Bye-Bye Dinosaurs

There’s an old saying that’s been around for almost two years: That Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are the best thing that ever happened to the conservative movement.


And surveying the political landscape for the November election, it looks like anger at Obama’s policies is finally going to drive even many of the ancient Democrat Dinosaurs off a political cliff where they will die like they should have died decades ago before they drove the nation into debt and destruction.


Long-serving House Dinosaurs John Dingell of Michigan (serving since 1955) and Ike Skelton of Missouri (serving since 1977) are in tough re-election races this year, which hasn’t happened ever before, perhaps since the Flintstones first came on TV thousands of years ago.


Dinosaur Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania (elected in 1984) is likely to lose his seat to Republican Lou Barletta, the mayor of Hazleton, Pa., who had the audacity to stand up to illegal aliens.


Meanwhile the ‘guaranteed Democrat’ US Senate seat of Dead Dinosaur Robert Byrd of West Virginia (elected in 1958, expired in 2010) now looks like it could go to a Republican. After the Massachusetts seat of Dead Dinosaur Ted Kennedy (elected in 1962, died 2009) went to Republican Scott Brown.


And of course there’s Dinosaur US senator Harry Reid of Nevada, looking for all the world like Granpa Jones, peering over his glasses in contempt at us pesky little voters.


What is sending these Dinosaurs to their political graves?


How about common sense. And a good look at our leaders.


Americans are now observing closely these 20th-century fossils and are seeing the Soviet politburo. These decrepit old fools are presiding over a corrupt, debt-ridden nation and finally Americans are realizing how we got to where we are today. And that came about because we slid incrementally – under the Dinosaurs’ watch and direction – into an economic and cultural abyss such that many people did not even notice what was happening. Except for us conservatives, who were warning all the way, every day.


Look at the welfare state. Decades ago, single motherhood was frowned upon. Girls who got pregnant were shamed, and often they did something really radical – they got married to the father of their child!


Wow, where did that wild idea come from? Must be those evil conservatives!


But today, the more children a single mother has, the more welfare the Dinosaurs want to give her. There is not one single peep about “the father”. No, siree. He’s gone. After all, the taxpayers are going to make sure that the mother and her child(ren) have every little thing.


This comes after decades of Dinosaur Media assaults against marriage, against the family, and against strong men as the heads of families and as the protectors of women and children. It is an established fact that not only are single mothers much more likely to be poor than married women, but that they are more likely to be victims of crime.


But the Dinosaurs don’t care about those ugly little facts. Because according to the Dinosaur Manifesto, America is a really rich nation that can afford to raise all its bastard children even when daddy has split and gone somewhere else. Where he’s impregnating another female.


Of course the most rampant illegitimacy is among blacks, the core constituency of the Dinosaur Left including Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters and Barack Hussein Obama. And years of Dinosaur enabling has led to a virtual landslide of illegitimacy that Tea Partiers and other working Americans have been subsidizing.


But not for much longer. The Dinosaurs tried to tell us that we all needed to pony up. But they never told us that the gravy train never ends for the people on the other end who vote Democrat Dinosaur in every election.


No the Dinosaurs are about to fall and Americans are going to demand fiscal sanity and accountability. The Age of Handouts is going to fall along with the Age of the Dinosaur.


At the Virginia Tea Party convention recently, the #1 choice for president was Republican Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey. He has only been in office since January, yet he has solved that state’s “unsolvable” economic crisis by cracking the whip and rejecting the Dinosaur baloney that we must tax, tax, tax and spend and spend and spend. It is interesting that Christie has come out of nowhere. But actually, it is revealing. Because Tea Partiers have seen in Christie what you really can do very quickly when you slay the Dinosaur. And Christie did it. In just six months.


They had said for decades that New Jersey is a predominantly Dinosaur Democrat state to the very end, and that you must raise taxes and spend into oblivion in order to keep all the Dinosaur constituent groups happy – the bureaucrats, the Mafia, the unions, the handout poor.


But now that we understand how Dinosaurs really work, with their cancerous bodies, their pea-sized minds, their bottomless fiscal appetites, and their million-year-old ideas, we are going to shoot them dead at the ballot box and free our nation for a brighter future.


And in just a few years, with good leadership, the public-employee unions and the bureaucrats will have lower salaries, and they can show us once again that THEY work for US, not the other way around the way the Dinosaurs have framed the debate. And the freeloader poor will be required to work for their dole, which should be cut 25%.


Dinosaurs either stomp on or eat everything they see. And for the last 50 years, these Democrats have been stepping on the American people, or consuming them and spitting out the bones. They have threatened, cajoled and harassed us. They have sent their caveman government goons after us and made our lives miserable with red tape, regulations and endless taxes. Enviro Dinosaurs told us every lie to try and tame us, including the whopper about ‘global warming’.


But ‘We the People’ are no longer afraid. Because this recession finally has exposed what these fossilized reptiles have done to steal us blind. Fortunately for them, we will treat them infinitely better than they have treated us. Because we are good people and they are not.


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