Koran Burning Plan Sparks Fury

The plan by a Christian pastor in Florida to burn hundreds of Muslim holy books apparently has been called off, although others are talking about taking up the charge. The plan was causing a worldwide backlash by radical Islamists. Protests already have taken place overseas. General David Petraeus even warned that the burning is going to cause an upsurge in attacks on US troops in Afghanistan, while others have been concerned that the burning will spark attacks on American interests worldwide.


This shows that Islam is evolving into a violent worldwide brotherhood being fueled by extremists, and that it cannot survive in a Western society of open criticism and freedom of expression. Which is why Islam is flourishing in tyrannical states like Iran or lawless nations like Pakistan.


And forget the ‘moderate’ Muslims. They are irrelevant. If they had any power, they would stop the radicals. But they cannot. Or they will not. And this is what we should fear.


Imagine that one pastor named Terry Jones at a small church in Gainesville, Florida with 8,000 members on his Facebook page could throw all of world Islam, with one billion adherents, into a rage with his International Burn a Koran Day set for September 11. This shows that extremist Islam is seeking any spark to burst into flame. As if it is not in flames already.


What is driving Jones? Well, how about 9/11? Or Fort Hood? Or the horrible human rights abuses that are routine in Islamic nations? Or the unending violence by Islamic extremists all over the globe? Or the relentless attacks on Christians in Islamic nations? At the same time, zero Islamic mosques have been attacked in Europe and the United States despite the fact that many are preaching extremism and radical sharia law.


One Muslim speaker said that burning books like the Koran can lead to violence against certain people connected with those books. So apparently if Korans are burned, we might then see 19 Christian hijackers flying airliners into Muslim skyscrapers, killing 3,000 believers and hundreds of Islamic rescuers.


No, we Americans are supposed to live in fear that Muslims will hate us and will redouble their attacks on us if any of us performs symbolic acts like the burning of Korans. Don’t they already hate us enough? And is this not the reason that Jones was prepared to act?


So what should we fear more: One pastor burning a pile of Korans or tens of thousands of trained militants across the globe carrying out murder and destruction and preaching hatred of the Christian West? As Muslims immigrate by the millions TO the Christian West for a better life, that is.


There seems to be a lot of confusion among Muslims. It is hard to understand whey they are coming here if they hate us so much. Which makes you wonder why they don’t build up their own nations instead of seeking to tear down ours.


And the reason is that they know they cannot build their own nations up; those nations are too far gone. But they do believe that they can tear America down. Because it is much easier to destroy than to build. It took five years to build the World Trade Center, but 90 minutes to destroy it.


No wonder Americans like Terry Jones are alarmed by the growth of Islam here.  Because increasingly we are seeing Muslim radicals worldwide who were either born in the US, spent time here or spent much of their lives here.


Now look at Christianity. It has been impugned, maligned and defamed for millennia. Early Christians were killed by the thousands. Christians have been annihilated by the millions by atheist communists and fascists, their churches destroyed. And you can rest assured that they each would have loved to have their lives back in exchange for one burned Bible.


Every day in our own nation, Christians are trashed and belittled in the media, the universities and by many political organizations. Yet we do not see Christian martyrs setting off car bombs on college campuses, or going into atheist groups and killing their members.


Christianity is the foundation for the most peaceful and open society in history – the United States of America. George Bush even went to pray in an Islamic mosque several days after 9/11 in order to paint a picture of co-existence for Muslims in our Christian nation.


And there has been coexistence, despite the horrible behavior of many Muslims like the 9/11 hijackers, Osama bin Laden and the Fort Hood murderer/terrorist. Yet in Islamic nations today, Christian churches are constantly under assault. Here is one example from the Jakarta (Indonesia) Globe.com


Jakarta. Indonesian human rights activists on Monday urged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to investigate attacks on Christian churches, which they say have increased in the last two years.


From January to July, there were 28 cases of religious freedom violations by “intolerant groups targeting Christians,” up from 17 for the whole of 2008 and 18 in 2009, the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace said in a report.


Based on reports by churches and the media, the violations — mostly by radical Muslim groups — include forced closure of churches, revocation and delays in issuing building permits, and attacks such as torching and damaging churches, the institute said. (end of excerpt)


By the way, Obama spent some of his childhood in Indonesia. Meanwhile ethiocross.com reports:


ADDIS ABABA/MOGADISHU/ A well-known church leader from the unrecognized African state of Somaliland required medical treatment Tuesday, August 24, after he survived an attack by two Muslim extremists in neighboring Ethiopia, rights activists said.


Mohamed Ali Garas, a convert from Islam, was attacked Saturday, August 21, by two Somali Muslim men while returning home in Ethiopia‘s capital Addis Ababa, where he currently lives, said advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC). (end of excerpt)


From Catholic.org:


JERUSALEM (CNS) – Christian Palestinians tried to downplay the significance of Muslim attacks on seven Christian churches in the West Bank and Gaza in protest of Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks on Islam in Germany.


Just after the Sept. 16 shooting attack on St. John the Baptist Church in Nablus, West Bank, Melkite Father Youssef Saadeh, the parish priest, told a journalist Christians were no longer safe and would not be able to live in Nablus if the situation continued. The church’s door was set afire in the attack. (end of excerpt)


You can find these reports all over the web from all over the world. Yet the United States has fought and paid dearly in three separate wars in the last 20 years – Bosnia, Iraq and Kuwait – on behalf of liberating Muslims while radical Islamists are planning to go nuts over some small-town pastor in Florida burning Korans.


Meanwhile these radicals argue that the West must be destroyed largely because it is polluted by a decadent lifestyle while Christians are opposed to that lifestyle too. So perhaps the Islamists could attack the source of that lifestyle by targeting, say, its advocates on the political left like Follywood or promiscuous homosexuals or promiscuous heterosexuals or pornographers or anarchist anti-family activists.


But no, these Islamists  are actually allying themselves with leftist extremists in America as might be expected.  Because leftists in America will ally themselves with any anti-American force anywhere, any time.


Today, we must not be afraid of the Islamic radicals. If Muslims wish to continue to immigrate into our prosperous Western nations based in Christian brotherhood, they must understand the concept of tolerance and free speech. Otherwise they do not belong here.


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