Conservatives are Smartest

For decades now, we have heard from the media and the university elite that liberals are oh-so smart and that conservatives are just dumb rednecks looking for their next 6-pack and stock-car race.


If only it were so. In fact conservatives are much smarter than liberals. Here’s why:


Liberals today live in a media/university environment in which truth is no longer germane. They just say whatever they please and, in their echo chamber, they hear their opinions reverberated over and over in the news, in studies, in conversation, among students etc.


Consider Nobel Prize winner Stephen Chu, who is secretary of energy under Obama. This left-wing Rent-a-Prize winner said in 2009 that the world could save a huge amount of energy on air conditioning costs by painting the roofs of all the world’s buildings white.


Yes, he actually said it!


What he meant was that white roofs would theoretically reflect the sun and keep air conditioning costs down. And this is precisely the kind of world-changing idea that you read in reports for 9th grade ecology class.


Unfortunately, there are so many flaws in this idea that it is preposterous. Like the massive cost of painting the roofs and repainting them every few years. Or the large amount of energy required to make and transport all that paint. Or that black roofs actually attract solar energy in the winter, thus saving energy for heating costs.


So Mr. Chu, you’ve really gotta think all these things through before ordering that 10 trillion gallons of white paint.


And thus Chu’s thinking really shows where all the super-smart academics are today. They are in Stupidville.


This type of thinking is all over the political left. They keep telling us, for instance, that Obama needs to spend more and more government money to stoke the economy when it has proven to be a failing strategy that even Europe is abandoning as counter-productive. Yet Rent-a-Prize winner Paul Krugman of the New York Times advocates just such spending over and over. Because that is what ideology tells him, not common sense.


They tell us that the family is not necessary to a civilized society, when the dire situation in communities with broken families proves once and for all that cohesive families are the best for everyone involved. Yet future Rent-a-Prize winner Hillary Clinton wrote a book called It Takes A Village, claiming that two parents are not really necessary to raising a child, but that it takes a whole village of people.


They tell us that the world is running out of oil when we have more oil reserves than ever, while most of the world remains underexplored or unexplored. Yet Rent-a-Prize winner Al Gore sure believes the world is running out.


In short, liberalism is never based on truth, but on opinion and emotion and, above all, selfishness, i.e., Krugman’s friend and political allies get lots of money from the government to study this and that, so he advocates more spending; or Al Gore’s cronies are invested in windmills which would increase in value if indeed the world was running out of oil.  


Conservatism, on the other hand, is based on the hard observation of real facts. We right-wingers study history and economics and geology and science and understand the truth. And the reason we are smarter than liberals is because truth is on our side, and thus the liberals have to take the opposite tack and side with falsity.


We know that lower tax rates produce economic growth because it has been proven over and over in world history. But liberals cannot agree with us. So they must counter with the opposite. And they look ridiculous by defending the indefensible.


In fact, conservative wisdom is based on facts, rationality, scholarship and the most essential starting point of all – common sense. That is why conservatives are infinitely smarter than liberals. Because liberals do not understand the foundation stone of common sense. Because they never use common sense. They are nonsensical in every way.


Common sense stands clearly above all the left-wing intellectual gobbledygook in the world. Just talk to most college professors today about any subject and common sense goes out the window. Theory abounds. They will give you some wacky opinion about everything and anything but only an opinion that serves their interest. Then go talk to a logger in rural Oregon – who uses common sense every day – about the same subject and you will realize that the loggers is, in his gut, the genuinely smarter man.


He may not sound smarter, or appear smarter. But that is because intelligence to the political left is all a matter of image and projection.


Forget all the erudite rhetoric from Obama & Co. It’s all smoke and mirrors. And the people who believe it are invested in it. So they must believe it. Otherwise they lose their jobs, their position and their prestige.


Go to Harvard and say you don’t believe in ‘global warming’ and you will be run off the campus. Go to Stanford and say that the world’s petroleum supply is not at all threatened with depletion, and you will be treated like an alien.


It is crucial to remember that president Obama himself won the Rent-a-Prize shortly after he took office. Everyone was shocked by it and even his media friends considered it to be something of a joke. Nobody even calls him ‘Nobel laureate Barack Hussein Obama’. Everyone knows that the Prize has become a joke.


And that is part and parcel of all leftist intellectualism. It has all become a joke. The Nobel Prize is just a manifestation of this sad state of affairs.


 That nobody even talks about Obama’s Rent-a-Prize anymore shows how preposterous is the whole socialist view of the world. Next time perhaps we should give the real Nobel Prize to someone who really matters, whose view of the world comes not from selfishness and theory, but from genuine knowledge, scholarship, wisdom, understanding and, most important of all, the basic building block of common sense.


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