Gap Widens Between Public, Elites

Since the November 2008 election, a chasm has been widening in America – that between We the People and the ruling leftist elites in politics, the universities and the Ancient Media.


This would be expected. Because with Obama in the White House, the differences between the power elite and the public has been set in high relief. With Bush in the presidency, that difference was much less pronounced because in a funny way, Bush was like a lot of us.


A recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 62% of Americans now oppose the construction of a mosque near the 9/11 Ground Zero site; that 77% of what Rasmussen calls ‘mainstream voters’ oppose construction; yet a whopping 68% of what Rasmussen calls the ‘political class’ actually favors the mosque.


This includes figures like New York City’s super-liberal multibillionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg; the major Ancient Media news networks, newspapers, magazines and websites; the usual radical suspects in show business; the tenured and protected university professoriate who have been off on a political bender since the 1960s; and any Democrat politician who is not threatened in the November elections, although most of this last group are keeping mum on the project out of abject fear of some future backlash.


Obama, of course, favors the mosque, opposes it and favors it again. And Obama has nobody but himself to blame for igniting the controversy, with large numbers of people engaging in the debate only after his public comments at a Ramadan dinner supporting the idea that construction of the mosque is protected by our principle of religious freedom.


Which really makes you wonder if Obama is just plain dumb or what. After all, this confident, brash young president has poll numbers falling faster than skydivers at an air show. Yet he continues putting on a brave face, unlike Jimmy Carter who turned sullen and revealed his truly defeated self, lashing out famously in his ‘malaise’ speech that there surely was nothing wrong with Jimmy Carter, but with America itself.


Obama is no Carter, however. He instead blames Bush for everything. His polls are falling much faster than Carter’s And Obama is much more extremist than Carter who at least had some vestiges of genuine Christian faith. Obama’s alleged obeisance to Christianity is suspect with a capital S, which adds even more steam to his foggy reputation as a Christian and makes it even clearer why he favors the mosque. And this is crucial to understanding why there is a bigger and bigger gap between Obama & Co. and our largely Christian culture.


In addition, his radical economic agenda is mud in the opinion of increasing numbers of Americans, certainly a polar outcome from what he expected at his inauguration when he certainly saw himself as a messianic figure who would save of the nation from economic ruin and realign its priorities toward government socialism.


Nineteen months later, Obama has painted himself into a corner. This must be galling for a certified genius according to his fellow geniuses at Harvard. He just keeps stepping on his own tongue, which was certified silver by his tutors at the Ivy League but never tested in battle until he got to the White House and had to consider the opinions of real Americans and not just his classmates or other community organizers. This mosque controversy proves once again that Obama never was prepared to be president, and that America was never prepared for the Obama we’ve gotten.


Because Americans are fair-minded people and understand the difference between a Constitutional ‘right’ to religious freedom, and American Christian propriety and decency in questioning the building of an Islamic mosque on one of the most sensitive sites in our history. Just as we all know that the Constitutional right to free speech does not grant us the license to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater.


And it is simply amusing but, in the end, disturbing to watch the media elite suddenly grasping for the “religious tolerance” straw in support of the mosque after decades of nonstop Christian-bashing. But then again, radical Islam is warring against America and its Christian founding, and therefore cannot be all that bad to people like Chris Matthews and Katie Couric who represent the ever-shrinking class of Americans who just never seem to be able to bring themselves to wish our nation well.


Those on the political left always seem prepared to go down with their ship over and over as they have repeatedly in the past with Carter, with LBJ, or with the reality of FDR’s depression-era failures which are being exposed to more and more people as time passes.


Here is a quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Treasury secretary Henry Morgenthau talking about years of heavy government spending for make-work jobs during the depression under Roosevelt:


“We are spending more money than we have ever spent before, and it does not work. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. I say after eight years of this administration, we have just as much unemployment as when we started and an enormous debt, to boot.”


Sound familiar? Indeed the elites in FDR’s time said the spending would work, but common sense said it wouldn’t. There was a big gap even then.


But the left keeps raising that ship and trying to patch it up while the American public sees through the rhetorical charade like the one supporting the mosque on the basis of the Constitution, which is an academic point that carries weight only with the Yale graduates and the staff of NBC News.


No, the extremists who control the Democrat party and populate the White House no longer are in touch with most Americans. This chasm was papered over for decades by prosperity and stability. But those days are gone. Americans are ready for tough love on a variety of fronts and are willing to sacrifice for the common good.


The elites, however, never wish to sacrifice anything materially or politically while asking the rest of us to do so. And that dichotomy is what is rankling Main Street every day, and driving a wedge deeper and deeper into the heart of our American political discourse.     


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