How Socialism Has Impoverished America

The media are alarmed at the most recent report on poverty, and should be. The Washington Post reports that one in seven Americans now is poor, saying,


‘Last year was the third consecutive year that the poverty rate climbed, in part because of the recession, rising from 13.2 percent in 2008 to 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people, last year.

‘…”These numbers should be a wake-up call,” said Peter Edelman, a Georgetown University professor and co-director of the Georgetown Center on Poverty, Inequality and Public Policy. “These are deeply disturbing numbers.”’


And of course these numbers are disturbing. Conservatives have been warning about this for decades.  So let’s look at the way that the Democrat party and liberalism/socialism have created this situation over many, many years by nurturing:


*The breakdown of the family. For decades since the 1960s, leftist ideology has said that the family unit is irrelevant and particularly that fathers are not needed in the home. This is one of the main causes of poverty in America. Broken families have much higher rates of poverty. If a husband and wife divorce and live in two separate places, they have to devote all that extra money to rent, phone bills, electric bills etc., money that could have been going to support the family. If the father is around, that is. Which he increasingly is not.


Look at how many network television programs actually show a unified family in good circumstances – zero. Meanwhile Follywood actors have children here and there, divorce regularly and disdain any mention of Christianity as the basis for America, the belief system which stresses good behavior, moral rectitude and allegiance to family.


*The legitimization of single motherhood. This is the other side of the family-breakdown coin. Single mothers are much more likely to live in poverty than married women. 70% of black children are now born out of wedlock and Jesse Jackson says not a word about it, only focusing his attacks on white America and corporate America.


And we are supposed to be shocked at the rise in poverty?


*The vilification of corporate America: Particularly the oil companies, the utilities and the pharmaceutical companies. Corporate America provides tens of millions of jobs and thousands of products vital to our nation. But that does not stop an ongoing vilification of corporations by the Ancient Media. This has the effect of marginalizing these wealth producers and making citizens angry at corporations. This can never be good for our economy.


*Our horrible public education system: This is run lock, stock and barrel by Democrats and their teacher union cronies. This system has ruined tens of millions of lives and consigned those people to poverty by failing to teach even the basics. Teacher unions run the schools mostly for their own interests, while children and their education often come last on the list of union priorities.


*The deadbeat/handout culture. The leftist American media and the Democrat party have been pushing the idea for decades that sloth is acceptable, and that living on a government handout is a legitimate way of living. Massive fraud in Social Security and other programs makes this sloth possible. Huge government handouts have ensnared millions of people, making them permanent wards of the state. This makes people poor and lazy and unable to better themselves.


*The 1960s ‘hippie’ culture. This nonsensical generation disdained hard work and behavioral restraint, and advocated drugs, narcissism and recklessness. The intellectual pablum of the 1960s advocated silly anti-establishment ideas that today are undermining our economy like solar energy and windmills. Books published in the 1960s and 1970s advocated a “small is beautiful” economy when in fact big things like centralized power plants and large scale agriculture give us our prosperity and abundance.


*The Fannie Mae culture: This says that you can own a home even if you are poor, and the government will back you up. Yet any sensible person knows that the quickest way to drive someone into poverty is to give them A) debt and B) responsibility for something they cannot afford.


*The destruction of urban economies: Note how many of the poor are urban and black. Yet who controls our cities? Democrats, that’s who. And through massive corruption, they have destroyed the economic base of thousands of urban neighborhoods. No rational person would start a business in a crime-ridden, high-tax, corrupt neighborhood where people won’t even work for a living.


*The anti-business attitude of the Democrat party: Just look at how many millions of jobs have left our shores because of four forces from the Democrat left – labor union agitation, excessive taxes, overregulation and rabid enviro rules. Companies eventually say, “To hell with it. We’ll move elsewhere where we can operate unhindered.” Which they are doing every day, leading to job losses here in America.


To Democrats, business is the enemy. Everything they say and do marginalizes business and hard work and wealth accumulation. “Profit” is a dirty word. Come to Massachusetts and see how Democrat control is making the state unlivable with businesses fleeing every year and zero new businesses coming in.


*The anti-Christian culture: By ruthlessly maligning our Christian heritage, the media and the academic elite have pushed people away from God and from hope. People then become negative and depressed and spend more and more of their money on psychiatric treatment, which is a spiritual and financial dead end. Those people then are destroyed by a lack of hope. And only hope can breed success. Poor inner-city blacks could make big advances starting with their churches. But their Democrat masters will not allow this.


*The enviro movement’s war on small-town America and rural America: Go into rural and small-town America and you will find increasing poverty because wealthy environmental groups based in cities, allied with powerful academics and lawyers, are using their muscle to close down economic development all over rural America – mines, quarries, power plants, factories, timber harvesting, ranching, farming etc. Look at how the federal government cut off water supplies in the Central Valley of California and in the Klamath Basin in Oregon.


In these areas, people have little political power to strike back. And all it takes is one left-wing enviro agitator to initiate opposition to a project and to garner opposition from others, destroying jobs and growth, and leaving people poor.


*The homosexual culture. Male homosexuals are consuming large amounts of health-care dollars at a time in their lives when they should be contributing to society, not taking from it. This has a strongly negative effect on our overall economy.


*Obama: His policies are forcing more and more costs on business and gutting the private sector. This list is a mile long.


*Media’s belligerence culture: Americans have been taught for years through media indoctrination that their boss is evil, that the workers are being screwed and that all people must have $100,000-a-year jobs. Remember the 1980s when the Reagan economy was booming? Remember what the media said over and over for years: “I ain’t gonna flip no hamburgers…” as if to say that black kids aren’t going to do any jobs at all but must have good, high-paying jobs. But with no educational achievement to get those jobs.


*The violence culture: Democrats’ embrace of violence through repetitive media violence, abortion, sexual promiscuity, labor union violence, inner-city violence etc., undermines the order and stability needed to create jobs and wealth.


*The war on achievement: Look at the case of the white New Haven, Connecticut firefighters who studied hard and passed the promotion test, but were denied promotion because no blacks had passed the same test. What message does this send? It says that if you seek to better yourself, that the government may decide to take away your success.


*The ‘Whatever’ culture: This is the culture that has lost interest in anything. This is made up of people who have no aspirations and no belief in God. These people ultimately drift away and often can decline into poverty without even caring. This ‘whatever culture’ comes from the nihilist political left that tells people that life is pointless, that God does not exist, that nobody cares about you and that your opinion makes no difference.


*The Pleasure culture: This is the leftist culture that says that the only important thing is personal pleasure. It includes pornography, adultery, promiscuity, drugs and the like. And once you get fixated on that, you will actually seek pleasure before anything else. Studies have shown that laboratory animals that are given certain pleasure-inducing drugs will choose the drugs over eating, and will eventually die.


*Labor unions: Their belligerence, intransigence and violence push business out of operation or overseas with outrageous wage, benefit and pension demands and work rules, destroying entire industries like steel and railroads. Everyone in America knows stories about how this has happened, with millions of jobs and trillions in wealth destroyed by angry unions in the 1950s to the present.  Unions are backed by 100% by the Democrat party.


Next time a Democrat tells you how much they “care about the poor”, ask them why they make Americans poor in the first place. That usually will quiet them


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