Atheist Kooks Get Religion

A skateboarder in Amarillo, Texas recently grabbed a Koran that a Christian pastor was preparing to burn. “Dude, you have no Koran,” said Jacob Isom as he ran off with the holy book.


“I snuck up behind him and took the Koran,” Isom said. The video of Isom went viral and suddenly there was a small industry of T-shirts and baseball caps about the incident. Meanwhile a group opposed to the Christian preacher has grown rapidly.


Isom was part of a group of protesters organized by Amarillo‘s Unitarian Universalists. He described himself as an “atheist concerned with religious liberty…. I believe in freedom for everyone and not to mess with everybody’s beliefs… I don’t believe in the Quran. I believe you shouldn’t burn it in front of people that do.”


Isom then gave the kerosene-drenched Koran to Dennis Cobbins, an imam from the Islamic Center of Amarillo. Cobbins says he was overwhelmed by the support he’s received from the community. “The city we live in has zero tolerance for bigotry,” he said.


So what does this incident tell us?


Volumes, friends, volumes.


Because you certainly have noticed how all of a sudden these decades-long devotees of atheism, secularism and agnosticism are getting religion. Yes, suddenly they want to defend religion to the rooftops. Islam that is. To say that Muslims have every religious right. Yes. It says it right here in the Constitution…


Why are they saying this?


Because they finally are able to latch on to yet another movement – this one happens to be a religion – that has a historical animus to Christianity and to American history and tradition.


Forget about the radical abuses of Islam in nations around the world; about Iran’s threats to push Israel into the sea; about the abuse of women by the Taliban; about ‘honor killings’ by Muslim fathers of their errant daughters; about worldwide attacks by Muslims on Christian churches and Christian people; and about car bombs targeting innocent civilians from Indonesia to Iraq. No, no bigotry there.


And forget about Christianity as the basis for all the world’s freedoms and advancements whether political or technological or artistic. Suddenly these atheists have got serious religion about … Islam. In fact, look at who organized the protest of the Amarillo pastor – the Unitarian Universalist church, which is a fake-Christian organization that ultimately works against all that Christianity has stood for. So it is no surprise that suddenly the Unitarians are sympathetic with Islam.


And what is an atheist like Jason Isom doing protesting in a group of Unitarian Universalists?


He is communing with other atheists, that’s what.


So when was the last time you saw some atheist skateboarder dude standing up for Christianity by protesting say, the arson at Sarah Palin’s church, which caused serious and real damage to a building, not just the symbolic damage of burning one Koran?


Answer: Never.


When was the last time you saw these nihilists offering anything but disrespect, disdain and hatred for Christianity?


Never. Yet suddenly they are rushing to embrace every imam in America, even supporting the Ground Zero mosque.


Yet the Ground Zero mosque is an affront not only to Christians, but to all patriotic Americans. But then again, many of these skateboarder dudes are part of a national leftist culture that is not only anti-Christian but anti-patriotic as well. They have no core beliefs, but only what they want for themselves. Just go ask them their thoughts about the Constitution or the Christian founding of America, the freest nation on earth.


Here is what their typical response will be: “Dude, I gotta smoke some weed, man. Like, I can’t handle you. You’re just too intense, man… Allah Akhbar.”


Look at ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union which easily could be called the Atheist Civil Liberties Union. It is a leftist group that takes occasional stands on behalf of conservatives only for public consumption, ACLU is diametrically opposed to all vestiges of Christianity. It is not concerned with ‘civil liberties’ in general but only with liberties that can be used against Christianity, like legitimizing pornography as “free speech”. ACLU certainly will be taking many pro-Islam cases as time passes, you just watch. That is one religion they can live with comfortably.


Meanwhile, any scrutiny of radical Islam – for instance looking into the increasing numbers of terrorists who have spent time in America – is pushed aside by the New Religionists.


This is classic leftist indoctrination, part of the nihilist culture of the media left, like Democrats defending illegal aliens and ignoring the murder of an Arizona rancher. Or New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg conjecturing that the failed Times Square bomber last May 1 could not have been Muslim but was probably some Tea Party activist angry about the health-care bill.


That quote alone will keep Bloomie from any presidential aspirations, rest assured.


Here’s a test: Let’s have all the New Islamists on the atheist left truly devote themselves to Islam. They must pray five times a day, attend mosque regularly and engage in religious studies. We’ll see how long they remain anything but IPCs – Islamists of Political Convenience.


No, this new alliance between atheists and Islam is a triangulation tactic. For decades, atheist have been looking for partners in their assault on Christianity. And now they have a new army in Islam, which often is radical. And they are joining the pro-Islam movement in droves, from the community board in Manhattan approving the Ground Zero mosque, to the skateboarder dude in Amarillo.


It is shameful.


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