DemocRats Abandon Sinking Ship

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is leaving his post in order to return to Chicago to run for mayor there. Emanuel is the latest administration official to depart. Other economic policy bigwigs who have left recently are Lawrence Summers (who returned to Harvard), Christina Romer (who returned to Berkeley) and Peter Orszag.


What is wrong with this picture?


First, it is important to think about the strong ideological bent of Obama & Co. These left-wingers migrated excitedly to the White House in order to shape the nation to their will. They had planned cap-and-trade, national health insurance, huge energy taxes, union-friendly card check and amnesty for illegal aliens. And with big majorities in the House and Senate, Obama seemed to have clear sailing.


But now that this administration seems to be falling apart, these people are fleeing after a short time in Washington. Because they are typical Democrat party slackers. They wanted to have an easy ride, like all leftists do. And now that they realize that their ideas are not working, and that they will have to fight for their agenda and probably aren’t going to get it anymore, they are abandoning the sinking ship at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in droves.


Indeed, whenever we conservatives truly challenge socialism, we win. Because you can always debate a liberal under a table if you have the facts at your disposal. And Americans now have the facts.


Democrats fear any challenge. In New York state, they expected Andrew Cuomo to waltz into office. But now Republican Carl Paladino has a good chance to win just as Republican Linda McMahon now has a good chance to win the US Senate seat in Connecticut. This frightens and unnerves Democrats because they always want to appear above the fray, that they are owed their political offices as Cuomo himself assumed.


But no more. The economic crisis and the Tea Parties have changed everything. And even when they are appointed to their power as Emanuel, Summers, Romer and Orszag were, they still don’t have the stomach for a real fight. Because they want everything their way, with government control giving them ultimate power. Now, however, economic reality and those pesky voters are blocking them.


Emanuel is as committed to the leftist cause as any political figure in America. Yet he is bailing out. Why?


Ostensibly because Chicago mayor Richard Daley announced that he will not seek re-election and Emanuel says he has always wanted to be mayor. But his departure says that Emanuel is not really interested in the common good or in the well-being of the American people or in really fighting for what he believes in, but only in his own power.


For most Democrats, holding office and having power is their only path to prestige and fulfillment. Think of the Kennedys. And Emanuel is abandoning the White House now that the whole nation is sinking so that he can run for mayor of Chicago, a city that is sinking even worse.


Chicago has so many problems from high taxes to corruption to crime to a 43% school dropout rate that it cannot be fixed unless a strong Giuliani-type reformer comes in. Thus Emanuel needs to grab for the mayoralty before that happens. And if elected, he will do for Chicago what Obama has done for America – he will make it worse and worse until the people there wake up to what is happening.


Ultimately Emanuel couldn’t care less about Chicago‘s woes. They are entrenched. He can do nothing about them anyway because it is his party that is causing them with its iron control of the city. The Democrats could reform Chicago any time they want, but they never will. Because they are all profiting from the current system.


Emanuel wants one thing – the power of being mayor. He just wants the corner office in a city that plays by insider rules where he can run his fiefdom like a dictator. Because the Chicago mayor has a pliant, like-minded bureaucracy and population that is separate from the outside world where all us nasty little Tea Party rednecks are spoiling the fun in Washington.


By the way, don’t for one minute think that Emanuel is a shoo-in for mayor. This race is wide open. And Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard even is conjecturing that the whole Chicago mayor scenario is a way to get Emanuel out of the White House without any controversy.


Then look at Sarah Palin. She was running Alaska well, cleaning up corruption, controlling spending and getting a long-delayed pipeline deal through. But then she resigned because some lefty activists up there kept harassing her – and “harassing” is the only way to describe it – with lawsuit after lawsuit after investigation in order to tie her in knots. She quit so as not to weigh down her office and her state with these relentless attacks.


The Democrat template is absolute power. And if it does not work, you go somewhere else to get it. And if someone you don’t like has power, you do everything to undermine them.


Unfortunately Obama has managed to undermine himself. We conservatives knew that Obama’s policies would never work. They never do. Obama and his cronies in the White House, however, believed they would work. And we were right and they were wrong. And rather than admit they were wrong and seeking to fix it, some are just slinking out the back door like the political opportunists they are. So that they can resume their comfortable lives and take none of the blame for the nation’s terrible condition.


This is a classic trait of liberals. They will never admit that they have done anything wrong. They have a pathological aversion to accepting blame. It must always be somebody else’s fault like Bush. Because in their minds, everything works like a Swiss watch. But the real world is not in Obama’s head.


Summers is surely glad to be back running Harvard where he does not have to read the newspapers every day and have to think about how to fix a broken nation. Or his role in breaking it.  No he’s back to his cocktail parties and his slacker college life. Harvard is a neat little package where Summers is comfortable running it with absolute power. In fact, Harvard is just like Chicago – a hermetically-sealed system that is controlled like a feudal state, with no genuine dissent allowed.


If only the real world were like liberals imagined it… But the real world is a messy place that needs realism, not Obama idealism. And the hope and change of Obama’s utopian America has been dashed. Let’s hope that the departure of all these administration figures is a wake-up call for all Americans, not just for those of us who shouted the warning about Barack Hussein Obama in the first place.


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