GOP Bigs Whine When Glass is 90% Full

“We have to find the common ground that we know is possible,” said Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Democrat congresswoman of Florida and one of the most partisan people in the US Congress.


President Obama, the most partisan president ever, has called a summit meeting for November 18 to see how Democrats and Republicans can work together on legislation.


Yeah, right… Where was all that bipartisanship with the health-care bill?


To Wasserman-Schultz and Obama, good, honest Republicans (i.e., conservatives) should say flat-out: “No. We are not interested in ‘common ground’ or ‘working together’. We wish to stop the Obama agenda, and cut taxes and spending. The Obama agenda is failing. That is what the recent election was about. And we are beholden to the voters who understand that failure, not the politicians who want to work through it.”


Meanwhile, Republican Establishment leaders are caterwauling that the GOP did not pick up US Senate seats in Nevada, Colorado and Delaware and are blaming the Tea Parties for putting up candidates that were too conservative. This is like saying that the glass that is 90% full (the huge GOP win of 63 House seats and 6 US Senate seats on November 2, along with 19 legislative chambers in the states) is really 10% empty (three US Senate seats not picked up).


Because the GOP had a huge victory on November 2, yet Establishment Republicans can’t even see the light. They keep looking at those few US Senate seats and saying, “If only we’d won them all. Damn those Tea Parties.”


Yet where is the Establishment Republican anger at the Obama agenda?


Answer: There is little. Many agree with the Obama agenda. And those agreeing must go. Because the Democrats have pulled the nation way over to the left and standing in the middle is not going to fix anything. We must pull hard on the right to get our nation back. 


The new Republican Congress faces a “difficult balancing act”, said liberal radio host Michael Smerconish recently on MSNBC.


No, it is not difficult, sir. They must stop the Obama agenda before it stops America. And gridlock of new legislation can be assured by the GOP numbers in the House, which is a good thing.


Republicans must not make “a symbolic attempt to repeal health-care reform,” said Joan Walsh of the lefty Salon.com


Ms. Walsh, it is not symbolic. It can be done after the 2012 election with a Republican president and more congressional gains after redistricting. And that election is going to continue the conservative resurgence begun in the 2009 and 2010 elections both of which repudiated Obama strongly.


But the GOP Establishment remains skittish. Look at recent history. When conservative Douglas Hoffman came out of nowhere in the NY-23 congressional race in November 2009 and almost won, Republicans blamed Hoffman for the loss and not their Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava – a Republicrat really – who ended up dropping out of the race and then endorsing the Democrat Bill Owens!


No, no problem with Scozzy. She’s a good Establishment Republican who endorses Democrats. The GOP was mad at Hoffman.


But with the November 2 shift of 19 state legislative bodies and four northern governorships to the GOP at precisely the time of redistricting according to the 2010 census, the Democrats can only be utterly terrified of what is in store in the presidential election and House and Senate races in 2012.


Yet Republicrat US senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said recently: “If you think what happened in Delaware (the loss by Christine O’Donnell) is ‘a win’ for the Republican Party then we don’t have a snowball’s chance to win the White House… If you think Delaware was a wake-up call for Republicans then we have shot at doing well for a long time.”


Notice that Graham is not uttering anything positive about the GOP’s election success (the glass that is 90% full) including the GOP takeover from the Democrats of governorships in crucial electoral states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, a giant advantage for Republicans in the coming presidential election.


No, he is fixated on the loss in Delaware. This is selfish stupidity. But then again, conservatives are the only really smart people in all of politics.


To these Republican Establishment leaders we conservatives must ask: “What is YOUR record? How well did your Mr. Moderate John McCain do in 2008 in a presidential election he clearly could have won? According to your thesis, McCain was a shoo in.”


Answer: McCain was a ghost. He ran a lousy, unprincipled, limp campaign. He did not even want to be president. Just look at his foolish actions. The psychology is plain. That is how unprincipled people behave.


Where is the Establishment’s “moderate” hero Colin Powell who has never had the courage to enter the presidential arena despite the fact that his blackness would have paved his road with political gold? The Colin Powell who voted for Obama in 2008?


Answer: Powell is probably relaxing in Florida and cursing the Tea Parties from his beach chaise.  


How about McCain saying in the second 2008 debate with Obama that he would have the government buy up hundreds of billions in bad mortgage loans?


That went up like a lead balloon. Crickets chirping when McCain expected coast-to-coast cheers from the liberals in both parties. He lost more conservatives with that comment.


What about “moderate” George HW Bush breaking his promise not to raise taxes and kicking the 1992 election to Clinton?


Aw heck, you can’t win ‘em all. In fact, Bush was tired of Washington after 12 years and booted that election by seeming patently uninterested in a second term. That is a classic moderate unwilling to fight for principle. 


Yet we have had two two-term Republican presidents in the last 30 years, Ronald Reagan and George W Bush, both of whom were despised by the media, Democrats and even some Republicans – including McCain – as far too conservative.


Meanwhile as Establishment Republicans flagellate themselves over a few seats that they perceived were lost by the Tea Parties, there is no guarantee that their candidates like Sue Lowden in Nevada and Mike Castle in Delaware would have won anyway. Tea Party favorite and political neophyte Sharron Angle had Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid so frightened by election day that dozens of high-level Democrat operatives hurried to Nevada at the last minute to save Reid.


And then look what is going on on the Democrat side. There is terror as there should be. But Establishment Republicans are ignoring it while actually buying into Obama’s mask of nonchalance, which is intended to cover for panic at the White House and among Democrats and the media nationwide.  


Establishment Republicans are like people who are fixated on a sore thumb while their adversaries are bleeding from open wounds. This is a liberal trait, to be obsessed with perfection when you have come very close to it anyway.


Where would rational people rather be today – on the Republican side with political momentum favoring them in every way, or on the Democrat side which is crumbling before our eyes?


It depends on what you think is rational. And in fact the voters sent a straightforward and rational message to Washington on November 2. Some people get it. Others do not.


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