Iraq War is Over...

Am I dreaming or did the news media cover the story ‘Last American Combat Troops Leave Iraq’ like it was a fender-bender on the 4th of July?


Suddenly there it was on the TV screen – interviews with departing soldiers, a convoy crossing into Kuwait, the end to seven-and-a-half years of war. There was no buildup to it, no special shows about the meaning of the conflict, no summaries of the American victory there.


The final convoy of the Army’s 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team began entering Kuwait about 1:30 AM August 19, which was 6:30 PM ET, Wednesday, August 18 in the US.


Indeed there it was, ‘Last American Combat Troops Leave Iraq’, with the convoy entering Kuwait in the dark like the American media kept coverage of the event – in the dark.


What the heck is going on here? When the war was going terribly, every car bomb was promptly reported in excruciating detail, every fake prison abuse story was splashed on front pages all over the globe, and every American combat death was, in effect, celebrated by the left.


Yet now that the last combat troops have left Iraq, there has hardly been a whimper.


What does this mean?


It means America has won, friends. It means America has won. And since our wonderful troops, who own this victory 100%, are leaving with their heads high after an unbelievably difficult and heartbreaking war, the media do not want any credit given for the success.


Imagine what would need to happen to really highlight the story: The media would have to say that George Bush’s war has been won. And Bush’s approval rating, already higher than Obama’s, would rise quickly. Because Iraq was a political albatross around the legacy of Bush that now is slowly being removed as we knew it would.


Of course, the war has not been officially “won”. It still is a perilous region. But the apparent triumph of the Bush Doctrine of spreading liberty is truly a credit to a leader of tenacity and integrity.


There were many times when the events of August 18, 2010 seemed out of reach. No, we will never win, said the media and the Democrats. “The war is lost,” said Democrat US senator Harry Reid of Nevada in 2006, whose own war for re-election now seems likely to be lost instead.


Which is a wonderfully ironic turn of facts.


Of course, you might think that the Ancient Media could have sought in some way to credit Obama with the victory, to take our minds off of his hobbled presidency. But that would never have worked. Because playing up the ‘war is over’ story only would have reminded Americans about who should get the real credit – our superb military. Period. Whom the media despise.


And then its leaders like general David Petraeus and finally the commander-in-chief George W. Bush.


The war was brutal, but indeed war is hell. There were times when even we conservatives felt ready to throw in the towel. But what would that have accomplished? Another Vietnam is not what America needs.


When president George W. Bush landed in a jet fighter on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln just three weeks after the war started on March 20, 2003 and declared Mission Accomplished after Baghdad had been seized, there was outrage on the left. Not because the mission indeed was not accomplished at that time, but because Bush seemed to have won and was gloating.


Indeed the mission was hardly accomplished, and seven-and-a-half long years later, it now has reached a new stage that Bush certainly would have hoped for. Yet he has been absent from the media coverage.


‘War is over: Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq; 50,000 remain as advisers’, said the New York Daily News headline followed by only 293 words of commentary.


293 words… Shameful.


War is over? Who would have thought that possible in the dark days of 2005 when the media were proclaiming an insurmountable “quagmire”, a phrase the New York Times was using in the first week of the operation.


Under ‘Related news’ the Daily News offered this gem: ‘Looking to buy a used toilet? Try a garage sale in Iraq’, as if, with one parting shot, to disrespect the entire mission with a trashy sidebar.


Really thoughtful people at the Daily News, aren’t they?


Here is a quote that was tagged on to the end of the Daily News article: “I know that to my brothers in arms who fought and died, this day would probably mean a lot – to finally see us getting out of here,” Spc. Luke Dill,18, told The Associated Press.


This was like an afterthought tagged on for effect. Imagine if this were some gay-rights battle or civil-rights struggle. The media would have treated it like the most important story of the decade. But the tale about the Last American Combat Troops Leave Iraq is of little import to America’s increasingly distrusted Ancient Media. Because it is they who finally have lost and who will be seen so in the long light of history.


Good. Their stock is tumbling with each passing day, along with Obama’s.


Still, the Obama White House managed to bungle even this moment of triumph. The White House website first noted the ‘End of Combat in Iraq’ before backtracking and noting that the official end of combat operations is August 31.  


They can’t even list the correct date. Which is utterly shameful. This bunch must go.


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