Election Reflections

Tuesday’s resounding Republican election victory was very revealing about many issues:


*This is Phase II. After Obama’s presidential victory, the November 2009 off-year election showed big trouble on the horizon for the Democrats with Republican governors winning in Virginia and New Jersey and an unknown conservative named Douglas Hoffman almost winning a congressional seat in New York state. The election in January 2010 of Republican US senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts showed more trouble brewing. These elections were Phase I of the Republican comeback. The November 2 election was Phase II, and 2012 will be Phase III. You can’t get everything you want immediately. In 2012, the Democrats will have 21 US Senate seats up for grabs, versus only 12 for the GOP, as well as Obama. Ouch!


*House of Representatives turns right. This is the big story which you can read about everywhere. Pelosi is gone, the witch is dead. Republicans have picked up 60 seats and not all the races are in. This is a bloodbath rarely seen in American politics. Tom Periello lost in Virginia after Obama personally campaigned for him. Steven Kagen, an outspoken lefty lost in Wisconsin by 10 points. There are many, many other good stories out there about Democrats going down like Scott Murphy losing to Republican military veteran Chris Gibson in upstate New York after many vicious ads were launched against Gibson. Kinda makes a tingle run up your leg!


*The polls were often wrong. After several years in which the polls often seemed magically accurate, the pre-November 2 polls generally gauged the mood of the nation but they misread many individual races. The US Senate race in Nevada was said to be touch-and-go, but Harry Reid won by 5 points. Democrat Joe Manchin won the West Virginia US Senate race handily by 10 points when it was polled as very close for a long time. Jerry Brown won the California governor’s race by 12 points, a much larger victory than expected.


*Obama’s old Senate seat goes Republican. The victory by Illinois Republican Mark Kirk is a huge repudiation of Obama, who campaigned personally for Democrat Alexi Giannoulias for his former seat. Giannoulias’ family bank had failed and was said to have had mob ties. Even the people of Illinois finally decided that they had had enough, which is amazing. Ancient Media will ignore significance of this story.


*Conservative Democrats took the Republican punch too. Southern conservative Democrats like Bobby Bright, Gene Taylor and Jim Marshall all went down to defeat. This shows that having a D after your name was a kiss of death for many, many politicians even if they called themselves “conservative”.


*Three Iowa supreme court justices lost their seats in a vote fueled by their 2009 decision that allowed same-sex couples to marry. Chief justice Marsha Ternus and justices David Baker and Michael Streit were removed. This outcome is expected to reverberate around the nation but don’t expect the Ancient Media to report it.


*Tea Parties rise in House. Tea Party-backed candidates won by big margins in many House races. This will dispel the idea disseminated by the media that the Tea Parties are a passing fad. And since the House of Representatives is considered The People’s House, this election is truly a bellwether for the national mood.


*Tea Parties, conservatives rise in Senate. Tea Party candidates won US Senate seats in Kentucky, Florida, Utah, and even in liberal Wisconsin where Ron Johnson handily beat 3-term incumbent Russ Feingold by 5 points. Other Tea Party candidates did not fare well, however, most noticeably Christine O’Donnell of Delaware who lost by 16 points. Tea Partier and political newcomer Sharron Angle of Nevada lost to US Senate majority leader Harry Reid but only after many high-level Democrats flocked to Nevada and were helped by the unions. For a movement that is less than two years old, the Tea Parties are a major force in American politics. In North Dakota, Republican John Hoeven won his US Senate race with 76% of the vote(!) He is the former governor.


*Republicans retake Rust Belt governorships. GOP candidates took away Democrat governorships in Wisconsin, Michigan (by 18 points), Ohio and Pennsylvania. This will be critical in redistricting per the 2010 census and in the 2012 presidential election where these states will be crucial to the next president because they have lots of electoral votes. Former congressman John Kasich won the governorship of Ohio where Obama visited 13 times to campaign for defeated Democrat incumbent governor Ted Strickland.


*Jan Brewer re-elected governor of Arizona. Republican Brewer won easily 55-42. This race was ignored by the American media so that Brewer’s win would not be seen as a national story. Brewer is the governor who stood up to illegal aliens. She is now stronger than ever.


*California goes rogue. Democrat Jerry Brown easily won the governorship over Meg Whitman, while incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer easily kept her US Senate seat over Carly Fiorina. Brown’s win means that California will make no financial reforms and that Obama may seek to bail out the state and its featherbedding public-employee unions with federal money. California defeated marijuana legalization, however, showing that not everyone there is stoned.


*Democrat Andrew Cuomo wins New York governorship easily. This also probably means that Obama will seek to bail out New York state with federal tax dollars. Cuomo talked about reform, but he is just another Democrat who will do nothing to fix the state’s problems except wait for Obama.


*Loudmouth loses. Democrat Alan Grayson, the Florida congressman who said that the Republican health-care plan is for you to “die quickly”, and who made other bombastic statements, lost his seat by 22 points! In another Florida race that was vicious, Democrat incumbent Ron Klein lost to conservative Army Lt. Col. Allen West, who is black. Klein and his acolytes ran a dirty smear campaign, even publicizing West’s Social Security number.


*State legislatures flip.  This is huge and hardly being reported. 19 state legislatures are reported to have switched from Democrat control to Republican control. These are the lawmakers who are going to redistrict their states for the next presidential election.


Florida turns right: Conservative Marco Rubio won his Florida US Senate seat easily, along with many GOP pickups in the House. Rubio is already a superstar hispanic conservative. Republican Rick Scott has won the governorship.


*Governors go right. The Republican party picked up many important governorships including a big win in Iowa for former Republican governor Terry Branstad, who won easily over incumbent Democrat Chet Culver.  In New Mexico, Susana Martinez, a conservative hispanic won her election handily by 8 points. And who says hispanics are all liberals? Martinez and Rubio will start a new day for hispanics in American politics. As of now, even the Illinois governor’s race is deadlocked, showing that the old Obama magic is gone.  Watch for fraud! After all, this is Illinois. In Kansas, former  US senator Sam Brownback won the governor’s mansion 63-32. In South Carolina, Palin favorite Nikki Haley won the governorship after a smear campaign by liberals about a sexual affair that never was proven.


*Pelosi’s strong leadership leads to her demise. By forcing Democrats to toe the line and pass legislation that the people did not want, House speaker Nancy Pelosi put many, many Democrats out of a job, including herself.


*Democrat dinosaurs die. Long-serving Democrats like John Spratt of South Carolina, Ike Skelton of Missouri, James Oberstar of Minnesota and Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania went down to defeat.


*Barney Frank lives. Despite some worries toward election day, ultra-liberal Democrat Barney Frank of Massachusetts held onto his congressional seat handily. No Democrat US House seats in Massachusetts fell to the GOP in this whirlwind year elsewhere. In Massachusetts, Democrat governor Deval Patrick won re-election easily over Charlie Baker, showing that the Bay State is still deep blue.


*”That hurts”. Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC winced and said “That hurts” revealing many media mavens’ true feelings when she talked about Democrat losses. Isn’t she supposed to be a bipartisan journalist? Hah. By the way, MSNBC had washed-up British rock musician Elvis Costello as a morning-after commentator. That speaks volumes. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC said “I don’t understand how these Democrats don’t understand that they are being pushed off the end of the plank” in voting in lockstep for Pelosi’s agenda. Oh, really? We do, Joe. We’ve been talking about it for 21 months. Where have you been Joe? Gotta love that MSNBC.


*A new/old type of Democrat: West Virginia governor Joe Manchin was elected to the US Senate on a conservative record. His last campaign ads showed him shooting a rifle at a target that said Cap and Trade, showing that he opposes Obama’s energy agenda and likes guns. Manchin was endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association. Is there a new era of conservative Democrats on the horizon, kind of like the good old days? Only time will tell.


*Obama heading off. Now that his electoral drubbing is over, Obama is heading off to India on a massively expensive trip that is expected to cost taxpayers $200 million per day. Does this guy just not get it? Was he watching the election? Or is he just nuts? Meanwhile Hillary spent election day halfway around the world.


*New Hampshire in flux. New Hampshire has been trending Democrat in the last 10 years. It re-elected its Democrat governor 52-45 but elected a Republican US Senator Kelly Ayotte (endorsed by Palin) by 60-37(!) to replace GOPer Judd Gregg. New Hampshire also chose two GOP congressmen – one a former congressman – taking away two Democrat seats.


*Pennsylvania turns right. Pennsylvania voters elected conservative Pat Toomey to the US Senate seat formerly held by Republican-turncoat-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter. Pennsylvania voters also elected Republican Tom Corbett governor by a whopping 10 points, a pickup from the Democrats. Commentator James Carville once described Pennsylvania as “Pittsburgh in the west, Philadelphia in the east and Alabama in between.” Pennsylvania lost several Democrat House seats. One GOP winner was Lou Barletta, the mayor of Hazelton, who stood up to illegal immigrants and who defeated Democrat Dinosaur Kanjorski.


*Kitty causes a snitty. Kitty Dukakis, the wife of 1988 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, visited several Massachusetts polling places and talked to voters too close to the buildings, leading Republicans to complain. Sounds like Michelle Obama talking up her husband inside a polling place. But, my Lord, they’re Democrats. They’re entitled. Aren’t they?


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