Time for a (Conservative) Third Party

(The editorial below was written after it was erroneously reported that the National Republican Senatorial Committee stated that it would not support conservative Delaware US Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell for the November election. The editorial shall remain unedited here as a warning to the Republican party about its questionable treatment of some conservatives.)


America needs a new political party, the Liberty Party. It will fight for the interests of us ‘common people’ over all the special interests on the big-government left that are now being served by Democrats and many liberal Republicans.


The September 14 primary outcome shows that a Liberty Party can win at all levels, ultimately including the presidency. Because recent polls have shown that in a three-way race, a conservative can win. Marco Rubio, a conservative Republican in Florida seems to be proving that. His polls have surged recently over once-Republican governor Charlie Crist – who is running as an independent – and the Democrat candidate Kendrick Meek.


With no end in sight to the economic crisis under Democrat and Republican rule, a third party may be just what the doctor ordered.


Consider New York state. Carl Paladino, a dryball, uninspiring conservative businessman just won the Republican nod to run for governor over Republican Establishment pick Rick Lazio in a 2-to-1 electoral drubbing. The media are going to savage Paladino, and the Democrats are going to laugh. But in these trying times, Paladino will capture the attention of millions of New Yorkers who are tired of politicians and celebrities on both sides.


Indeed even the liberal people of New York may be coming to agree that they want a boring guy who gets things done over politics as usual. Because Americans no longer want glitz and promises. They want answers. They want somebody who is going to stand up to the Democrat party agenda of debt, bureaucracy and stasis and the Republicans who often agree with it. They don’t care any longer about who has the most political experience or the flashiest smile. That smile no longer matters and political experience now is suspect. The career politicians have ruined us.


And if the Establishment Republicans continue to ignore the more conservative elements in their party, we should just run our own Liberty Party candidates.


In Delaware, Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell was considered an outsider and an interloper beside the GOP establishment pick of Mike Castle for the US Senate primary on September 14. She surged and won. And now many Republican party bigwigs are saying that they will not back her.


Excuse me? Last time we looked, the Republican party was not very popular. And the reason is simple: It often resembles the Democrat party, which is more unpopular.


Does anyone remember Ronald Reagan? He was trashed by the media as a stupid conservative actor and Republicans picked Gerald Ford over Reagan in 1976. Yet from 1981 to 1989, Reagan was one of the most successful presidents of all time who had real ideas and who acted on them.


How about Rudy Giuliani? After decades of cultural and economic decline under unchallenged left-wing Democrat rule, New York City residents in 1993 voted in conservative, tough-guy Republican Giuliani who straightened out the city in just a few short years. Because he was not part of the problem – he was part of the solution.


Look at Chris Christie, the current Republican governor of New Jersey who took office in January 2010 and straightened out the state budget by taking on the Democrats and the unions, not by trying to get along with them. Christie was mostly dismissed until he won the governorship, and New Jerseyans are glad that he won.


Then look at the disastrous celebrity governorship of “Republican” Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been powerless and is being escorted off the political stage as a loser. Because he refused to get tough with the corrupt Democrats who have run California for decades… run it into the ground, that is.


There are good Republicans, some of them conservative. But the party had better watch out if it continues to side only with moderates while marginalizing tough conservatives with ideas. Ronald Reagan today would be opposed by much of the GOP establishment.


A Liberty Party would be a shadow party that could try to work with the Republican party. And if the two could not work together, a national Liberty Party could run its own candidates on every level and win. That is what the GOP needs – a real, viable challenge from the right, which it currently does not have.


In New York state in November 2009, an unknown conservative named Douglas Hoffman surged in the last few weeks and almost won a US congressional seat. But he lost by a few points because the Republican candidate dropped out and endorsed the Democrat!


This must end.


The Liberty Party would include everyone on the conservative right from 2nd Amendment backers, to pro-life Christians, to supporters of traditional values and the US Constitution, to private-property rights advocates, to tax cutters to spending cutters to welfare cutters. It would be economic, social, cultural and political. And it can and will represent winning candidates in much of America, including places like New York state.


Don’t think this cannot happen. Americans are frightened and angry. We are seeing our nation and our liberties slipping away. If the Republican establishment were smart, it indeed would practice the Big Tent ideology that it always is promoting. But to many in the GOP, the Big Tent means that the party moves to the left to try and get Democrat voters.


How about if we look at it the other way – that we seek to attract independent and Democrat voters with solid conservative ideas for fiscal restraint and personal liberty that have been proven to work in the past. You know, “Reagan Democrats”, of which there are tens of millions in America today?


Right now politics in the United States is like a see-saw with fat Democrats sitting on one end and holding the rest of America up in the air with an unsustainable agenda. We cannot counter these Democrats by standing in the middle of the see-saw. We conservatives need to put substantial weight on the other end to bring the see-saw down to our ideas of fiscal and social restraint, lower spending and taxes, and less government.


Some Establishment Republicans are angry about O’Donnell’s win and are saying that the conservative unrest is going to cost the party in the 2010 elections. First, this may not be true at all. Conservatives can and will win many races.


But second, this is not about the 2010 elections. It is about the future of our nation. And if we do not stand up forcefully like we first did on April 15, 2009 with the first Tea Party rallies, our nation will be lost. And we conservatives are not going to allow that to happen.


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