Dems, Media in Growing Meltdown

There are two very telling statistics for the coming November 2 elections:


*In Delaware the “unelectable” Tea Party US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell trails Democrat Chris Coons by only 53-42, according to Rasmussen.


After the media trashing of O’Donnell – who is the new Sarah Palin as far as media ire is concerned – and the media insistence that Delaware is all Democrat and that O’Donnell could never win Joe Biden’s former seat, this conservative should be down 30 points but she is not.


By the way, O’Donnell herself lost the 2008 election to Biden by 30 points. And by the way, she only has to get 50% plus one vote. That is doable since the trend is toward Republicans.


*How about “unelectable” Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for US Senate in Connecticut. She is running against Democrat Richard Blumenthal, the state’s long-serving attorney general. In January, McMahon was down 41 points in a Quinnipiac poll. In the same poll recently, she is only down 6 points and is rising just in time for November 2.


Of course the Ancient Media have been telling us for years that Connecticut, the state of Christopher Dodd and Joe Lieberman, can never elect a Republican. Like they said that the Massachusetts US Senate seat would always be Democrat. And that New Jersey could never elect a tough Republican governor like it did last November.


No, the media template is that America is all Democrat.


O’Donnell was called by one MSNBC commentator the “wing-nut protégé” of Sarah Palin. This shows that the media have only vicious personal attacks left, and no substance, just as they have attacked Palin ruthlessly for two years now, while Palin is more famous and more powerful than ever. She backed O’Donnell against Republicrat candidate Mike Castle.


And if O’Donnell wins, she will become the new focus of media and left-wing rage. And she absolutely can win. Because she already has raised $1 million on her website over just two days for a campaign in a tiny state like Delaware. That means that she not only now has name recognition, but money too. And the trend this year is all Republican, while her Democrat opponent Chris Coons is a far-left politician who once described himself as a “bearded marxist”.


That’s not helpful in 2010. No, the public is skittish about big-spending liberals. 


These facts are making the Democrats even more nervous than they have been, which is very nervous. The economy is sinking and newcomers like Republican Sharron Angle in Nevada are polling strong against Democrat US Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada.


Imagine that – a true citizen-legislator like Angle, who came out of nowhere, is even in polls with one of the most powerful Democrats in the nation! This is causing sleepless nights at Democrat HQ, rest assured. Who are these upstarts? the liberals are wondering. Don’t they know that Harry Reid has “experience”?


Yeah, right… Experience in getting us into the worst mess in history.


In Alaska, conservative Joe Miller is expected to win the US Senate seat long held by Republican Lisa Murkowski after beating Murkowski in the primary. But Murkowski now is mounting a write-in campaign that could drain away enough votes from Miller to toss the election to the Democrat. That is too bad. Hopefully Murkowski will see the light for the sake of her party.


Even in the race to replace the late US Senate icon Robert Byrd in strongly Democrat West Virginia, with all of its coal-miner union power, Republican candidate John Raese has pulled ahead in one poll of Democrat Joe Manchin, the state’s sitting governor. Raese lost to Byrd by 30 points in 2006.


This is the type of news that has Democrats sweating bullets in a volatile year when they are already expecting a trouncing.


Consider the race for governor of New York state. The media were sitting back in their newsroom armchairs assuming that Rick Lazio, an establishment Republican, was going to be the GOP nominee who then would lose handily to Andrew Cuomo, son of the former governor Mario Cuomo and now the state’s attorney general.


But a funny thing happened in the primary. The voters picked not Lazio but a gruff, little-known, blunt-spoken Buffalo businessman named Carl Paladino, a no-nonsense guy who is speaking the truth – that unless New York makes major changes, that it is going to collapse.


And more and more people see that truth. You never could have convinced them of that just a few years ago. And they may well vote in Paladino who has a much better shot than Lazio would have. Because Lazio is a bland machine candidate while Paladino is a tough-talking man of the people. He is striking a chord with New Yorkers all across the state as they see their economy hollowed out by anti-business politicians, rampant government waste and fraud, and legislative incompetence.


Paladino’s is the type of candidacy that is shaking the Democrat party to its core. Their assumption was that Cuomo was a shoo-in, that New York state was a sure Democrat win. After all, who could not vote for the Son of Mario?


But these Dems have seen the power of insurgency all over America in the last year, and they see it getting stronger in a guy like Paladino. They understand the power of Paladino’s grass-roots appeal, which is like the Tea Parties. And Paladino is an outsider who has said that he would take a “baseball bat” to Albany to get things done.


Yikes! Talk about politically incorrect… Paladino is even suggesting a 20% cut in state spending which Democrats never in a million years would suggest. But this is the only type of proposal that is going to save New York state and more people know it. As well, they see a corrupt, dysfunctional legislature that is failing the people and they may be seeing in Paladino the only approach – a metaphorical baseball bat, not a compliant, insider Democrat in Cuomo.


In New Jersey, however, a tough Republican named Chris Christie was ruled out by the media elites from winning the governorship in November 2009. But Christie won the election and has whipped the state into shape in just six months by taking on the Democrat public-employee unions. He is proposing major pension reforms that are infuriating the union fatcats and featherbedders and buoying the public who finally see that there is a common-sense solution to the state’s economic woes.


Indeed, it is the common-sense insurgents who are frightening the insider Democrat establishment that believes that “experience” is what counts in Washington.


Nonsense. It is common sense that is crucial. Americans have seen hundreds of billions wasted on “stimulus” failure and they now see that it does not work. They are willing to listen to a Carl Paladino, who is a lot like them, not to some elite political snob like Andrew Cuomo who thinks he is owed the job. And the Democrats are quaking in their boots even more than they were just a few weeks ago. And that is a very good thing.


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