Glenn Beck has a Dream

Glenn Beck is a curious character. He is a Mormon from Washington state, a former alcoholic, and a very thorough and sensible conservative TV and radio commentator who has emerged only in the last few years. Yet he held a massive ‘Restoring Honor’ rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC on Saturday, August 28 that looked like one called by a long-entrenched and long-revered political leader. The event was covered on C-Span.


Beck is a good guy who offers more valuable information in any one of his hour-long TV programs than most people give in a lifetime. And the huge crowd at his upbeat rally honoring God, America, our traditional values and our troops was yet another sign that hardworking, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens aren’t going to tolerate the abuses of socialism/atheism any longer.


The NAACP and other black groups were enraged that Beck held the rally on the 47th anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream…” speech. So black activist Al Sharpton held a small, disorganized and sometimes angry and accusatory ‘Restoring the Dream’ counter-rally in Washington on the same day as Beck, which also drew C-Span coverage.


And this was just a typical liberal ploy. Because anything that conservatives do, liberals must respond with their own action as if to even the score. Remember the short-lived ‘coffee parties’ that were supposed to be the Democrat answer to the Tea Parties? Or now-defunct Air America, which was supposed to challenge Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio?


And even when Democrats have full control, they cannot tolerate any challenge. That is why they are melting down emotionally in Washington in the face of their coming electoral drubbing. Because that is the nature of liberals – weak, insecure, angry and always  hungry for control of other people’s lives.


We conservatives, on the other hand, do not want to control people. We keep telling people over and over to rely on themselves and that that will bring them the most happiness.


Beck’s rally in fact had all of liberal America up in arms ahead of time. All the lefty networks ran a week’s worth of runup rants calling Beck every name in the book. “How dare he use the date of the King speech!” became the hot-button slander of Beck in order to agitate the left with the most base and emotional charge.


These Ancient Media figures have been fixating on Beck ever since he went on TV on Fox in January 2009 after several years on the radio. They talk about him constantly, which must be amusing and flattering to Beck. This makes Beck seem even bigger than he really is, the way media attacks have actually elevated and legitimized Sarah Palin. Indeed while liberals control so much of the media, the entertainment industry, the universities etc., they still are obsessing about a pudgy white guy in sneakers who speaks clearly.


And if you think about it, you understand it. Because today’s Democrats fear anyone who speaks clearly and truthfully, particularly someone who has a TV show. Because any informed conservative can debate a leftist under a table just using common sense and a few basic facts. And Democrats know this. That is why liberals seek to silence conservatives, or at least match them in volume, but never to debate them one-on-one with real facts. Just look at the way Al Gore refused to debate any skeptic of his so-called ‘global warming’ theory despite the fact that Gore had the whole world’s media behind him.


Of course, liberals should be mad at Beck because in his media career, Beck has been openly challenging the abusive socialist powers that have evolved since the 1960s. Average, hardworking, taxpaying Americans are fed up with the leftist culture of moral equivalence, greed, corruption, materialism, confiscatory taxation, debt, anti-Americanism, mistreatment of Vietnam veterans, nihilism and government dependence that is ruining our economy and our freedom.


The huge Beck rally audience, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, appeared to be almost exclusively white. This will be picked apart by the usual critics. But then again, the Beck rally turned out to be surprisingly non-political – first a call to honor God and then a salute to the Christian nature of our nation and an acknowledgement of our selfless military troops. Even Alveda King – Martin Luther King’s niece – spoke, while Beck also paid homage to King.


Sharpton, whose rally appeared to be exclusively black, railed against Beck saying, “When Dr. King and others came here in ’63 to ask the government to protect the civil rights of people and the economic rights of people, they came to ask government to protect them from local states that were robbing them of economic and civil rights…”


Then he said: “Glenn Beck is coming here to ask government to leave us alone, so he’s trying to reverse what King did and there are those of us who are not going to allow that to happen.”


This is more gasoline on the political fires. Yes, Beck is asking the government to leave his followers alone because the government is harassing them, disrespecting them and taking away their wealth and freedom with impunity. But the idea that Beck is seeking to “reverse” the work of King is utter incitement and a desperation tactic.


One speaker at the Sharpton rally said that the real motivation behind Beck’s rally was to “roll back the Civil Rights Act” of 1964. It is amazing that this type of inflammatory rhetoric still flies when the Beck rally was nothing of the sort, and is tolerated in an age when the richest self-made woman in the world is Oprah Winfrey.


This is the type of one-upmanship and confrontational rhetoric that always marks the left. If you want your freedom, it is never even remotely as important as their  freedom. If you want justice, it is never nearly as important as their justice. If you want economic fairness, it can never begin to compare to their concept of economic fairness.


Another Sharpton speaker talked about gays, lesbians etc. which is classic liberalism: To talk about separate aggrieved groups, rather than the common good for all which was the theme of the Beck rally.


“Shame on them,” said an hispanic SEIU union speaker about the Beck rally. To which we conservatives can only reply: Shame on Sharpton and his crew for refusing to even recognize what Beck’s rally really was about, and that all Americans have rights and grievances too. And that those rights are fundamental including the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness free from the heavy hand of government intervention.


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