23 Reasons Obama's Losing White Voters

A recent poll said that president Obama’s support among working-class white people – also known as whites without a college degree – has slipped precipitously.


Whatever the specific numbers may be, this is no surprise. Because working white people live on a different planet from Harvard intellectuals like Obama and other left-wing agitators like Al Sharpton, enviro-kooks like Al Gore, media snobs like Chris Matthews and other liberals like super-wealthy Nancy Pelosi.


White people who work for a living don’t have time to listen to Obama’s endless press conferences, statements, and town hall meetings seeking to explain every aspect of his policies. They want action and results. Because they work hard and they expect their government to do the same thing. And they are looking at America and seeing huge problems everywhere, problems that seem to be getting much worse under Obama.


Here are 23 reasons that Obama’s favorability is way down among these caucasians:


*Working white people (WWP) generally tend to be somewhat conservative and have taken a chance on the Democrats in the last few election cycles. It has not worked out as Democrats move far left. The health-care bill is being seen as government arrogance. Most WWP think they can take care of themselves better than the government can. And they are skeptical of the type of government intervention that Obama needs to “help” them.


*Obama comes from the elite class, the wine-and-cheese crowd. WWP come from barbecue and beer. These two worlds shall never meet.


*Obama is surrounded by radical left-wing ideologues who come from the intellectual classes. Most working white people don’t even understand what these people are trying to do, why they are trying to do it, or the theories behind their policies.


*Working whites have a big presence in the suburbs, and in small-town and rural America. These are three places where Obama’s policies are increasingly unpopular as self-reliant people see an increasingly condescending government seeking to tell them how to live their lives and to tax them relentlessly.


*WWP generally are industrious people who want to work and who do not understand or like the welfare state. They have a very straightforward view of the world – you work, you eat; you don’t work, you don’t eat. They look at lazy blacks in the cities living off of the taxpayer decade after decade and don’t like what they see. They see these freeloaders being enabled by Obama and his party.


*These whites generally are patriotic people who often serve quietly and proudly in the military. And they see in Obama a distinct anti-Americanism, such as when Obama apologizes to the world for American action, bows to foreign leaders, or says that America is not a Christian nation.


*Working whites do not like Obama’s blackness. If Obama were doing well with the economy and with issues like terrorism, it would not bother them. But then they see the Obama Justice Department declining to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation, while he holds a highly-publicized Beer Summit over the polite arrest of a black Harvard professor. And now that Obama is unpopular for all this stuff, more whites are likely to see his race as a negative as if to say, “We knew we shouldn’t have trusted a black…”


*Working whites in rural and small-town America are more likely to have come to the conclusion that Obama’s comments and general attitude about frustrated white voters clinging to their guns and their religion in fact is a deep affront to their very being.


*WWP see Obama standing down on border enforcement and suing Arizona over its immigration law. Whites see “their country” under assault and Obama doing nothing or even siding with illegals.


*White working people have seen more than $1.5 trillion in Democrat bailouts and handouts and stimulus and wonder why they are being ignored and losing their jobs while college professors get federal money to study ants and then vote Democrat in return.


*WWP are very doubtful of solar energy and wind power and ‘global warming’ and enviro extremism, and rightfully so. Working whites do not have solar panels on their houses. Meanwhile Obama and his friends promote and fund these unworkable energy sources and warn us about enviro catastrophe.


*Working whites are very unnerved by many Democrats’ favoring a mosque at Ground Zero and about liberals like New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg saying that the Times Square bomber was probably someone upset with the health-care bill, i.e., a white Tea Party person. This contravenes common sense, and working whites are full of common sense, which is the building block for all other genuine knowledge.


*Obama’s Hollywood and TV industry friends have been mocking middle-class and working-class white people and their families for decades, particularly rural whites. This is causing caucasian Americans to distrust the mainstream entertainment industry and the media more and more as time passes. And they see this industry as being Obama’s friends.


*Obama’s radical past now is coming back to haunt him. WWP may have been able to ignore Reverend Wright and all of Obama’s extremist associations in the past, but they not longer can or will.


*Working-class whites are unlikely to have well-paid government jobs, college professor jobs, media jobs, urban careers, or entertainment-industry jobs. They do not understand the workings of these privileged worlds which are dominated by the Democrat party.


*Working-class whites are more likely to serve in the military, in which Obama has never served and for which he seems to have little respect. When Obama says that America can absorb another terrorist attack, that frightens rational people. When Obama dithered for two minutes at a press conference before addressing the Fort Hood massacre, they are angered.


*WWP tend to favor the 2nd Amendment. And they see in Obama no understanding of their passion for guns or of the Founders’ reasons for allowing the widespread ownership of firearms.


*Millions of working whites are conservative Christians and many actually believe that Obama is a Muslim. Others do not believe that Obama is a dedicated Christian, which he is not.


*After decades of affirmative action policies, many working white people see Obama as being a privileged black while they are living at the lower end of the economic scale. They see Obama as benefiting only from racial politics, as they see many blacks doing so, at the expense of whites including people they know.


*Many working whites are small-business owners, often employing only themselves or just a few people. And they see Obama/Democrat policies of taxes, mandates and regulations hurting their chances to enjoy upward mobility.


*Working whites in rural areas have seen Obama and his enviro allies devastate rural economies. In the Central Valley of California, thousands of acres of farms have been shut down when the Environmental Protection Agency ordered the shutoff of irrigation water to protect a tiny minnow. Enviro obstruction all over rural America has shut down many thousands of economic development projects, leaving millions of people unemployed when they really want to work. 30,000 loggers in Oregon alone lost their jobs over the phony ‘spotted owl’ controversy.


*WWP see Obama at all these elite Follywood, San Francisco and New York fundraisers and see someone who is not working in their interests, but in the interests of rich liberals.


*Obama loves basketball, which is a predominantly black sport. Millions of WWP, on the other hand, like NASCAR racing which is virtually all white and which is endlessly ridiculed by Obama’s friends like rich urban elites and wealthy media snobs.


There are many other reasons. And these are all adding up. Democrats will lose big in November, and unless something drastic changes, Obama will lose in 2012. And it will largely be over the loss of WWP votes.


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