Food Stampers' Sugar Rush

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is easily one of the most arrogant and off-putting politicians in America. With a media fortune estimated at $10 billion, he was able to get re-elected to a third term in November 2009 only by spending huge amounts of his own money and then only squeaking out a tiny victory over a little-known opponent. Even New Yorkers barely tolerate him.


Bloomberg is listed as an ‘independent’ but he really is a left-wing liberal who wants to control every person in the city. He has banned trans-fats in restaurants, wants to bar smoking in public parks, and approves of the Ground Zero mosque. But never once has he made one single peep about the astronomical disease and death rates among the city’s male homosexuals. No, no problem there. Must be Republicans causing all those health problems.


Now Bloomie has a new crusade to ban people on food stamps from buying sugar-sweetened beverages like Coke under a plan to battle obesity. San Francisco is doing the same.


New York officials wrote in their proposal that spending government money on “foods of little or no nutritional value not only contradicts the intent of the program, it also effectively subsidizes a serious public health epidemic.”


Oh, really. Is that the only reason? There’s not anything else? Are you absolutely sure?


The ban has been suggested before but was struck down. In 2008 in Maine advocates for the poor argued that such a ban unfairly singled out low-income people and risked scaring off potentially needy people from getting food stamps.


Awwww…. Isn’t that too bad! Food-stampers might get scared. So let them eat cake! And pies. And candy. After all, their feelings might get hurt if you don’t.


In 2004 the Agriculture Department rejected Minnesota‘s plan to ban junk food including soda and candy from food stamp purchases. USDA argued that it would violate the Food Stamp Act’s definition of what is food and could create “confusion and embarrassment” at the register.


Gee, where’s Michelle Obama when you need her, ready to tell every kid what to eat? And where is the rabid left-wing media hounds that are on a daily jihad against McDonalds and other fast-food chains. Except when ‘poor’ people are gorging themselves on the public dime, that is.


This is so typical. In politically-correct fashion, this sugary-drinks ban focuses on all the wrong issues. We indeed should ban food-stampers from buying sugared beverages and candy not because it will help them to slim down, but because it is an affront to the hard-pressed taxpayers of America.


This is classic socialism – take a stand on an issue only for silly politically-correct reasons like not wanting to embarrass someone on the government dole. This is like Bloomberg saying that the failed Times Square bomber was probably someone upset with the health-care bill, i.e., a Tea Partier or some other caucasian.


No, according to Bloomie, it could not possibly have been a Middle Eastern Islamic male in his 20s or 30s with a grudge against America, no, sireee. Like Faisal Shahzad from Pakistan.


“Sugar-sweetened drinks are not worth the cost to our health, and government shouldn’t be promoting or subsidizing them,” Bloomberg pontificated.


Cost to our health? How about the cost to taxpayers?


A city report says that in fiscal year 2009, New Yorkers received $2.7 billion in food stamp benefits and spent a whopping $75 million to $135 million of that on sugary drinks or roughly 4%. And don’t for a second believe that they were not spending another 4% on iced coffee and potato chips and ice cream. And 4% on beer. And 4% on cigarettes. And another 4% at McDonalds. And another 4% on pizza…


So taxpayers are dunned every second of every day with newer and higher taxes, yet food-stampers are allowed to spend vast amounts of money on nutritionally useless products.


This is again classic socialism, where the needs of productive taxpaying class are ignored while we psychoanalyze the food-stampers for every grievance they may have.


The New York City Coalition Against Hunger said the proposal “punishes poor people for the supposed crime of being poor… It’s sending the message to low-income people that they are uniquely the only people in America who don’t know how to take care of their family,” said Joel Berg, the group’s executive director. “The problem isn’t that they’re making poor choices, the problem is that they can’t afford nutritious food.”


Uh, Mr. Berg, maybe they can’t afford nutritious food because they’re wasting money on sugary drinks…


No, no, it must be George Bush grabbing their alfalfa sprouts out of their mouths.


These poverty pimps are beyond the pale. Some even are claiming that ‘poor’ people should be able to buy whatever they want under our American freedoms. Which conveniently ignores the point that they are using Other People’s Money, and the Other People are angry and fed up.


Bloomberg is another example of why the Tea Parties are in full revolt. Because it has been exposed all over America for decades that so-called ‘poor people’ are nothing of the sort. In fact, ‘the poor’ are squandering vast amounts of the nation’s wealth. According to the Heritage foundation, the average payout to a government-aid recipient is, get this, $26,150. And the stories about government cash being spent by ‘poor’ Californians at Las Vegas casinos, on cruise ships and on trips to Hawaii are legend. And just the tip of the iceberg.


These handouts must be cut by 25%. Because there are so many people abusing the program that it is out of control. Just go into a ‘poor’ neighborhood and ask the convenience store clerk about all the mountains of junk food that the ‘poor’ consume every single day – sugared drinks, potato chips, corn chips, cups of coffee and iced coffee, cigarettes, donuts, pastries, beer, deli fare, ice cream and on and on, all of which are unnecessary to a healthy subsistence diet which food stamps are supposed to insure.


No finally there is going to be a crackdown not by Bloomberg but by the Tea Parties. And not because the so-called ‘poor’ are getting fat, but because they are wasting the taxpayer’s money with aplomb. It is time to cut their dole. Period. Then they will surely spend less. They will have no alternative.


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