Behar/Whoopi Walkout Exposed

On a recent episode of the feminist gabfest TV show The View, Bill O’Reilly was the guest. And O’Reilly had the audacity to say that the 9/11 hijackers were Muslims.


Commandantes Joy Behar and Whoopi Golberg were so incensed that O’Reilly actually spoke the truth about the religion of the hijackers that they stormed off the set. And to her credit, supreme commissar Barbara Walters condemned the Behar/Whoopi junta’s walkout.


The junta returned to the set after O’Reilly apologized that he did not mean that ALL Muslims were terrorists. Because that obviously is what the junta wanted View viewers to think about O’Reilly. Because anyone who mentions the actual stated religion of the 9/11 terrorists is certainly a bigoted nazi intolerant hateful racist Musliphobe who watches Fox News, according to the New Islamophiles on the political left.


O’Reilly’s apology certainly spared Fox News yet another massive round of denunciation. It will now be just a big, giant round of denunciation like when you go before the police in North Korea and “denounce” your neighbor who is never seen again. Unfortunately for the Behar/Whoopi junta, they cannot send O’Reilly away. In fact, he’s on TV tonight…


So when was the last time you saw commandantes Behar/Whoopi or any other junta members storming off the set when, say, Bush was being called Hitler? Or Bill Maher was trashing every Christian in America by calling religious people “stupid”?


Answer: Never.




Because Bush and Christianity are considered fair game no matter the viciousness of the attacks, while Islam is the new sacred cow of the American left. And any slight of Islam – even a perceived or misinterpreted slight – is considered punishable by a thousand knife-wielding virgins.  At the same time, however, Behar/Whoopi is guilty of infinitely more malice than  O’Reilly by backhandedly insisting that Muslims never be named for terrorism, which is their ultimate goal. They are in fact the ones going to the extreme. And their extremist walkout exposed them.


By the way, the Cambridge, Massachusetts public schools now have a Muslim holiday on their calendar.


The actions of the Behar/Whoopi junta show why our nation is in such terrible shape. Because A) we cannot tell the truth without someone on the left becoming indignant; and B) we cannot even have an open debate without liberals calling names or stomping off. And the reason there can be no open debate is because conservatives always win.


Because O’Reilly was absolutely correct – the hijackers were Muslims. Period. And hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world do officially want to bring down the West and cheered 9/11. And those Americans who cannot deal with that fact should educate themselves about terrorism.


Meanwhile environmentalist commandante Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once said that those of us who deny that ‘global warming’ exists are guilty of “treason”. Little Bobby went on another tear recently when he called Tea Partiers “crackpots”. This is more extremist language.


So in Kennedy’s view Al Gore is a perfectly rational person for conjuring up this convoluted phantasmagorial, unproven and unprovable, and easily-debunked fiction about a planet-wide “heating emergency” which goes so far as to consider a natural compound like carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant. But to Mini RFK those of us who see right before our very eyes our tax bills rising exorbitantly to pay for welfare handouts and deadbeat home-ownership are just plain nuts.


When you give these leftists a platform, it gets dangerous. They want no debate but only the power of the pulpit to spread their demagoguery.


It is unlikely that Kennedy will appear on Fox News to openly debate his charge about the Tea Partiers or to defend ‘global warming’. Because he is a coward like all the Kennedys who hide behind their veneer of invincibility. He does not even expect to be challenged because ‘the media’ to Kennedy are people like commandantes Behar/Whoopi who all agree with the Kennedy family line, the first tenet of which is that the Kennedys are always right.


President Obama joined the Bluster Brigade recently, telling a town hall meeting of young voters that  “Historically, when you look at how America has evolved, typically we make progress on race relations in fits and starts… Often times misunderstandings and antagonisms surface most strongly when times are tough. And that’s not surprising”, adding that anxiety over not being able to pay bills – or having lost a job or a home – sometimes “organizes itself around kind of a tribal attitude, and issues of race become more prominent.”


First, this is more of Obama’s silver-tongued baloney intended to bedazzle us. Second, the smart people among us saw through Obama years ago. Third, this is Obama playing the race card again. And again. And again. And fourth, for those who missed his real point,  this is simply another invective hurled at caucasians because in America “issues of race” is always meant to be interpreted as ‘white racism against black people’.


Never does Obama address the monumental crime and murder statistics of blacks against whites and call that “tribal” or “misunderstandings and antagonisms”. No, just as Behar/Whoopi were protesting any rational American who mentions the truth about Islamic terrorism, Obama skirts the 800 lb. racial gorilla in the room.


Of course when Michelle Obama went politicking in a Chicago polling place standing up for her husband’s agenda after she voted, she broke an actual Illinois law. But to Democrats, no law – and no political position – cannot be bent for their advantage.


And when Barack Obama was running for president, the same Behar/Whoopi junta said that his radical friends like Wright and Ayers were no problem, nor was his communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis. Nor his lack of political experience. Nor his dealings with Rezko. Nor…  


No, no need to walk out on that.


We conservatives know that we are right and will engage in any debate that is fair and open. Liberals, on the other hand, use code language, deception, illegality and intimidation tactics to make their case. This cannot stand. They need to stay in the debate and answer the questions without walking out in a huff.


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