Tea Parties = Civil Rights

Just imagine if Republicans in 1968 said that they were going to run ads against the civil rights movement, that they were going to win the election by portraying blacks as evil, racist hatemongers.


Woah… Now that would have been something to see.


Yet recently rumors were flying that the Democrat party is planning an anti-Tea Party ad campaign, rumors which are being denied. But if these leftists are indeed planning such a campaign, we conservatives say: “Bring it on! We will trounce you even harder in November!”


And don’t think that there are not plenty of kooks in the Democrat party, the White House and the left-wing media who are not just chomping at the bit for such an ad campaign. After all they have been waging war openly since April 15, 2009 when the first Tea Parties took place. So why not institutionalize it in a coordinated attack by the Democrat party.


But it would be pretty hard to pull off with even Obama talking about tax cuts in order to try and save some Democrats in the coming election.


The grass-roots Tea Party movement in fact is much like the civil rights movement. And this is precisely why such an ad campaign would be so dangerous for Democrats. The Tea Party movement is about people finding themselves being disenfranchised by a government that is out of control, that is seeking to manipulate their lives against their will, take their wealth and ultimately leave them poor.


Of course the Democrat party and black establishment would call this a great travesty, that the Tea Parties can never be compared to the civil rights movement. But they can.  They are much the same thing but going in the opposite direction.


Blacks were seeking to reverse discrimination and oppression while Tea Partiers are seeking to stop the further movement toward tyranny. In the end, the oppression is exactly the same with Tea Partiers seeing themselves descending into modern-day servitude.


Today it is called “tax slavery” and it is represented by the increasing expropriation of wealth from self-reliant people and forcing them to work harder and harder to support an inefficient and corrupt welfare state that wants to reduce them to serfs. Just read Friedrich Hayek’s book The Road to Serfdom to see how this is accomplished incrementally.


Oh, go on! You conservatives are crazy! the left will proclaim.


Oh really? Just look at your average tax burden. Many middle-class people are now paying more than 50% of their income to the government in one way or another. And if the Democrats double Social Security taxes as they want to, this will go above 60%.  Health care will push it toward 70% as it is in much of Europe. And after a certain point, jobs will disappear for lack of private capital, and people will refuse to even work and will fall into poverty as will the whole nation. Because they can be poor working or poor not working. It makes no difference. The government will hold all the cards.


Could these Tea Partiers find themselves living in shacks and being told what to do, as slaves were and are?


Eventually, yes. Millions are losing their homes right now and that could be just the start if we do not make major changes now. Then look at communist power in the Soviet Union, North Korea or China where more than one billion people were reduced to penury and starvation by state socialism while just across the sea in, say, capitalist Taiwan, the same racial group as China has as high a standard of living as anywhere in the world. Look at communist North Korea and capitalist South Korea for the same dichotomy.


America never will go that far because we are going to stop it now. But that indeed is where America could be headed. After all, Anita Dunn, Obama’s former White House communications director said in public, on videotape, that she admired two historical figures most, and that one of them was Mao-Tse Tung, the most vicious, oppressive communist mass murderer in history.


No, no! Democrats will say. That is just Glenn Beck making stuff up to hurt Obama!


Until you have seen the actual videotape. It is utterly shocking. Dunn’s casual and matter-of-fact statement is frightening to see, as if Mao Tse-Tung is just a modern-day George Washington. Which he is to many on the left.


So whoever would have imagined that we would have an actual American presidential administration with a communications director openly admiring a communist devil. Or many other important White House figures like Van Jones praising communism openly. Or Obama himself coming from under the spell of radical communists like Frank Marshall Davis.


Then again who would have imagined that Pennsylvania homeland security officials would put an anti-tax protester on a state terror list.


Yes, indeed, Gene Stilp of Harrisburg is preparing a federal lawsuit after he was put on a state list after attending protests with a 25-foot inflatable pig to signify government waste. And the first step to enslaving people is to stigmatize those who are protesting peacefully against the state, as Stilp has done.


And of course it is important to remember the Spring of 2009 when a federal Homeland Security department memo suggested that people with third-party bumper stickers on their cars, or certain conservative stickers like anti-abortion slogans should be scrutinized by police and considered possible threats.


So watch out Charlie Crist supporters – the Florida police could be coming after you.


What we are seeing in America is a new and dangerous use of state power to marginalize those of us on the conservative right. This is why the Tea Parties are forming and getting stronger. Because millions of conservatives feel unsafe and independent voters understand that they could be next.


Heck, if you have a small business, you may find your bank account attached by the state as did Republican/conservative US Congress candidate Bill Gunn. The state of Massachusetts apparently decided that in order to get money for the state unemployment fund, that it would simply take control of Gunn’s account.


This is the type of action that has conservatives fired up and that will lead to the downfall of the elitist state-power Democrats.  Whether we conservative are law-abiding businesspeople or peaceful protesters, the Obamacrats are seeking to marginalize us. But they will not get far. We shall see if they proceed with their anti-Tea Party ad campaign. And if they do, we conservatives say boldly: “Bring it on! We will bury you even deeper in the coming election!”


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