Vapid Entertainer Insults America, Farm Workers

Stephen Colbert, the so-called comedian, appeared before Congress last Friday to testify about his experiences as a migrant laborer. He worked in a New York state farm field for one whole day.


Colbert was invited by California Democrat congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, chairman of the House judiciary subcommittee on immigration, citizenship and border security, in order to shed light on the conditions faced by immigrants who pick our fruit and vegetables and otherwise do what is called ‘farm labor’.


Colbert then made an utter mockery of Congress and of the serious issue of farm labor by offering an offensive comedy sketch in his testimony before Congress, saying things like:


“This is America. I don’t want a tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan, then served by a Venezuelan, in a spa where a Chilean gives me a Brazilian.”


“Maybe the easier answer is just to have scientists develop vegetables that pick themselves. The genetic engineers over at Fruit of the Loom have made great strides in human-fruit hybrids.”


“I am not going back out there (into the fields). At this point, I break out into a cold sweat even at the sight of a salad bar.”


“I tried to get them (other laborers) to sing field songs and that sort of thing but they didn’t seem to have any.” (end of excerpts)


Ha-ha-ha. This is insulting to people who struggle for a living. If a conservative said anything like this, there would be an SEIU lynch mob on his lawn when he got home.


This testimony should be a wake-up call to all Americans about what we get when a detached, far-left politician like Lofgren is in charge. We get pure travesty and that is why Americans are preparing to vote the Democrats out.


Nancy Pelosi even seemed to think Colbert’s testimony was somehow acceptable. No wonder Pelosi will be out of power next January… Americans are fed up.


Yes, sure, we know – for a shallow publicity hog like Colbert, any publicity is good publicity. Blah, blah, blah…


Colbert is a creep. He is a typical liberal entertainer who thinks that every time is show time. And in this one instance, Democrat congressman John Conyers should be applauded for asking Colbert to leave the hearing after his horrible performance.


Meanwhile some in the Ancient Media were actually criticizing Republicans who appropriately saw no humor in Colbert. Yet these are the same zealots who think that migrant labor is one of the signature issues of human rights and fly into a rage whenever discussing it.  


An analyst on gawker.com wrote that


Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and her guest, infamous rage-clown Rep. Steve King, cannot fathom why Democrats would invite comedian Stephen Colbert to a taxpayer-funded hearing today. And according to King, Colbert “staged” his recent workday with migrant laborers.


While having a comedian testify in Congress in-character is kinda weird, chances are you’ll either approve or disapprove based on whether you think undocumented migrant laborers deserve more rights under the law. For people who do think this, Colbert’s testimony was the perfect move, as it could bring more attention to the issue than anything in years. For people who don’t, Colbert’s testimony was a tasteless disgrace to our nation’s proud governing institutions, as it could bring more attention to the issue than anything in years.


So here we go again. In other words, we must tolerate Colbert’s rudeness and arrogance or we are somehow racist.


Yeah, right…  This is more liberal gibberish.


Said the DailyCaller.com


‘(Colbert) even channeled his Catholic faith, paraphrasing a passage from The New Testament about caring for those in poverty.


“You know, ‘whatever you do for the least of my brothers,’ and these seem like the least of my brothers right now,” he said, qualifying that in a tough a economy, he understood that many are facing hardship. “Migrant workers suffer and have no rights.” (end of excerpt)


This is classic Cafeteria Catholicism where a pampered celebrity uses his vague knowledge of the Bible to make a strictly political point. Liberals love to quote the Bible only when they have a politically-correct interpretation which always boils down to government help for poor people while ignoring all the truly sweeping issues in The Good Book.


Farm labor is serious business in many ways. According to one witness at the hearing, there are one million Americans engaged in ag labor today. Which leaves you wondering: Why then do we have 15 million illegal aliens in America?


And the answer is that illegal immigration and farm labor are separate. They are not the intertwined issues that are said to be crucial to our agricultural abundance.


Let me give you my story about migrant labor after I spent 6-week stints picking pears in the Hood River Valley in Oregon in two separate years – 1976 and 1985. These brief encounters were just a casual brush with the harsh life that migrant workers lead.


When I arrived in Oregon in August 1976, the fruit-picking labor force was in flux. It was largely Mexican by then, but with many anglos (white Americans) still picking the fruit.


The anglo presence came out of a long tradition that started in the depression of the 1930s and even before. Despite a long history of Mexican immigration to work the fields, hundreds of thousands of white people – mostly men – throughout the decades ‘followed the harvest’ from Arizona to Washington state, some wandering as far east as Montana to pick the cherry crop around Flathead Lake.


Many pickers had regular employers who would welcome them back year after year. Since the men often had no money to buy and operate cars, “riding the rails” on freight trains was common earlier on, although by the 1970s, most migrant laborers were called ‘rubber tramps’ because they traveled by car.


Picking pears is a very hard job. In the congressional testimony, one Virginia apple grower instructed an assistant to hoist a harvest bag full of apples and challenged any Congress member to strap on the heavy load. I could feel the pain in my lower back just from the sight of the bag – I remember it well. Picking is a brutal job that usually lasts 9 hours a day of non-stop labor running up and down ladders with loads of up to 35 pounds hanging from your burning shoulders.


It is dangerous too. You can fall from a ladder and break bones easily. At night, you return to a little picking shack and cook whatever food you can on a hotplate. Cabins usually have small electric heaters for the colder months, and shower areas and bathrooms are provided at centralized facilities. But all in all, it is not something you want to do long-term.


In 1976, I was a college graduate out for a little “life experience” and noticed that most of my fellow anglo pickers had little education, were poor and had little in the way of a permanent home. They lived on the road much of the year. Most were single men living on the edge of existence. They drove shabby cars and often were drunks. In 1976, a good picker could make $70 a day.


By 1985 when I returned to Oregon for a visit and to work one more harvest, the anglos were mostly gone. Because illegals had continued to flood into America, depressing wages and working without complaint, often being more productive than the anglos. Eventually anglo pickers were forced out of the market as a new generation of more prosperous Americans rejected the backbreaking labor in the fields and orchards. The vagabond life of the anglo picker had faded.


The Mexicans I came to know were decent, hard-working men who labored under harsh conditions year-round. I felt great empathy for them, just as I had felt empathy for the anglo pickers almost a decade before.


What is the real dilemma of ag labor?


It is that the influx of cheap labor has caused agricultural technology to stagnate. In Europe, where labor is much more expensive, more of agriculture is mechanized. But here in the US, with lax immigration laws, the incentive to mechanize is thwarted by an endless flow of low-cost labor. In addition, some crops like apples and pears resist mechanization and require the human touch to prevent damage.


This is the reason we have illegals doing so many of these ag jobs today. It is simple economics of supply and demand – there is a huge demand for cheap farm labor, and a virtually limitless supply of poor people south of our border who are willing to fill it.


Regarding Colbert, we should not be offended by him. He is by nature a shallow, needy entertainer. Most significantly, it is the Democrat who invited him to testify who is showing us how little regard our Democrat leaders have for America. Zoe Lofgren should be ashamed.


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