Drain the Democrat Swamp, Nancy

Do you remember Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi way, way back in 2006 urging Americans to vote Democrat so as to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington?


Well, it sure didn’t take big-name Democrats long to be exposed in their own scandals since then. Twenty-term congressman Charles Rangel of New York, once the powerful chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, now is being charged with failure to disclose assets and income; nonpayment of taxes; and doing legislative favors for donors to a college center named after him.


This comes after Rangel for years has made laws that force the rest of us to pay more and more in taxes and penalize us for not doing so.


Bye-bye Charlie!


And now 10-term Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters from California is under investigation for a conflict of interest regarding a bank in her district that got federal aid, a bank in which her husband owned $250,000 in stock and once served on its board of directors.


These are just two Democrats who have been caught. We know that the Democrat party is rife with corruption on every level, and that there are surely thousands of cases across the nation that have not been exposed and never will be.


Both Rangel and Waters are black and are prominent members of the Congressional Black Caucus. So apparently we truly have equality in America today. Equality of corruption, that is. So naturally Waters is screaming “racism”, claming blacks are being targeted.


But don’t expect Obama to go out on a limb for Rangel or Waters. They both supported Hillary in 2008.


Rangel and Waters both represent the concept of unassailable, elitist black power. Rangel long has considered himself an icon who is above reproach, while Waters has been one of the most vociferously outspoken members of Congress about any and every issue with which she disagrees. Which is everything sensible that we conservatives believe in from tax relief to the Tea Parties.


This is the same Maxine Waters who said in 2004 during a financial services committee hearing in the House that “we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac… and Fannie Mae…”


It should be interesting to watch these two squirm. Dueling ethics trial this Fall just before the election should present Americans with a picture of where our nation is headed in the Era of Obama, which is an era of unprecedented Democrat corruption that is about to come crashing down, with Obama himself making his final curtain call in 2012.


On every level – federal, state and local – Democrats are engaged in corruption. They use their government thrones to control government spending, tax citizens heavily and transfer wealth to their cronies in the following public ways:


*They negotiate flush contracts that reward their Democrat government-employee union friends. Look at California’s debt crisis and you will see it.


*They negotiate sweetheart deals with unionized police officers in Massachusetts who are required by state law to stand at every road construction site and work site, whether public or private, at $30 or $60 an hour, sometimes directing traffic, often doing zero. This pushes up taxes and the cost of doing business in Massachusetts, killing the economy.


*They hand out bags of cash to university professors to study and promote hoaxes like ‘global warming’ while citizens are squeezed for every penny to pay for such nonsense which nobody cares about any longer. Except the professors getting the money.


*They dish out hundreds of billions to the so-called “poor” to live middle-class lifestyles without the burden and discipline of a middle-class work ethic.


*They give pots of money to any aggrieved group like blacks to “study” themselves. And college scholarships too, by the bucket full. 


*They skip out on their own taxes, like Democrat Massachusetts US senator John Kerry parking his $7 million yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts taxes.


And these are just the public faces of corruption. Behind closed doors the corruption turns epidemic, rampant and vile. And then after hammering every citizen with taxes for it all, Rangel “forgets” to pay his own taxes or Kerry gets caught with his pants down.


Then comes the apology: “Gee, I’m sorry. I’ll have to talk to my accountant. I’ll make it up. I promise.”


Baloney. And baloney on Maxine Waters, one of the most arrogant members of Congress who now finds herself under the scrutiny that she has imposed on others for years.


What other Democrats across America are crooked?


Answer: Thousands and thousands of them. Because they consider the process of taking tax money and spreading it around to their friends to be just another day at the office. And they consider getting elected to office their “job”.


John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834–1902), the historian and moralist who was known as Lord Acton, said in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


Indeed it does. But even Nancy Pelosi, with all her Democrat power, seems to be scurrying away like a kicked dog from Rangel and Waters. She does not want to face these issues after her big talk in 2006. She knows that her party is going down this Fall and does not need even more bad news.


Obama is part of the charade. His auto-company bailout was just a union bailout. His “stimulus” spending has benefited only liberals, Democrats and labor unions. And it now is being posited that he chose to shut down mainly auto dealerships whose owners donated to the Republican party.


This is pure corruption that the media never will report on. But the rest of us know all too well what this adds up to.


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