GOP vs. Palin, O'Donnell et al

With the victory in Delaware of Sarah Palin-backed conservative Christine O’Donnell over Establishment Republican Mike Castle in the state’s US Senate primary, we have yet another example of a growing split in the GOP.


In New York state, Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino posted a huge upset over Establishment Republican Rick Lazio in the governor’s race and plans to run on a platform of political reform, tax reform and job creation.


Meanwhile news reports that the National Republican Senatorial Committee does not even plan to fund O’Donnell’s campaign is going to fuel a movement for a third party.


Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment was “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” But that idea was fomented decades ago when the split among Republicans was certainly known, but not nearly as toxic and open as it is today.


Even back in the 1950s, long considered a “conservative” era in America, top tax rates were sky-high, labor unions were strangling the economy and Republicans were sharply divided between the East Coast-West Coast liberal elite and the conservatives who were largely from the Heartland and forming in small groups elsewhere. During that decade, however, Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley helped to begin to energize a conservative movement that is taking America by storm yet again today.


Recently liberal Republican California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ridiculed conservative Sarah Palin by tweeting during a flight to Asia as the plane flew over Anchorage, Alaska:


‘Over Anchorage, AK. Looking everywhere but can’t see Russia from here. Will keep you updated as search continues.’


Oh, Ahnold! You ah so clevah and funny…


This obviously comes after Palin famously said in an ABC interview about Russia during the 2008 campaign that “They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska.”


The media mocked Palin relentlessly over that quote, but shouldn’t have. After all her statement would have been news to many Americans and certainly to tens of millions of public school graduates today who, under the tutelage of Democrat-controlled teacher unions – all good friends of the elite media – hardly know where to find Russia on a map in the first place.


Of course when Barack Obama said he had campaigned in “57 states” (which is the number of Islamic nations in the world today), the media let that slip by with no scrutiny whatsoever. After all, they immediately said that he was certainly tired. And who knew off the tip of his tongue that America has just 50 states?


Palin replied to Schwarzenegger in a tweet of her own:


Arnold should have landed. I could have explained our multi-billion dollar state surplus and US energy security efforts. What’s he been up to?’


Palin won that little war hands down because conservatives are winning hands down today. California is a perfect example: It is a derelict fiscal mess even after a century of stellar economic growth. But that prosperity, as usual, attracted millions of featherbedding Democrats who have gotten themselves entrenched politically and have controlled the state for the last few decades, driving it off a financial cliff. Add to this the feckless governorship of so-called “Republican” Arnold Schwarzenegger since 2003 and you have disaster.


So with massive California deficits for as far as the eye can see and with productive people packing up and leaving the formerly Golden State by the tens of thousands every year, Schwarzy has zero to brag about and shouldn’t be taking shots at Palin. But then again that is all he has left – his shrinking celebrity megaphone.


What does this war of words mean?


It means that the divisions among Republicans today are deeper than ever and are revealing a bigger truth – that many “Republicans” like Schwarzenegger are nothing of the sort. Schwarzenegger, like many of his kind, is just a Democrat trying to act like a rogue, tough-guy Republican. But the proof is in the pudding, and Shwarzy’s governorship has been a sham, like his silly movies are.


He has done nothing to tame the corrupt Democrat California state government the way a real-life tough-guy Republican governor like Chris Christie has done in New Jersey – by taking on the Democrats and their special interests including organized crime, the handout poor and the public-employee unions, including those who control the public education system from K through college.


And considering the failure of Schwarzenegger, he should quit mocking a successful leader like Palin who is on the rise not in Follywood’s potemkin universe but in the real world where real lives are at stake.


Palin hit Ahnold back with the kind of pithy retort that goes straight for the heart – a  few words of fact and truth. Because in just two-and-a-half years in office, Palin fought corruption even in her own party and facilitated a natural gas pipeline deal that had been stalled for 30 years. Meanwhile California is in dire straits after seven full years of Schwarzenegger’s celebrity rule, during which he has achieved precisely zero. Even Californians don’t like him anymore. His polls are in the basement.


No, when Schwarzenegger finally had to face up to real issues as an elected governor, he thought his celebrity would pave the way for success. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because like another celebrity candidate named Barack Obama, he ran up against something called “reality” of which neither he nor Obama knew anything about.


Look at their past lives – Schwarzenegger came out of the celluloid fantasy land of Follywood while Obama came out of the corrupt precincts of Chicago. Neither represents the way most Americans live their lives either in practice or in theory.


Palin, on the other hand, came out of real small-town Alaska. And while Obama’s and Schwarzenegger’s popularity are plummeting, Palin sells two million books and is more famous than ever. And this despite the fact that the Ancient Media have coddled both Obama and Schwarzy and have ruthlessly trashed Palin since the day she emerged as John McCain’s running mate. This is to be expected however. They trashed Ronald Reagan too, who ended up having a historically successful presidency. 


This is proof positive that these media too are in decline and that we conservatives are the people of substantive ideas, always have been and always will be. And that liberal Republicans do nothing but enable Democrats by trying to get along with them while mocking those conservatives who they disagree with more than they will dare disagree with Democrats.


Indeed in these most trying of times, Palin’s influence and ideology is expanding while Schwarzenegger’s is waning. Palin is having real results all over, most recently backing a conservative Tea Party candidate in Alaska, Joe Miller, who unseated the sitting Republican US senator Lisa Murkowski in a primary race, an event rare in American politics. Meanwhile Schwarzenegger is exiting the California governorship with crickets chirping, just as Obama will leave the national stage in January 2013.


This ‘tweet war’ between Palin and Schwarzenegger may sound trivial,  but it is not and could not have come at a better time just before the mid-term elections. It shows who has the real ideas in America. And it happens to be a woman this time around.


For decades, the left in America, whether the far left of the Democrat party or the near left of liberal Republicanism, could preach fiscal and moral license while our prosperity would paper over the underlying flaws in their ideas. Today, however, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been revealed as the impostor that he is while Sarah Palin’s star is rising, along with other conservative activists. In the real world that is. You know, the one that really counts.


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