recent election strengthens conservatives in more long-term ways, like the takeover of 19 state legislative bodies and four key governorships from the Democrats at the crucial time of redistricting based on the 2010 census numbers.


Indeed it is Morning in America. Because the electoral outlook for the next 10 years is going to be decided largely by Republicans redrawing congressional districts in key states. In short, they are ascending to power just at the critical moment when they are needed for the biggest long-term impact.


We can look to 2012 with confidence. In Pennsylvania, which went for Obama in 2008, the Republicans have taken over the state’s House, they maintained control of the state Senate, now have a new Republican governor and saw five congressional seats go from Democrat to Republican. This bodes well for a Republican to take Pennsylvania’s vital electoral votes in the 2012 presidential contest.


In Ohio former Republican congressman John Kasich took the governorship away from a Democrat. He will campaign vigorously for a Republican presidential candidate in 2012 in this critical state which Obama visited 13 times in the recent election on behalf of the incumbent Democrat governor. Because Obama understands electoral math and that Ohio is key to the presidency. And Ohio does not look good for Democrats in 2012.


Morning in America.


Governor Christie’s tough reforms in New Jersey, along with those of Republican governor Mitch Daniels in Indiana are role models for state-by-state fiscal policy. Word is spreading about the wisdom of the financial restraint of these two superb leaders versus the spending orgies of Democrats as if that spending is utterly indispensable and irreversible.


It is not. And it is Morning in America because these ideas are disseminating quickly – even around Europe – as Christie makes them work through sheer force of personal will.


But there are still big problems – the housing crisis, our loss of manufacturing jobs, the lazy and dependent welfare state, the expectation that government programs can magically continue as usual.


All this must change with new policies scaling back job-killing taxes and regulations on business, more aggressive responses to the welfare state, and market solutions for housing. Because we cannot continue to operate as we did yesterday. We need to have a completely new paradigm under which ALL government programs are pruned back. There are no more sacred cows.  


Indeed it is a new day. The nightmare of Obama is over. It is up to the Republicans to act like the stern father who has seen the folly of his children’s bad habits. And if Americans accept this new realism, we will move forward into the future with many bright days ahead. But this only can happen over a long period if we hold tight to conservative principles which brought us Morning in America many times before.


Therefore we need to explain very rationally to all Americans that we simply do not have the money to sustain steady increases in any programs including Social Security and Medicare and that such programs must be frozen and/or cut.


Because we do not have the money.


In France, they threw a tantrum over the plan to raise the retirement age. But once it was passed, the crybabies went home and accepted reality.


The Democrats will seek to make hay out of any cuts or freezes in spending. They will get their thugs out in the streets. But eventually the truth will reign and the people will understand that the free lunch of socialism was never free. And to genuinely have a bright new Morning in America, we need to be serious about reform now. Because if the reforms are not made now – as they should have been ten years ago – they will be much, much harder to make later.


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