Halloween Celebrates The Left's Dark Side

It’s Halloween again, and time to think about what this ‘holiday’ means.


Halloween has been attributed to ancient harvest festivals, to summer’s end, to Autumn feasts, or to the one day of the year when the transit between our world and the afterworld is easiest.


But let’s forget about the past and look at Halloween in America today. It has increasingly become an adult celebration of paganism, foolishness and decadence. One recent TV ad shows adults trick-or-treating. And that is no coincidence even though it is supposed to be funny.


Halloween has been called Gay Christmas because it is a special day for homosexuals, including a huge parade in New York City with many homosexual themes and participants.


Whatever its status, one thing is for certain – the political left is using Halloween for its own dark ends, just as it exploits any holiday, law or institution for its own political gain.




Consider that Halloween today is not the harmless children’s entertainment that it once was, but is a growing adult phenomenon. Stores sprout up every year around this time featuring thousands of masks, costumes and lawn decorations including increasingly elaborate and expensive blow-up exhibits of ghosts, goblins and ghouls. These stores are increasingly patronized by adults.


Meanwhile, more and more adults are decorating their yards even when they do not have children in the home. And more and more adults are dressing up for Halloween parties and making a big deal out of this ‘holiday’.


So what? the casual observer may ask. What’s the harm? It’s just a little fun.


And that is precisely the question that those on the left want you to ask you: So what? What is the harm? After all, it’s just fun.


Yeah, right. Just fun. That is what those on the left always say about any permissiveness and license. But it is much more. And much more serious.


Durable societies are built by people with a strong sense of self identity and self-restraint. But our wealthy and increasingly media-dominated culture has eliminated many  of our day-to-day cares about economic survival, and thus more and more people are living vicariously through ‘anything-goes’ celebrities and sports stars and reality TV and inane popular culture, reflecting a troubling trend.  People are giving up their personal identity and sovereignty and going outside themselves to find joy and contentment rather than finding genuine peace within.


This accelerates on Halloween, when adults dress up like children and take on a child-like persona, as if to say, “Look at me! I am letting loose and dressing up! I am such an interesting and creative person! Look at me!” When in fact people are most interesting when they are being good by being themselves.


But for millions in today’s media culture, that is not possible. Because they have so much competition from Follywood and rock stars and sports stars and the media. So they go the easy route, becoming something else around Halloween to strut their individuality.


This is part of temptation, or the tendency of people who are supposed to have common sense being tempted into a life that is a fantasy where anything is permissible. And once they give in to this impulse, they will give in again and again and again. They will become less mature and more nihilistic and immature and self-centered, and be drawn into ways of living that are anathema to a lasting culture.


Think about the symbols of Halloween – death, evil, the occult, magic, monsters, ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, spiders, bats, black cats and skeletons. What is it about this darkness that so attracts so many people, particularly now that we should be concerned about the real darkness of economic decay?


Those on the left say that it is just an escape, for people to allow themselves a little fun. Fun on The Dark Side, that is.  But there is no fun on The Dark Side. It is dark.


Yet when we conservatives tell people to enter into a world of light, of liberty, of scholarship, of great thoughts, of uplifting Christian spirituality, the left just laughs. Who could believe that God stuff!? they wonder aloud. Who cares about the Constitution?


In fact Halloween today is anathema to our Christian founding. This is why the left continues to elevate this pagan celebration while Christmas and Easter are marginalized and genuine Christian faith continues to disappear from our churches in favor of a leftist social agenda like environmentalism and the false paradigm of ‘social justice’. As our nation continues to suffer. Because there is nothing there in Halloween. It is an empty exercise.


Indeed Halloween fits the leftist template of The Dark Side. Everything is dark in liberalism –  abortion, defense of criminals, corrupt political machines, corrupt unions, sexual deviancy, sloth, greed, government dependency, euthanasia for the elderly, Follywood violence. And on and on. And this all fits in with the legitimization of The Dark Side on Halloween, while the mere utterance of the word “Christmas” these days is considered a gaffe.


Our nation was founded on the principle of rationality, that we each face up to who we are and what is best for society as a whole and that we face the facts as they are. The left, on the other hand, despises our Christian culture and our liberty, which requires eternal vigilance and not an ounce of foolishness.


The adult embrace of Halloween is yet another manifestation of leftist nihilism and frivolity. Because progressivism wants you to forget about responsibility for your own life and to surrender yourself to your government. Halloween fits that bill.




By the way, since Halloween is religious paganism, can we stop public schools from offering any recognition under “separation of church and state”?


Have to look into that…


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