Revenge of the Polo Shirt Republicans

Just when we conservatives finally thought that we had put the 2010 election in the bag, along comes former Bush administration figure Mark McKinnon to announce that moderate Polo Shirt Republicans (PSRs) are organizing a Throw Away Victory campaign for 2012.


The Polo Shirters apparently were spending so much time on the golf course over the last few years, or polishing their Lexuses, that they didn’t notice what was happening to the economy, and to the Republican party –  that a bunch of us rednecks got fed up and decided to strike back at the statist Democrats who have taken over our great nation and driven it into the Marianas Trench.


PSR Arnold Schwarzenegger is a prime example of feckless sophistry. While he utterly failed in his rudderless seven-year celebrity governorship to make any reforms in California, a blunt East Coast tough-guy Republican governor named Chris Christie is spitting fire and confronting the very same type of state-employee unions who are gutting and barbecuing the California economy.


It took Christie exactly six months to whip New Jersey into shape. Because he stood fast on conservative capitalist principle and is not afraid of the Democrats.


Schwarzenegger & Co. indeed are the problem in America. They are the Gerald Fords and the John McCains who cannot win elections, or they stand for only what they think the polls think Americans want. They have Papa Bush presidencies. Remember that Papa said he wouldn’t raise taxes, then promptly did so, dooming his chance at a second term.


Meanwhile Ronald Reagan was the ultimate anti-Polo-Shirter and had one of the most successful presidencies of all time.


Politics is like a see-saw and the Democrats now are sitting on one end holding America up in the air. They have all gone way over to the left. And we can’t remedy that situation by standing in the middle of the see-saw like the PSRs want to do. That is faulty physics. We need strong, uncompromising conservative leadership to push down strongly on the other end of the see-saw.


Consider the 2010 gubernatorial race in New York state. Polo Shirt candidate Rick Lazio has been around before. He ran a wussy campaign against Hillary Clinton for US Senate in 2000.


Lazio was planning to take on Democrat Andrew Cuomo for governor this year as a sacrificial PSR lamb. But along came a fire-breather named Carl Paladino who won the primary over Lazio. Because Paladino is taking no prisoners. He has threatened to go to the dysfunctional state capital of Albany with “a baseball bat” to get things done. He sent out a campaign mailer that smelled like garbage to highlight the state’s condition. And while Paladino has lost his luster, at least he is fighting.


Polo Shirters would never stoop so low as Paladino. No, Polo Shirters are nice people who take three showers a day and have friends in the Democrat party and in the media. Indeed Paladino will never make the Polo Shirt Hall of Fame. But he is precisely what our Founding Fathers wanted in a candidate – a genuine citizen/legislator, flawed as he may be as a person.


Polo Shirters love the way Democrats rule. They love the cocktail parties and the political chatter and the high positions in the bureaucracy and all that squishy left-wing rhetoric about “fairness”. They even secretly want to go to liberal cocktail parties and meet actors and artists and blowhards like Al Gore and Gore Vidal. But they never go out and get their hands dirty among the masses. And that is why they are going to remain second-class citizens in the GOP for the future. Because there are those of us who really want to change our nation and are willing to work hard to do it.


Who could forget PSR John McCain in the second debate with Obama in 2008, coming out with a proposal for the government to buy up hundreds of billions in bad home loans. This was classic Polo Shirter appeasement and it went up like a lead balloon. Crickets chirping… After all, the last thing we needed in 2008 was two Obamas in the race, yet that is precisely what we got.


If McCain had a spine, he’d be president today. Because Obama was a lousy candidate whom McCain could have beaten. Except that many Polo Shirters like Colin Powell believed that Obama really could have brought hope and change. Polo Shirt daughter Meghan McCain even noted after the election that Obama was so pathologically hip that even some dopey singer at a music awards show was wearing a flashy Obama shirt.


Wonder where that shirt is today.


Meanwhile former PSR and now-independent Florida US Senate candidate Charlie Crist is slipping away in the polls. Good. Because voters recognize that like all Polo Shirters, Crist stands for nothing and everything at the same time. Which you can’t do if you actually stand for something certain as we conservatives always do.


I’ve been working on a campaign here in Massachusetts and I’ve met quite a few Polo Shirters. It’s bad up here. One PSR enthusiastically got me three signatures for GOP petitions, one from him, and one each from his wife and daughter. Yet when campaign time came around, he posted signs for a Democrat on his lawn. When his Dem lost in the primary, I put up on his lawn a few Republican signs like he’d said I could five months before. But he tore them down. And not only did he tear them down, but he threw them in the road.


Yes, Polo Shirters love to get along with Democrats and sometimes vote for them. Yet the thing that won for Scott Brown in Massachusetts was that he decided not to get along, but to run strongly against Obama.


In New York City, after decades of liberal rule had ruined the place, they elected tough-guy Republican Rudy Giuliani in November 1993. In short order Giuliani cleaned up the city not by wearing English Leather and going to the tennis tournament, but by being tough and uncompromising. It worked like a charm.


In 2006, I worked on a Polo Shirt campaign here in Massachusetts. My candidate got 29% of the vote. At one point he chastised me for writing a letter to the local paper saying that Democrats had “misruled” the state.


Hush, Nikitas, hush, with that inflammatory language! We need to get along, don’t you understand!? Now flip up your Polo Shirt collar! And pass me a white wine!


If the Polo Shirters continue to think that way, we will continue to have Democrat power. The fact is that the country has tipped way over to the left and the PSRs don’t seem to think that that is a problem. That all we need to do is stand in the middle of the see-saw and things will come back.


But that is not only bad politics, it is impossible physics.


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