Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0

Hillary Clinton’s now-famous 1998 warning about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband has been fodder for ridicule for twelve years now. Today we have charges of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0 being fomented by desperate Democrats who are running scared over their coming election drubbing.


The conspiracy now falls into many classes including Vast Right-Wing Tea Party Conspiracy and Vast Right-Wing Mosque Opposition Conspiracy. There are others like the Vast Right-Wing ‘Global Warming’ Denier Conspiracy and Vast Right-Wing Unemployed People Conspiracy. But for simplicity here we will only talk about the first two.


The big problem for frightened Democrats is that neither the Tea Partiers nor the mosque opponents has any single leader pulling the puppet strings the way that Democrats have their union thugs and political hatchet men pulling the strings in, say, busing in groups of people to protest on the front lawns of business executives, gripe about capitalism on Wall Street or oppose the Arizona immigration law.


And this is what is driving Nancy Pelosi and her crowd insane. Because their own ideology is so driven by top-down, well-financed and well-coordinated leaders that they cannot fathom when a movement arises from We the People who are using our own dime and time to protest. In fact, the whole notion of a popular uprising is downright frightening to Democrats because it never favors them.


Even socially-liberal Republicans are falling down on the issue of the mosque. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said recently that “…I understand acutely the pain and sorrow and upset of the family members who lost loved ones that day at the hands of radical Muslim extremists… On the other hand, we cannot paint all of Islam with that brush. … and I don’t believe that it would be responsible of me to get involved and comment on this any further because it just put me in the same political arena as all of them.”


Uh, governor, we know you are trying to sound like Mr. Level-Headed for your future presidential run. But you did just “get involved” by portraying mosque opponents as people who are  painting “all of Islam with that brush.”


We mosque opponents are not anti-Islam. We are anti-extremist and are saying that Ground Zero is a terrible place for a mosque being promoted by an imam who has made blatantly anti-American statements and who has sided with the terrorist group Hamas.


And, governor, where are all your “moderate” Muslims in this debate? Where are their voices of sensitivity to say that the mosque is inappropriate near the Ground Zero site. Because it is malignantly insensitive and we right-wingers still are waiting for all the “moderates” to rise up and speak. But there is mostly silence. Which makes us even more suspicious.


Now look at Paranoid Pelosi, who said: “There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.”


Huh? Who are “those who have called” for an investigation into mosque opponents? This is the first we conservatives have heard about it.


Pelosi thinks that it could never be a movement that is springing spontaneously from an overwhelming majority of Americans who are outraged, just like she cannot believe that Americans are joining in protest against Obama policies as the economy crumbles.  Remember that Pelosi declared that Tea Parties are “astro turf” and now is implying that it must be some Big Conspiracy against the mosque that sure needs to be checked out pronto.


Pelosi thinks that opposition to the mosque certainly is being funded by some Man Behind the Curtain, because that is the way that all Democrat-party agenda items are funded by say, George Soros or organized labor leaders or other ‘community organizers’ and their rent-a-mob groups that can show up on demand anywhere, anytime.


Pelosi then tried to ‘clarify’ her remarks saying “I support the statement made by the Interfaith Alliance that ‘We agree… that there is a need for transparency about who is funding the effort to build this Islamic center.”


So now she is making a ‘moral equivalence’ between the radicals who want the mosque and us little ol’ law-abiding rednecks who oppose it. It’s kind of like the Democrats acting like illegal aliens have every American right that we citizens have.


And where will Pelosi’s inquiry into the funding of the mosque itself go?


Nowhere. They will never ask any real questions about where the money comes from.  But they will continue to seek to investigate us opponents, guaranteed. If they dare.


Smearing mosque opponents is like the NAACP calling Tea Party participants racists because NAACP needs to go to the bottom of the barrel to impugn those who oppose Obama policies from the grass roots. But there’s trouble brewing on the left with even US senator Harry Reid of Nevada now opposing the mosque. Not because he really opposes it, but because he realizes that the people of Nevada generally oppose it. And that maybe… just maybe… that they are acting on the orders of the most frightening community organizer of all to liberals – their own consciences.  


The Democrats now have yet another issue going against them to add to the horrible economy, the horrible health-care bill, Obama bowing to foreign leaders, staggering debt, failed stimulus, commies in the White House, and on and on.  It is going to be delicious watching them squirm up until election day, then have a nervous breakdown like they did after George W. Bush won re-election in 2004.


When Hillary called out the “vast right-wing conspiracy”, it turned her into a laughingstock with that phrase still reverberating today as a punch line. What Obama, Pelosi and the desperate Democrats are doing today is setting themselves up for a big fall with the same bug-eyed paranoia. And the words “Ground Zero mosque” are going to echo around our political lexicon for decades as another agenda item in the Democrat Waterloo of 2010.


Coming after Democrats’ sense of invincibility with the election of Obama less than two years ago, the manic-depressive left is being exposed for the wacky postmodernist children they are. When they’re happy, it’s irrational exuberance. But when they get mad, they just lash out at the nearest target. Unfortunately for them, however, we have adult supervision and we can see their tactic. And it will fail just like Hillary’s claim of victimization failed more than 10 years ago.


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