Mosque Furor Intensifies

It sure didn’t take long for the forces behind the Ground Zero mosque to ally themselves with the radical left in America. Because soon after the mosque issue heated up with president Obama taking both sides of it – first he said that it was a matter of religious tolerance and freedom, but then that he did not necessarily agree with the “wisdom” of building it – there were charges of “racism” against those who oppose the mosque.


And “racism” is the bottom-of-the-barrel charge that always come from Democrats and their political allies whenever their backs are against the political wall, as they are now with big majorities of Americans now opposing the mosque. So now mosque backers and their anti-Christian friends have commenced tossing rhetorical bombs in every direction.


Daisy Khan, wife of the Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, even has suggested that the mosque and community center will be no different from a Jewish Community Center (JCC). So Khan now is slyly trying to equate the essential and historical ties between Judaism and Christianity through the millennia with the recent and increasingly strained ties between Christianity and Islam, saying that opposition to the mosque is “like a metastasized anti-Semitism. That’s what we feel right now….  It’s hate of Muslims. And we are deeply concerned.”


Obviously appealing to the Jewish left in New York City and at the New York Times with such a comment, Khan said that the Islamic community center would be just like a JCC with an auditorium, swimming pool, athletic facilities, classrooms  and a worship space.


“It’s basically become a place where ideas can be exchanged, but tolerance, mutual respect can also be extended,” she said.


Khan said the site would be modeled after the JCC or YMCA because “all religions Americanize over time. They go from a place of worship to a place of service … and (the) Muslim community is inevitably going to also develop such a center.”


So as Islamic radicals in Iran ramp up their threats to push Israel into the sea while Obama snubs Israel, liberal Jews in America are holding hands with hard-core Islam in New York, as is Rabbi Joy Levitt of the Manhattan JCC.


Meanwhile plans to rebuild a Greek Orthodox church on its original site near the World Trade Center has been stonewalled by New York officials.


Khan charged on the ABC Sunday morning news program This Week that opposition to the mosque is “beyond Islamophobia”. And if she keeps talking in this inflammatory way, anger and suspicion at Islam will rise even more in America. Because if we remember correctly, it is Islamic extremists who attacked us Americans on 9/11 in the first place and it is US president George W. Bush who ran to pray with Muslims shortly after 9/11 to show ‘tolerance’.


So where now is the Muslim ‘tolerance’ for the memory of 9/11?


That is a good question. Because this mosque on this site is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And the exposed wolf is hurling the usual rhetorical firebombs learned from the American left – “discrimination”, “religious intolerance” and “racism”.


Now Islamic radicals globally are using American protests against the mosque to step up threats against American interests. “By Allah, the wars are heated and you Americans are the ones who…enflamed it,” says one internet posting. “By Allah you will be the first to taste its flames.”


Another jihadist website suggested suicide bombings in Florida against a threatened Koran burning, while others predicted a surge in terrorist recruitment as a result of the controversy.


Imagine that: A controversy in the United States over construction of a mosque leads to calls for more murderous terror around the world. Thus it is no wonder that Americans are rising up against this project and are suspicious and alarmed about worldwide Islam in general.


And why can’t Muslims take on the radicals in their own ranks first  before calling out peaceful Americans who oppose the mosque?


Answer: They no longer can. Because increasingly radicals are controlling Islam. Which is why Americans are alarmed about this controversy. Even Rauf himself is said to have a much more radical past than has been revealed to date.


 Khan told This Week, “What we’re doing is we’re meeting several stakeholders right now, because we understand the pain and the anguish that has been displayed throughout the country … And we indeed want to build bridges. We don’t want to create conflict. This is not where we were coming from,”


Note to Khan: In America, we say that if you want to build bridges in a peaceful Christian manner you should not set those bridges aflame first.  


The proposed construction of this mosque is simply a stepping up of the promised Islamic assault on the Christian West, an Islamic Fifth Column in the United States. Masquerading as a peaceful outreach to our nation, it is nothing more than blatant confrontation and its supporters know this. And if this mosque ever gets built, Muslims then will move into other areas of confrontation and incrementally undermine us step by step.


This follows on from other more direct and violent actions like the Fort Hood shooting, in which military officials were afraid to speak out against the killer’s radical Islamic background for fear of the “racism” charge. Just as we are supposed to  back down now under the same charge.


We should not and must not. And no matter the outcome of this issue, it has irreparably damaged Muslim-American relations, which is an intentional strategy by extremists – to bloody the waters.


If this were not a planned strategy, so-called ‘moderate’ Muslims would call off the mosque. But Islam in America is no longer ‘moderate’. And that is what Americans know and are speaking out against. And that is a good thing.


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