Another Perfect Electoral Storm

There have been some memorable elections in the last 30 years that marked major turning points in American politics. Ronald Reagan’s ascendancy to the White House in 1980; the Republicans taking the majority in the House of Representatives in 1994 for the first time in 40 years; and the 2008 election of Barack Obama and large Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.


Each of these “wave elections” was a Perfect  Storm in which various political conditions converged along with a sense among the electorate that major change was needed. But the true measure of a “wave” is how long it lasts. And the expected Republican resurgence in this election will dissipate the Obama/Democrat “wave” early in its life.


The Democrats took back the House in 2006 but they still had George Bush as president so the left was relatively powerless. Then when Obama came in in 2008 with his congressional majorities, he brought us a true taste of what socialist rule can mean. And the voters do not seem to like it one bit. Our nation is a shambles.


So on November 2 we expect a Perfect Storm of events converging – dissatisfaction with Obama, the recession, the health-care bill, the border etc. And the change should begin to swing the pendulum back toward what we consider to be “normal” in America which is toward the center-right side of the political spectrum with politicians in Washington who are willing to stand up to the brute force of the radical Democrats who occupy the White House.


When Jimmy Carter was elected president in 1976, he pretty much came out of nowhere. Americans did not really know him as the former governor of Georgia. But they were dissatisfied with Nixon and Washington and Watergate. So they took a chance on an unknown quantity, just as voters took a chance on Obama in 2008.


The voters were promised hope and change by both Obama and Carter, but there were few specifics to signify what was in store. In 2008 the media ran strongly against Bush and covered up for Obama’s radical past associations and his mediocre record, and never demanded that Obama explain the fact that he took both sides of many crucial issues like the 2nd Amendment, coal-fired power plants, or tax rate reductions.


Today we have a clear picture of where Obama really stands. He wants extreme environmental regulation through cap and trade, citizenship for illegal immigrants, homosexuals openly serving in the military,  and a behemoth health-care bill that was rammed through despite wide public disapproval.


When Nancy Pelosi said we would find out what is in the bill after we pass it, Americans decided that enough is enough with this crazy talk from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. And this election indeed is a referendum not just on individual congresspeople and senators who support this president, but on Obama himself.


He has bowed to foreign leaders, criticized America before audiences overseas and said that the US can absorb another terrorist attack, none of which has sat well with the voters. Meanwhile the Obama Justice Department has declined to prosecute blatant election law violations on the grounds that they were committed by blacks. This has angered white voters, even though the media have sought to tamp down the issue.


Then there is Obama’s media overexposure, including his recent demeaning appearance on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. This is part of Obama’s Dictator Approach, that repetitive media appearances will cement his message. The opposite has happened. The public is tired of this guy and many of the congresspeople slavishly carrying his water.


This overexposure is being perceived as part of his overall bungling of the prestige of the Oval Office which included his wife’s glitzy trip to Spain and the flyover of New York City by Air Force One for a photo op, which scared the heck out of Manhattanites.  


Then there’s the recession, the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Obama and his congressional allies have added trillions to our national debt with little to show for it. They have repeatedly favored his friends in labor unions in financial dealings. He has routinely accused wealth-creating corporations of malfeasance and coerced BP into making a $20 billion fund for the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico, putting his presidential “boot” on BP’s “throat”.


Nice thought…


And in the housing collapse, Obama ally and former re-election shoo-in Democrat congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts has been caught on tape repeatedly lying about the condition of Fannie Mae. This type of obfuscation is causing a backlash in general against congressional Democrats for their unswerving devotion to all these government frankensteins.


So Obama’s Perfect Storm of 2008 which built on dissatisfaction with Bush and the GOP looks like it soon might be downgraded to a spring shower unlike the Reagan Revolution which powered the 1980s, the 1990s and up to the present day. In another case in New York City, Rudy Giuliani was elected in the only “wave” ever to hit the place. In 1993, Giuliani was chosen as the first Republican mayor in decades and instituted seismic reforms that still are in place today. He is known as the Father of Modern-day New York and the tough guy who literally saved the city from itself.


Obama, on the other hand, is falling fast. His charm has worn off. America is cranky and angry. And with real unemployment over 17% and millions losing heart, his glow has faded. But that was to be expected because the glow was fabricated by media hounds ecstatic over the idea of a black president from the far left. But even the idea of Obama’s blackness is fake – he is mulatto; his mother was white. And so the premise of the Obama presidency was phony to start.


 This election is a referendum on the Obama agenda and the Congress’ complicity with it, which is huge. And with predictions of more than 50 House seats and as many as 11 US Senate seats going to the GOP, Obama will be severely weakened by this vote.


More significantly is that his agenda will be severely jeopardized by public repudiation, which  is a good thing because it is a bad agenda supported by many far-left members of Congress. On the other hand, Ronald Reagan’s agenda of peace through strength, the defeat of Soviet communism, the restoration of American pride and the resurgence of the American economy are all long-term accomplishments that even Democrats recognize as significant. And they occurred because Reagan moved toward American values, capitalism and exceptionalism, not away from them as Obama and his congressional cronies have done.


Indeed this election will tell us what Americans really think. It is the second step toward ending the Obama “wave”. Already in 2009 several key Republicans were elected in response to Obama, including US senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Many more waves will soon break all over America and set our nation on the road to recovery from Democrat party demagoguery and failure.


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