Ground Zero Tolerance

A Muslim female speaking recently at a hearing in New York said that allowing construction of an Islamic mosque near the 9/11 Ground Zero site in Lower Manhattan would be “an important symbol of tolerance for New York City.”


Oh, really? Tolerance?


Let’s look closer at this statement and others like it. Because some people use manipulative language to attain their goals, particularly when that language is aimed at Americans, especially us conservative Americans who are especially opposed to the mosque.


The use of the word “tolerance” is code language. It is supposed to set off alarm bells in the politically-correct sense. Because if you are charged with not being “tolerant” – which was the goal of the Muslim female’s statement; to arouse that feeling toward opponents of the mosque – then you are immediately put in the category of bigoted, racist and hateful which is supposed to have you running for the hills in today’s PC America.


This is bunk, of course. Because most people who crown themselves “tolerant” and who exploit the lingo are in fact themselves prejudiced. Look at the massive intolerance and injustice in most Islamic nations, particularly aimed at women, Christians and other infidels.


Gee, maybe we should stone our Gitmo detainees to death. So that we can operate under Islamic practices.


At the same time, the people accused of being “intolerant” are operating on perfect logic like all Americans who simply are offended by the idea of a $100 million 13-story mosque and cultural center near Ground Zero that is the brainchild of an anti-American imam.


Call us prejudiced. We don’t care. Because we don’t want the mosque there. And for damned good reason.


In fact, the proposal to build this mosque is a calculated provocation by a Muslim radical. “Tolerant” and sensitive people would understand this simple fact.


The proposal is an unapologetic slap at all Americans, particularly at the memory of those who died on 9/11. And this imam knows exactly what he is doing, and is praying – pardon the pun – that the American left and the Ancient Media will support him in his quest.


After all it is the radicals in the salons of New York and in the Ancient Media who for decades have been smearing America as an evil, racist nation. So how could we dare not allow a Muslim mosque to be built near Ground Zero – in order to make up for all of our badness?


Yeah, right…


We should stop the mosque because it is a symbol of rudeness, incivility, deception and anger. Perhaps these Muslims should learn some Western manners if they wish to live in America instead of in their own backward nations.


Muslims in America today are not the peaceful worshippers whom George Bush prayed with after 9/11. Sure some are, but many are not and never have been. Where are their ‘moderate’ voices?


Increasingly they are becoming more and more radicalized and growing in their separateness. If you ever have known Muslims, you know that many of them are angry and spiteful people, particularly the young males. They are unpleasant. They have assimilated less than any other Americans.


And what drives their behavior?


It is self-anger at the failure of their own nations and embarrassment at the 7th century backwardness of much of global Islam. After all, Pakistan is no Silicon Valley. So they want to come here, benefit from our advanced economy, then call us names when we do not want them to build a mosque near a sensitive site like Ground Zero.


This tolerance-baiting is a deception tactic that they have learned well from the worldwide left and the New York Times, and smart Americans know it is such.


And who favors the mosque?


Answer: The Upper West Side elites, the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission and Mr. Manhattan himself, mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mr. Tolerance, a leftist liberal who barely was re-elected last Fall after spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money. Even his own city barely tolerates him.


Mayor Multibillionaire Mike sure does have a lot of “tolerance” for Islamists. Because when Faisal Shahzad sought to blow up Times Square with a car bomb last Spring, Bloomberg conjectured that the bomb probably was planted not by an Islamic radical but, said Bloomie, “If I had to guess, twenty five cents, this would be exactly that… Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”


Yes, Mr. Tolerance, Mike Bloomberg – an intolerant chauvinist if there ever was one squealing “tolerance” like a good bigot always does.


In fact, the mosque might be appropriate for Bloomie’s New York. After all, this is the New York that voted overwhelmingly for a president named Obama who always seems to have something bad to say about America. This is the New York that embraced the Black Panthers back in the 1960s. This is the New York that never, ever wants to see any ‘profiling’ of any people for any reason, for instance to stop bad young males from getting on airplanes. Heck, what harm can they do?


Then when violence strikes, as it did on 9/11, the same people all go into mourning on their worldwide media stage. Then when Islamists wish to build a mosque near the site where the violence struck, many actually support it.


Perhaps the elites in New York City should start to think rationally about the world, that the suggestion of “tolerance” over the mosque is just the mirror of their own language and attitudes over the decades, that we all can just get along, that we are just one big, happy multi-cultural world. Except for conservative white people in the South, that is. Or Tea Partiers who oppose the health-care bill. Or landowners in Arizona seeking some safety and security in their lives. Or California farmers who wish to protect their land from eco-radicals.


Indeed the Manhattan snobs like Bloomie are the same people who have dictated to us all for decades about how we should act, behave and think. Tolerantly. Yet their “tolerance” has gotten us terrorist attacks, while now the Islamists are turning the same rhetoric on its head. Because radical Islam knows its audience well and is playing it like a Stradivarius.


Incidentally, leading conservative thinker Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard says that he believes that the mosque will never be built, that New York unions, banks and others will refuse to cooperate with its construction.


Let us pray he’s right.


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