It's Election Season Again...

It’s election season again, and things are looking bright for conservatives and Republicans.


You can always tell when Democrats are getting desperate. As David Limbaugh’s conservative book Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama went to #1 on the New York Times best-seller list and Fox News continues to trounce MSNBC and CNN in ratings, lefty Follywood actor John Cusack went on a Twitter rampage, writing:




(Note: This is how the quote was lifted directly from the web.)


Isn’t it amazing that the Democrat party that controls so much of the major media – the national TV networks, most newspapers and magazines, most of the arts, the universities, the entertainment industry, black America etc. – now finds itself in a political free-fall and with uncontrolled rage among many of its adherent over one single cable TV network, Fox News?


And it is interesting that Cusack calls Republicans ‘welfare freaks’. Isn’t that the charge that conservatives have been leveling at liberals and their handout state for decades? Why this sudden turnabout? Have they nothing better to say, something original perhaps? Like ‘skinflints’ or ‘cheapskates’ to reflect conservatives’ real view of restrained government spending?


Yes, the Democrat indeed are plum out of ammunition. Obama has failed in only 20 months in office. The economic disaster of the Democrats is the Number One agenda item working against them and it’s not going to change before November 2 or anytime until major policy changes are implemented.


Rants like Cusack’s are only going to make things worse for Democrats in the November election. With every poll trending stronger and strong for Republicans, items like the Cusack tweet are going to make voters even more fearful of the unhinged left and its extremist tactics. And don’t think that Cusack’s comments are not being noticed, or that they are somehow benign.


Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks was receiving death threats and profanity-laced phone calls even before Cusack. The number and intensity have reached the point that the organization is moving to a higher-security DC venue. FreedomWorks provided recordings of the threats like, “You guys better watch it…”  or “Now, we are going to destroy and obliterate Rush [Limbaugh] and Sean Hannity… Those two guys are dead.”


If Tea Partiers made such taunts, the Ancient Media would declare a state of emergency. But they will ignore them, just as they will ignore Cusack’s very serious threats which truly are an incitement to the nut-job DailyKos-type fringe on the political left.


Meanwhile Glenn Beck’s uplifting and peaceful rally at the Lincoln Memorial is putting conservatives in the bright light of honesty and integrity that they always have stood for and that was on display for all America to see.


This election and the election of 2012 represent a turnaround times two, 1980 rolled into 1994 all over again. Stories of corruption, wasteful spending, electoral fraud, anti-Americanism and dishonesty among Democrats are making conservatives look like knights in shining armor.


The public at large is boiling over huge salaries being paid to Democrat public officials while private-sector workers pay more and more in taxes and often lose their jobs and homes; about Obama’s debt, deficits and bailouts; about Obama’s continuing disrespect of American traditions and institutions like his skipping the opportunity to address the Boy Scouts on their 100th anniversary; about Obama’s faux-Christianity and his refusal to even attend Sunday services; his advocacy of a mosque near the Ground Zero site and many, many other issues. And while the media have tried to downplay these events, they have been collectively lodging in the minds of America, incident by incident.


Until Obama, we conservatives had to deal with the heavy baggage of Bush’s Iraq war along with decades of malicious press. But this year, we have something to run both ‘for’ and ‘against’.


We are ‘for’ fiscal responsibility and ‘against’ corruption and taxation. We are ‘for’ border security and ‘against’ unlimited illegal immigration. We are ‘for’ liberty and strong defenses and ‘against’ the anti-Americanism in Eric Holder’s Justice Department, which has been seeking civilian trials for terrorists.


Things are going our way in every way. The University of Virginia’s Crystal Ball election prognosticator is forecasting huge Democrat setbacks on Capitol Hill with GOP gains of 47 House seats – enough to take back the majority – and 8 to 9 US Senate seats and perhaps as many as 10 or 11, which also could put them in the majority. It also is predicting the loss of key governorships including Pennsylvania and Michigan and even maybe the Democrat stronghold of Illinois.


In California, Republican Meg Whitman has a good polling lead in the governor’s race as even traditionally liberal voters recognize the gravity of the state’s fiscal crisis.


This follows a Gallup Poll that showed the Republicans with a 10 point lead over the Democrats – the widest margin in 68 years – while a University of Buffalo study predicts a 51-seat gain for Republicans in November. A new Rasmussen poll shows Republicans with a 12 point lead. Awesome.


Said Larry Sabato of the Crystal Ball, “Voters are going to deliver a big fat message to President Obama, which he will not want to hear. The Republican base is at least 50 degrees further to the right than where it was when Newt Gingrich took control of the House in 1994, so we would be looking at two years of absolutely nothing getting done on Capitol Hill.”


The numbers predict a “wave election” of big change.


Democrats are trying to put the best face on the figures, predicting that Republican control of Congress can be used as an issue against the GOP in 2012. But Republicans should be able to harness their new power and use it wisely since these times are unlike any in the last 100 years.


Voter turnout in November is expected to be 40% compared to 63% in 2008. And Republicans are considered twice as motivated to vote as Democrats which will lead to big GOP gains.


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