Question Authority

There were bumper stickers that originated in the 1960s that commanded us to ‘Question Authority’ when ‘authority’ was considered to be big business, the military, God, white men, Western culture and the like.


Today it is conservatives who are demanding that we “question authority”. The ‘authority’ of Big Government, that is. Or Big Media. Or Big Universities. Or Big Environmentalism.


Just consider the nonsense of ‘global warming’ (GW) which Al Gore thrust on us for several years until we all started to look closely at what he was saying. Today few people believe in GW because the truth has leaked out that for every piece of evidence that Gore gave us to prove his theory – and remember that GW is just a theory – that any rational person can find evidence to the contrary. That for every disappearing glacier, we can find one that is expanding. That for every record high temperature, we can find a record low.


Indeed we conservatives questioned the media authority and the environmentalist authority that put the GW hoax on us. And we are winning that debate.


Of course Gore claimed that GW is not even a theory but called it “settled science”. This is nonsense. And the only reason he got away with such a statement is that the world’s leftist media have highlighted fraudulent science and censored tens of thousands of GW-skeptical scientists, making it appear that “scientists agree” that GW is real.


These are two other ‘authorities’ that we conservatives have questioned and won – the ‘global warming’ scientific establishment and the world media.


On another theory –  evolution – a tape was played recently of Delaware Republican US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell saying she does not believe in evolution. The host of the program on which she said it, Bill Maher, almost fell out of this chair. Because evolution is leftist orthodoxy.


But the same secularists who have been advocating the theory of evolution have been advocating the theory of ‘global warming’. Except that the evolutionists have had much longer to present their theory unchallenged. Still the theory of evolution only has been around since the 1850s.


Indeed the evolutionists have been trying to tell us when and how and why man developed over millions of years when their compatriots in the secular GW movement cannot even tell us whether the earth is heating up or cooling down today. Right now.


These people are so clueless that it is beyond belief. Because they are not scientists. They are political hacks posing as scientists, because liberalism has taken over and corrupted science just as it has taken over and corrupted much of the media, the universities, the courts, the arts and even the silly entertainment industry.


We should not  believe the theory of evolution simply because some people say the “science is settled”. Because the theory is full of holes. First, it is not science. It is theoretical anthropology.


Second its proponents say they have the key to the origins of all mankind, but they only present as ‘proof’ an endless stream of fossils found here and there and linked to one another by one theory that all the evolutionists adhere to. Just like all the GW alarmists have one choir book from which they sing.


And the reason is that that is where the money is – tons of grant money and university money and government money and foundation money goes to secular evolutionists, just like it goes to secular GW alarmists. It is secular money.


Evolution fits the left’s template, that man is nothing but a slightly more evolved animal. It tells us that we are simply descended from apes and, before that, pollywogs and amoebae. Yet the creation of great art like the Ancient Greek masterpieces could not have come about through random evolutionary selection. Neither could sending a man to the moon or worldwide computer communication. No, it is impossible to imagine that man’s high brain simply evolved by chance from those of, say, fish.


So here is a test. Next time you are debating evolution with liberals, say, “I believe in evolution. I believe that all Democrats are descended from apes…” Because then you might get an argument. Because the liberals will suddenly see how insulting their theory is.


No, there is something God-ly in the world’s gifts, in the beauty of a hummingbird, for instance. Or the gloriousness of a summer day. Or the otherworldly splendor of the Grand Canyon. Or the superb aroma of warm maple syrup.


How is it that man needs to sleep, and there is a night for him to sleep in. How is it that man requires oxygen to survive, and that the green plants produce it while consuming his carbon dioxide. How is it that water even exists in order to make our lives possible? Where did this magnificent liquid called water come from? Think about it… Is this all just by chance? How could water have developed out of a ball of stone called earth.


God surely created it all. There is no other explanation.


Meanwhile those who advocate The Big Bang Theory – they also are evolutionists – claim that the whole universe exploded out of a microscopic bit of matter. That in itself would be confirmation that God indeed did create the universe. Because there is no physical way that that could have happened. The ‘science’ is not only bogus but impossible.


So whose ‘authority’ should we question? The one that says that God is Supreme Ruler and Creator of all things and all wonderful things like the human eye, the most precise optical instrument ever known, with its precision computer – the brain – backing it up? Or the one that says that man is evolved from blobs of protoplasm stuck to a spheroid of rock and metal hurtling through space?


It sure sounds like we should question the latter. Because it is a worldly, intellectual and secular authority that is flawed in its heart and that ignores the wonderfulness of man’s creation and of nature itself. It is an authority that cares only about temporal and temporary intellectual issues, and worse about monetary profit, not about the bigger issues of where we came from and why were are here.


The Euro philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is famous for having proclaimed that “God is dead”. He also is famous for having gone insane shortly thereafter.


We cannot say where precisely we are today and where this world is going. The question is too big, as big as the whole universe. And it particularly cannot be answered by people with a political agenda, who are only out for their own selfish interest. No this is a Grand Question, an overarching one. And it only can be pondered through supplication to a Higher Authority, one that wise people will never, ever question and never know or understand completely.


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