A Man's View of Motherhood

A Scottish university recently announced a hard statistic about childbearing – that women lose 90% of their reproductive eggs by the age of 30. This certainly is going to send shockwaves throughout the female population of America because it puts things into mathematical perspective.


What should conservatives – both men and women – say about all this?


We should state yet again how much we conservatives are the real pro-woman agents in America, and not the feminists and the liberals on the political left.


It is important to remember that the Republican party was the first to support women’s suffrage; that the first woman in the US Congress was Republican Jeanette Rankin of Montana; that Republican Margaret Chase Smith of Maine was the first woman elected in her own right to the US Senate; that conservative Margaret Thatcher was the first woman to serve as prime minister of England; that the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Connor, nominated by Ronald Reagan.


Then just look at how brutally Obama & Co. treated Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary campaign, or how the left-wing media have trashed Sarah Palin without letup. And don’t think for a second that these were not examples of pure leftist misogyny.  Yet somehow those same liberals have stolen the mantle of “women’s rights.”


Do they deserve it?


Heck no. Conservatives do. Hands down. And it is because “women’s rights” have been portrayed by the liberals and the media only as women having high-paying, high-profile and powerful positions in society.


But we conservatives treat “women’s rights” differently. In fact we treat “women’s rights” and “men’s rights” as exactly the same thing, that both men and women should have equal opportunity to live fulfilled, happy lives in a decent, free society based on Constitutional principles. That men and women should treat one another with respect, not with the utter contempt that feminists have for men. And that a good life for any person, man or woman, includes a solid, centered emotional well-being that feminism has deemed insignificant. Because one thing you often notice about feminists is how cold and unlovable that they are.


No wonder all the lib guys hate Palin. Because secretly they love her but can’t have her. They see her as warm and beautiful and real, not like the frigid, power-mad witches in their own universe. Think Hillary.


Liberalism/socialism is a materialistic ideology that is based solely on the acquisition of power and wealth. And so the only path in the liberal mind to empowering “women” is intellectual and financial, to grease the skids through the universities and the government, through education and laws. No genuine warmth or human emotion is involved.


Nowhere in liberal America is the natural and wonderful state of men and women as equal partners in matrimony and with children at the center of their wedded universe considered the top priority. Yet that is the absolute center of the conservative universe. And it is infinitely more significant that all the feminist theory combined. Because it treats the whole person, including his/her emotional core, as an integral part of God’s wonderful creation.


Look at the Democrats’ radical agenda on abortion. Feminism is even based largely on the hatred of children. How can it go any lower? Millions of feminists think that unlimited access to abortion – any time, at any stage of pregnancy, at any age – is the most crucial step to feminist perfection. This is just cruelty. Then many of them end up old, unmarried and without children to make any real joy in their lives.


Today, the news even has come out that women in America now have higher salaries than men on average. Yet we will rue the day that this happened. Because it means that manly endeavors like mining and construction and electronics and computers and mechanics now are being marginalized in a society where the economy has been ‘feminized’ into functions like government bureaucracy, law, education, health care and environmentalism.


But if we don’t have men out there building things and inventing things and fixing things, who is going to create the hardware for the future?


That is a good question.


Men are losing out to women in many ways today. The reason is simple: Real men do not seek to appease others and to gain power, but to progress through the accumulation of real skill and knowledge, often just for the sake of having them.


And so do real women, people like Laura Bush and Lynn Cheney, who recognize that they are there to support their partner, not to try and compete with him as Hillary did to her husband, but to serve quietly alongside him, just as Todd Palin serves quietly alongside his powerful wife, not cheating on her like John Edwards or Bill Clinton.


Just look at history to see how feminism accelerated itself, a result of the horrible treatment of women by the liberal ‘hippies’ of the 1960s. The ‘hippies’ treated women with contempt, like sex objects. That is how Bill Clinton became the monster that he turned into. And that is why feminists are so cold – because they understand the real relationship between liberal males and their female counterparts. And they do not like it one bit.


No, it is we conservative men who value and treasure women not as superiors (as feminism has made them) or inferiors (as the ‘hippies’ treated them) but as equals. Because that is the essence of a free society, that “all men” – and women – “are created equal”. Because only genuine equality can create the kind of freedom that is required to make a world that allows all people to pursue life, liberty and happiness under the watchful eye of a just, loving and all-caring God.


Please visit my website at www.nikitas3.com for more. You can print out for free my book, Right Is Right, which explains why only conservatism can maintain our freedom and prosperity.

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