Blame Schwarzenegger if Whitman Loses

Recent polls show Republican Meg Whitman and Democrat Jerry Brown fairly closely matched in the California governor’s race. Polls can shift, particularly near election day, and we still should feel confident that Californians will come to their senses and vote for Whitman and the crucial reform that she will bring to the state.


But if Brown wins, this will be a huge setback for California and for America. Brown is a leftist 1960s radical who was California governor once before in the 1970s, who was known as ‘Governor Moonbeam’ for his weird ideas and lifestyle. Brown has actually visited Castro in Cuba. And California is looking more like Cuba every day, with a rich Democrat elite in Follywood and San Francisco and elsewhere, while the rest of the state loses the middle class and gets poorer and poorer.


This is classic socialism – a wealthy elite and the rest poor.


Whitman is the only hope for reforming the overwhelmingly Democrat state. As former CEO of eBay, which she turned into a national economic powerhouse, she can do for California what Republican Chris Christie has done for largely Democrat New Jersey and what Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani did for overwhelmingly liberal New York City – reform them quickly by acting with decisiveness and conviction. Because even places like Jersey, New York and California, with entrenched Democrat power, can be reformed from the top.


And if Republican Whitman loses, you can blame it on one person and one ideology – current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his moderate, wimpy Republicanism.


Because Whitman probably only would lose by a small margin, and that margin is made up of that group of people who look at Schwarzenegger and say: “We know California has big problems caused by the Democrats. But we have had a Republican governor (Schwarzenegger) since 2003 and things have gotten worse. “


And they would be right. But they would be wrong too. Because things indeed are worse than ever. But Schwarzenegger is no real Republican. He is a Follywood Republican. In other words, he is a liberal acting like a tough-guy Republican and giving Republicanism a bad name.


Shwarzy made one effort to confront the state’s fiscal crisis with four Arnold-sponsored ballot referenda in  a special election he called in November 2005. They sought to reduce the power of the state public-employee unions which are gutting California with unsustainable wage, benefit and pension demands. But those referenda all failed. And that was it. Schwarzenegger gave up. He did not have the stomach to take on the unions directly and openly. Because he did not want to become controversial.


The reason? He wanted to be a celebrity governor, not a tough leader making tough decisions. He thought the California governorship would be a place for him to expand his status. And when he was first elected, he certainly appeared bigger than life.


Yet in the final analysis, his reputation has been harmed by his stint in Sacramento. The people of California do not much like him any longer.


This just goes to show that ‘moderate’ Republicans often cannot only not govern effectively, but they hurt the chances for the Republican/conservative agenda to advance, and cede power to the Democrats as we conservatives have said they always do.


Rush Limbaugh has said many times that conservative ideas expressed clearly always win elections, even in liberal places. That is how Rudy Giuliani tamed New York. And in New Jersey, Chris Christie quickly pacified the corrupt state by direct confrontation with the public-employee unions, and continues to do so. And that is how Ronald Reagan became one of our greatest presidents – by confronting the Soviets directly, and sticking to conservative principles to reform the economy. One of Reagan’s first acts was to fire 15,000 federal air traffic controllers who went on an illegal strike.


Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, never had a real conservative core. He came out of Follywood and thus had a built-in liberal bias certainly exacerbated by his marriage to Kennedy-family member Maria Shriver.


It also is important to remember that Democrats like Jerry Brown win elections only with the unswerving support of millions of handout poor, particularly blacks, who vote Democrat every election in direct exchange for government cash.


This can only lead to a weak society and economy that caters to the least capable among us. And the strong Democrat hold on California is weakening that state day by day, driving productive people away. Whitman can halt that exodus, if given the chance.


But the more that productive people are driven away, the more Democrats have the opportunity to dominate a weaker and poorer populace. In Massachusetts, once one of the wealthiest places on earth, skilled and educated people have been leaving the state for years as a result of Democrat control of the state and its accompanying corruption, high taxes, cronyism, excessive regulation and subsequent job losses. Meanwhile the poor remain in place while illegal immigrants, with no skills or education, continue to flood in. This tips the state in favor of weak, dependent people, while the strong are driven out, giving the Democrats more power.


Republican reformer Charlie Baker is seeking the Massachusetts governorship on November 2. He can win, but Baker is very socially liberal, has picked a homosexual running mate, and could lose the election because social conservatives will not support him, another example of Republican moderation losing elections.


Eventually there may be enough ‘poor’ votes to keep the Massachusetts Democrats in power forever; there will not be enough self-sufficient people to vote in reform. This is happening in California – the ‘poor’ may elect Jerry Brown, those ‘poor’ who are not bothered by his trip to Cuba. Meanwhile the productive people see ‘Republican’ ideas as failed, even though they never were really applied by Schwarzenegger.


This is why the Republican party must move right and elect people of principle. We are up against hardball leftists who will use any tactic to rule and to fool the people. Only principled conservatives have the spine to fight back.


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