Michelle the 'Secret Weapon'? No...

Like characters in a James Bond movie, the Democrats finally have pulled a secret weapon from their boot – Michelle Obama. As the president’s approval rating sinks ever more as the economy tanks, the August Dog Days media narrative says that the First Lady will become campaigner-in-chief and the Democrats surely will be saved in November.


This is a desperation tactic. Democrats know the score. Fewer and fewer liberal candidates even are showing up to be photographed with the president. The latest was Texas Democrat governor candidate Bill White, while sitting Texas governor Rick Perry, an outspoken Republican, actually came to the Austin airport to greet Mr. Hussein Obama.


It is hard to tell if Perry is a true gentleman, a simple observer of political decorum or a keen political strategist, yet there he was. But the other part of the story explains it – that Perry wanted to personally deliver a letter to the president about the crisis at the border, which he did. And if Perry thinks that the president gives a hoot about that, he’s got another thing coming. But he made his point. So good show, guv-nah!


The Democrats now have Michelle Obama to do her husband’s bidding thinking that the American people are simpletons who can be swayed by a charming lady. And most Democrats can; they’ll fall for anything. But strong and heartfelt opposition to Obama policies do not emanate from dissatisfaction with the commander-in-chief’s choice of cologne that can be remedied by a new sales pitch, but from deep-seated dissatisfaction with the direction of the nation, with 84% saying “wrong track” in one recent poll. This will not be cured by a few months of Michelle.


The Democrats and their Ancient Media friends have had a long-term love affair with liberal First Ladies. For the last 50 years those media have expressed a slobbering adoration for Jackie Kennedy right up to her death in 1994  and even after. They never, ever revealed that Jackie was emotionally devastated by her marriage to a philandering president who slept with countless women including Ellen Romesch, a communist spy. Jackie’s tragic tenure culminated in her last few hours as First Lady wearing clothes soaked in her husband’s blood.


Hillary Clinton, of course, was deemed the Smartest Woman in the World and also was – surprise! – betrayed by another liberal cad. Now Michelle Obama is being treated as the Smartest Black Woman in the World just behind Oprah Winfrey and just ahead of LeBron James. Meanwhile Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush have been treated like snack servers at a John Kerry fundraiser.


Obama seems unfazed by his sinking popularity, odd for a member of a party of people who are obsessed with what others think.  But he struts about as if he doesn’t have a care in the world.


This is probably due to the fact that he still can’t believe he’s president of the United States. Like Jimmy Carter. And just is having fun, and to heck with the country. Of course he can be satisfied that he has put some parts of his radical agenda in place, but his youthful naivete probably denies him the wisdom to consider that his legacy seems destined to end up being mud. And that his legacy is going to be around for a long, long time. Just ask Jimmy Carter.


So now Marvelous Michelle will be traipsing around the nation in what commentators are saying is a role that she will relish – meeting the people and pulling the president’s reputation out of the ditch. No, she’s no radical, say the media. She’s Mary Poppins.


This is bunk. She’s an elite leftist dressed in Christian Dior.


And she probably is now actually proud of her country after her 5-star trip to Spain and all the other hoo-hah that goes along with the being First Lady, except for one really critical part which is the public’s increasing scorn for her husband.


Whatever. But her campaigner role won’t work.


Sure Michelle will gather adoring crowds and sycophantic media coverage. It is going to get really icky folks; just watch for the syrup that oozes from every newscast, the saccharine once reserved for the president. After all this is the lady who has managed to appear on magazine covers more often than Michael Jackson. But this worship will come mostly from the already-converted like the female in Detroit who said in 2008 that Obama was going to pay her bills from “his stash”.


You know, the smart, ambitious and productive people who keep the nation running, early to bed, early to rise…


Yeah, right…


Indeed, the well-trained, increasingly poor, dazed and dependent Democrat toadies will be out in force to see this entrancing First Lady who will sprinkle them with leftist holy water, assuring them that more government money is in the pipe and that everything soon will be back to normal, whatever that is.



Michelle will be tarred by the Limbaugh Media as exactly what she is – a last-ditch effort to stave off massive Democrat losses in the November elections. Expect Rush, Sean, Glenn and all the other right-wingers to play Michelle as merely a crutch for a crippled presidency.


What are the Democrat strategists thinking that has brought them to this point?


They are scared to death and ready for plan M. So they let the president himself prattle on as if does not have a care in the world. Because Obama is a classic liberal – a very good actor. There is no other explanation for his disturbingly upbeat tone in the face of his current standing with the people.


Today, Bill Clinton is an angry guy with a big reputation among Democrats as a primo fundraiser, political operative and hatchet man. The Democrats would love to take advantage of the Clintons for campaign purposes, but will have no luck there.


So it’s Michelle to the rescue. After all, who else is there? Pelosi is despised and has an abysmal approval rating among the general public. Harry Reid is about to lose his own US Senate seat. Congressman Barney Frankfurter is a known liar except in Massachusetts. And senator Chris Dodd has been essentially run out of office for corruption.


Michelle is the opposite from all these Dems – she’s mostly kept her political mouth shut, is famous for telling kids to eat good food and has magically grown many gardens at the White House. She does not have a lot of political blood on her hands, and she actually appears to have a smile on her face.


Whether that smile is as fake as her husband’s is yet to be revealed. But her First Lady campaign will play all the last cards in the deck. And from what the pollsters are saying, the Democrats are going to come up with a pair of deuces when Obama & Co. really need a royal straight flush just to keep their heads above water.


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