Where's Michelle?

There is a new magazine on newsstands – certainly a one-off – called America’s First Ladies. Michelle Obama is on the cover. Most likely this was the brainchild of some media lefty Obama Lover to put Michelle on the cover of yet another magazine and maybe make a few bucks on a glossy about America’s presidential wives.


But this publication raises the question – Where is Michelle anyway?


And the answer is: She is going to campaign, but on nowhere near the scale that Barack Obama had imagined.


By now president Obama was picturing himself as the new JFK, a super-popular, dapper, charming young president with all the media sycophancy of the Kennedys. He was expecting his wife to be as popular as Jackie. Yes, Obama was going to save the nation and change the political dynamic.


If only it were so…


Not only is Obama in deep trouble politically, but his wife has gone largely AWOL. Remember when the media assured us in so many words that this was the most charismatic First Lady in history? Yet she is increasingly absent. And when she does go out in public, she falls on her face. Her glitzy trip last summer to Spain turned out to be a PR disaster amidst the economic crisis. Heck, even Jackie could have pulled that off.


The usual suspects on the left will scream that the anger over the trip certainly is rooted in racism!


If only it were so simple…


If Obama were popular, you would see Michelle everywhere. Instead she is only on the covers of magazines in a fabricated media world that the left can control. Otherwise she would be in every contested congressional district of America campaigning to expand the Obama agenda. But now even her husband is not welcome in most districts, while Americans are set to vote against that agenda by the tens of millions.


Where does this leave Michelle?


Well, actually she still is much more popular than her husband. And she will campaign in controlled circumstances. But the Obamas are desperate and they know that not even Michelle can fix anything. They even attended church on September 19 after avoiding church for most of his tenure.


So Obama is suddenly screaming about tax cuts and attending church because the Obamas are in a tailspin. And nobody knows that better than Obama and his inner circle who are not public servants or leaders or statesmen, but far-left political hacks who only want political power for themselves. And when that power slips just an inch, it is like an earthquake to them. When it slips a mile, they are catatonic.


So is the First Family all that it is cracked up to be? Could Michelle and Barack really be sleeping in separate bedrooms, as one of those tabloids might report? Does Michelle really hate her First Lady job as the wife of the French prime minister claims in a recent book that Michelle confided to her?


It is hard to say what is really going on behind closed doors, but we can be sure of one thing  – when it rains, it ruins all the fun. And it is raining on the Obamas every single day. And it shows no signs of letup, with storm clouds everywhere.


This must be very troubling to Michelle. After all, she said twice during the campaign that she was never proud of America until her husband was recognized for his alleged brilliance. And to see the savaging that her husband is getting, with big Democrat losses expected in the coming elections, she must now be more disillusioned with America than ever.


But that doesn’t stop the media from soft-soaping her at every turn. In a March 31, 2010 report by CBS called Michelle Obama Blooms in the White House, it says:


’The White House garden has done quite well in weathering the wild winter. The garden has produced 50 pounds of produce before the tulips even came up.’ (end of excerpt)


This is media weirdness personified, to even say such a thing. CBS continued:


‘Fourteen months into her tenure as first lady, Mrs. Obama is enjoying the kind of popularity her husband would jump through hoops for, reports CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes.


Her approval ratings are blooming at 78 percent, higher than her recent predecessors at similar points in their husband’s presidency.


Comparatively, Laura Bush rated at 74 percent, and Rosalyn Carter rated at 59 percent. Hillary Clinton rated at 58 percent and Nancy Reagan at 57 percent.’ (end of excerpt)


Yes, higher than all. Of course. This is Michelle Obama! Yet all of the Obamas’ popularity is a result of media slavishness. If her name were Michelle Bush, they would treat her like one lefty cartoonist treated Condoleezza Rice – with fat lips and big teeth. The CBS report continued:


‘”I love the way that Mrs. Obama has stressed the simple things that people can change to make a huge difference in their lives,” says Katherine Tallmadge of the American Dietetic Association. “Things like eating more vegetables. Having a garden and being more physically active.’


Oh, thank you CBS. Michelle is really super wonderful deliciously talented awesome. We love her too. Now look at this next comment from the CBS story. It is the most revealing thing Mrs. Obama ever has said:


‘”There were kids around my neighborhood who would say oooh you talk funny,” Mrs. Obama admitted, candidly. “You talk like a white girl.”’ (end of excerpt)


Now that is the biggest bombshell Michelle has ever dropped. Here’s a black liberal female who actually is talking seriously about the racism against white people in black neighborhoods. Which we conservatives have been pointing out for decades.


What Michelle’s comment really means is that someone like her can never win –  if she’s too black, she can never be proud of America. If she achieves much and acts too white, the blacks hate her.


It must be tough being Michelle, no matter what she does. Even being married to the president of the United States.


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