Mexico Gone Wild

Violent drug cartels are continuing to terrorize Mexico with the recent murders of dozens of people in Juarez, just across the border from Texas, and the execution of 15 people at a car wash in western Mexico. These incidents followed closely on the heels of two other attacks, one at a house party killing more than a dozen young people, and the other at a drug rehab clinic.


So what is happening? Has Mexico gone wild?


Yes. And these attacks are nothing but indiscriminate terrorism intended to instill fear in the people. And this all comes from the political left. Here is how:


In 2006, Felipe Calderon was elected Mexican president. He is considered “conservative” for Mexico and he won a very, very close election over a leftist Manuel Obrador, the mayor of Mexico City. After the 2006 election, there were public protests and civil unrest in Mexico because factions on the left – organized by labor unions, radicals in the universities, extremists in the government etc. – wanted to intimidate Mexican election officials into giving the race to Obrador. They charged vote fraud and irregularities in an attempt to sway the election.


These factions wanted Obrador to win so that the government could maintain control over much of the nation’s wealth as it has in Mexico for much of the last century. This is like Democrats seeking to control governments all over America so as to keep control of tax revenues and to spread the money among their cronies, with all the consequent corruption.


Things eventually calmed down after Calderon was certified the winner but only after a very testy period of uncertainty when violence always seemed possible.


One of the first things Calderon did was to launch large-scale assaults on the drug gangs that were growing in influence over the country. This set off the current violence. Had Obrador been elected, Mexico would be peaceful today because leftist governments often work hand-in-hand with drug cartels. Many of these governments are anti-American and corrupt and wish to funnel drugs into America to weaken us, and then to take a cut of the drug profits. It is a win-win for the left.


In our own country, consider who favors illegal drugs: It is largely the Democrat left that advocates for drug legalization in America. And consider that drugs were glorified by the left in the 1960s. And on and on. In short, illegal drugs go together with the philosophy of the political left, which is that Anything Goes.


Conservatives, on the other hand, see the evil in drugs and fight them.  And the cartels see conservatives as the enemy that is allied with police and the military. Thus Mexico today is suffering a insurgency with super-violent drug gangs acting like terrorists, now targeting not only police and the military, but innocent civilians just like a car bomber in Baghdad does.


Every day Mexico is looking more like Colombia did 20 years ago. The violence is escalating. And if Mexico follows the Colombian path, there is worse down the road.


In the 1980s and 1990s, Pablo Escobar was the most vicious drug kingpin in Colombia. He was extremely wealthy and he and his goons used car bombs, assassinations, threats, bribes, a military assault on the Colombian supreme court which killed many top officials, and every other tool to frighten the Colombian people and their government and to get and maintain power and money. The government eventually captured Escobar and then stupidly made a deal with him to try and mollify his forces; they put him up in a luxurious mountaintop retreat – instead of in a jail or executing him – where he continued to run his operations.


Escobar eventually escaped his “prison” and was killed in 1993 after a short and very effective war against him and his cartel. But this war was waged not by the Colombian government, military or law enforcement – officials of which had been targeted by Escobar factions for years – but by an anti-Escobar paramilitary group called Los Pepes that murdered dozens of Escobar associates and family members and threatened his wife and children.


In other words, the violence wound down as Escobar’s ruthless gangs were met by equally ruthless gangs on the other side. And since the paramilitary groups could not be identified the way government officials or police could, the cartel could not retaliate.


Today in Mexico the violence is continuing unabated. Almost 30,000 people have been killed in drug violence in the last 10 years. At least 115 police officers or investigators have been killed in Juarez alone this year. In another case, a whole city police force resigned rather than face continuing assassination from the cartels. The military is powerless against the guerilla tactics of the druggies.


This violence is spilling over into the United States and like a good leftist, Obama is conveniently ignoring it, standing down on the border and instead promoting amnesty for illegals. He filed suit against the state of Arizona over its crackdown on illegals and won, paying no heed to the violent murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz by what is strongly suspected to have been an illegal alien. Phoenix now has one of the highest kidnap rates of any city in the world, mostly among Mexicans involved in the drug trade.


Don’t expect Obama to do anything about the increasing violence from illegal aliens, however. Our prisons are full of vicious alien criminals from all over Mexico and Central and South America and Obama is doing nothing. Intentionally. Because the violence puts pressure on our peaceful American society which is what the left always wants to do.   


What is the answer to stem the violence in Mexico?


There are three possibilities:


*A huge nationwide military crackdown which would be criticized by the United Nations, Amnesty International, Democrats in America etc.;


*Colombian-style paramilitary forces fighting against the cartels; or


*Elect a leftist like Obrador in 2012, which is one of the rationales behind all the violence – to induce Mexicans into voting left to stop the violence. Because Obrador will offer to make peace with the cartels in exchange for which he and his leftist cronies will get untold wealth. And Mexicans will breathe a sigh of relief.


The violence in Mexico today was foreshadowed by the protests at the time of Obrador’s defeat. Because leftists are people of violence. And they work hand in hand with political radicals and drug cartels just as the Democrat party has worked closely with organized crime in the US for decades. And lefty lawyers have been siding with criminals and terrorists routinely.


Typically Democrats in the US Congress are now vehemently opposing a free-trade agreement between the US and Colombia. Why?


Because Colombia has a more conservative pro-American government today and the leftist drug cartels have been routed. This has greatly upset the American left which caterwauled that American operatives were part of the fight against Escobar.


Yet at the same time Democrats are doing everything they can to open up trade with communist Cuba.


Now watch what happens in Mexico. It will tell you much about the state of world politics today. Obrador will likely come back in 2012, with promises of sweetness and light. And darkness will follow.


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